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21 EthosLab

Best Youtuber for Minecraft by far! He has a variety of series for Minecraft and also always helps new watchers to catch up! Gotta love this man!

He is hands down one of the best. My inspiration for my own channel from day one. 330 subs later I realize how long it takes to get an audience who follows you. He shows every video that he cares about his subs by keeping his videos clean even when playing with other people. His lp and his videos on the mindcrack server are creative and funny. Overall just one of the best.

It's nice to have someone out there to watch play Minecraft (and whatever other game, like Cube World) who doesn't curse during videos, cheat on survival mode, or waste our time asking for likes and/or subscribes. I am also pleased by Etho's choice to remain anonymous (seriously, I want to watch someone play Minecraft, not watch his or her face or hear about his or her life) and incorporation of redstone into Minecraft in unique and creative ways. After watching many (believe me, many) different people play Minecraft on Youtube, I can genuinely say that I enjoy watching Etho play Minecraft the best. Great job, Etho; keep up the brilliant work.

He is simply the best. His videos is so relaxing to watch.

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22 Bashurverse

His voice and laugh make everything in life okay, bashurverse is also the coolest Melon ever. He has played Minecraft with all the greats, such as CaptainSparklez, bajancanadian and CavemanFilms. So get him up this list!

He is so funny and is always happy

He is amazingly funny because of his voice personality and skills on minecraft! Best youtuber ever!


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23 ZexyZek

This guys is awesome! HE makes the most halarious trolling videos!

Love his trolling videos

Zexyzek is AMAZING, not only are his trolling videos hilarious (which were the videos that mostly made him big) but his other content like his walking dead series, broquest and hexxit are both extremely entertaining and funny making for good quality content. Hopefully his videos will always be this good and I would not be surprised if he passed 1 million subs by only his full third year on youtube.

This guy is awesome!

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24 ASFJerome

He is the beast and best youtuber ever

He should be much higher

Thr funnies Bacca and youtuber

So cute and I love riding his hairy bacca meat pipe

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25 CavemanFilms

He is amazing and funny he is great at multiplayer and should be 4th
He plays epic adventure maps

He is funny he keeps his content clean and awesome and he is friends with lots of YouTubers.

He makes fabulous series and very detailed mod showcases. He also does pretty good at multiplayer and pvp. He does great adventure maps and also knows a bunch of other YouTubers like Sethbling, AntVenom, SkyDoesMinecraft, ChimneySwift, and others! I wonder who misspelt his name. Its CAVEmanFilms not CAVENmanFilms whoever added this very epic guy. CavemanFilms SHOULD be (but isn't) FIRST place so VOTE FOR CAVEMANFILMS! Go Dwellers!

He's better than a lot of them - Outcast

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26 VintageBeef

I've watched Vintage Beef since the beginning he has always been a person I watch because he has amazing building skills and he never uses bad language which makes him more likable for younger audiences which is mostly the community of Minecraft. I myself am not one of the younger players though

I voted for Mr. Beef because he makes entertaining mostly clean videos that are good for younger and older people. He has epic building skills and doesn't stop until everything is perfect. But parkour isn't really his thing. Go Beef!

Vintage Beef's builds are awesome and great! He's great at minecraft and other games. Plus he's really funny. I always wait for Beef to upload new videos, and when he does I always scream my head off, waiting for the video to load. Vintage Beef is AWESOME!

Beef should be higher I am surprised

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27 slamacow

He is a inspiration 4 me I am currently make an animation Minecraft movie. TOTALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING videoS. If you haven't watched them go and watch.

He makes awesome videos and he is so oringernal just so cool

He does incredible animations just like captain sparklez

He is so funny

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28 Bodil40

Because his laugh is so funny also he is also pro on parkour he became a troller sometimes laugh out loud

Bodil40 is the funniest youtuber I've ever see

He is so funny 83 seriously

Nahhh never liked this guy his accent bothered me

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29 explodingtnt

He is awesome and really deserves support

He is the funniest minecrafter ever

I really Enjoy His videos, he should be in the top ten


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30 TheSyndicateProject

Why is Syndicate so far down the list. His commentating is the best out of every youtuber here and he is British and like all British things he is amazing. He also has got one of the best satisfaction rate of people who watch his video. Should be in the top 3. Preferably 1.

