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381 adopolus

Yeah he's such a derp but we all love him

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382 TheEthan7788

Really funny videos!
Helpful tutorials

383 CaptainLazerGuns

His song "the best video EVER" got me hooked!

384 TheZombiUnicorn

She pays attention to her fans and she's not afraid to say what is on her Mind

Zombi is a greatest YouTubers! By the way do you think that Steve (mlgHwnt) is here boyfriend!?

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I love their Noob Training series. This channel is what got me interested in Minecraft. I learn from his Dad's mistakes.

386 MinecraftDman

My Channel will be mostly Minecraft. I will do other videos now and then.
Maybe other stuff as well.
If your, on Twitter tell me and ill also follow you.

I love this guy, the amount of effort he puts in to his channel not forgetting his other Minecraft Channel souly dedicating Minecraft Content by other Minecraft YouTubers.

He is awesome and even though is up there is got a good start and I can see him becoming a big time Minecraft YouTuber, personall I think I belongs as number 200,

387 Lextube

He Makes Good Quality Videos And He Is Very Interesting

388 VenomExtreme
389 Talkinglemon77

He is a very great person in minecraft. He will do anything to help you. He made his nickname for minecraft because it was named after a lemon from the lemons family.

He is best seen on maze runner

Really funny and great at pvp

390 SupdaGoku
391 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy

This guy should be in 10th place god YouTube here's your best player

Best YouTuber he does Pokemon earthbound he is amazing and since I didn't see him I was distraught I was heartbroken but yea so vote for him and watch his videos and no I am not him

392 EliteMaster64
393 ThePopularMMos

What the heck? its just popularmmos! THAT ONE IS A FAKER

Not even 0 subscriber get of YouTube

His Like A Robot heheheh...

he is fake

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394 Bacon1214

He is so funny and he does not swear at all!

395 Minecraft Pat
396 ShootingSkeleton V 1 Comment
397 Gizzy Gazza

He is amazing and creative he deserves to be at the top he is one of the most original YouTubers he has his own ideas and is just so relatable

Why is he so low! Gizzy is amazing

I vote for gizzy because he is he is awesome I love seeing his rolplays -smiles - from Bree

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398 Crainer Commentates

This guy is SSundee's best friend, which means he's amazing. He has too many haters. I think he deserves many more viewers and subscribers than he has. He has appropriate language and is just an all around funny guy. During his vlogs he tells us how he really feels, and sometimes it almost brings me to tears. Other times, I cry because I'm laughing so hard. I don't know how many gross or hot things he's had to eat. Also, the way he and SSundee prank each other continues to make me laugh. Even though I really like Crainer Commentates, I must say this...


He is hilarious and really nice because he makes videos that are dedicated to his subscribers and he does challenge videos that are hilarious. He has too many hater I think and he is more of a NICE person than some other you-tubers can ever be.

He fail every time and he got to eat the stufff and his face is so cute LOL

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399 Survival Master
400 JAYG3R
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