Syndicate is definitely the best Minecraft YouTuber ever. He really helped my when I was starting out and his videos showed me the ropes. Now I watch them for fun all the time and they always make me laugh and give me new ideas for my Minecraft.

He posts episodes daily and they get like 500,000 views each. He is the best commentator and he is very entertaining when he plays. Nova should be second cause he's beast as well. - decorulez97

How in the world can you not like this guy?!? Best commentating by far and is hilarious. Seriously man, why so far down on the list? I love this guy!

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31 KermitPlaysMC

He's a cool guy. He lives with skydoesminecraft(Adam). Actually he does sound like Kermit!

I watch his video on YouTube a lot and they make me laugh so hard

Kermit is the funniest too me cause his accent rly sounds like a frog

I love him so much

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32 Amy_Lee_33

She is brave amy and funny, always a tree hugger love, s it.

True to her self crazy hippy loves it!

She is awesome! Such a great Youtuber!

Amy Lee 33 is the best Mincraft youtuber EVER! Keep it up Amy!

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33 MrWoofless

He's really good at pvp, but he isn't super arrogant and condescending like some youtubers can be. His Battle Arena series is absolutely fantastic and you can tell he enjoys it immensely. Additionally, though he gets into everything he does, when he loses he doesn't throw a fit or blame lag. Overall he is innovative, amusing, super silly while still able to focus when he should, and loyal to his friends (note Taffy, the other half of the MrWoofless channels who has created his own and does other games such as Binding of Isaac, Don't Starve, and Rogue Legacy. )

No, Woofless is easily top 10

Rob is a selfless, generous, uplifting person who always puts himself first. He also had a unique, fresh sense of humor that is key to how he keeps his fans. He's an overall great person who I am more than lucky to have come across.

Rob is awesome with preston

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34 The Yogscast


Yogscast should be right up their with Adam (sky does Minecraft)

The yogscast are by far the best they are funny cool and love jaffa cakes go yogscast

Funny guys and addictive channel

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35 Graser10

Grser10 has a lot of friends that he plays Hunger Games. He's also a singleplayer expert.

He has really cool videos and is awesome at Hunger Games

He is also funny when he plays with thinknoodles

He's cool!

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36 minecraftfinest

You guys should be better than skydoesminecraft just because 1. You guys won a lot of hunger games 2. Your let's plays are good 3. Your adventure maps are even the best 4. You guys even introduced a lot of new YouTubers

Minecraftfinest should be number one! Max, Danny and Jordan are super funny! ThxCya should be number two! MCfinest does great videos and are really cute! (I like Skydoesminecraft too... )

You are the hunger game champs and cool I like your swag

Yeah... they make up 31% of the minecraft phase IV cancer
We're miners and we know it is the minecraftian plutonium.
Yodo is a contanimated piece of deadbush
Faction series is the, yeah, you guessed it, minecraftian uranium
List goes on... - MChkflaguard_Yt

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37 TBNRfrags

He is really funny in his videos and I like them

He is a hilarious creeper. And he can fool people easily if they aren't watching him.
He is so awesome.

WAY too low, come on guys, 90? He's awesome, and easily has more subscribers than a lot of the people higher than him on the list. - datrandomguy

Preston you are my favourite youtuber you are very funny.
he should be number 1 or 2 I really like when he does minecraft videos with his brothers and the pack.

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38 StampyLongHead

I love his youtube cool let's play videos in his lovely world

Now three times he has been added

He is so cool and very magnifecent videos I thought he is the first

Stampy is the best youtubers ever😊

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39 Vikkstar123HD

He is a boss who is funny AND he plays with AliA. He is very knowledgeable and has taught me a lot about Minecraft.

He is the best Minecraft hunger games YouTuber

Vikkstar your awesome cause you don't just play on the pc you also play on the Xbox360 and the PlayStation3

Vikk is the best PERIOD.

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40 Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

Funny, original, and extreme in his own special way! Keep trolling on in Sweden, man! *brofist*


Pewdiepie is so funny. He makes horror videos but when I watch his videos, I will just fall of the edge of my chair. Go on! Sweden man! Keep Trolling and make everyone fall of the edge of their CHAIRS!

he thick

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