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401 Bacon1214

He is so funny and he does not swear at all!

402 Minecraft Pat
403 ShootingSkeleton V 1 Comment
404 Gizzy Gazza

He is amazing and creative he deserves to be at the top he is one of the most original YouTubers he has his own ideas and is just so relatable

Why is he so low! Gizzy is amazing

I vote for gizzy because he is he is awesome I love seeing his rolplays -smiles - from Bree

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405 Crainer Commentates

This guy is SSundee's best friend, which means he's amazing. He has too many haters. I think he deserves many more viewers and subscribers than he has. He has appropriate language and is just an all around funny guy. During his vlogs he tells us how he really feels, and sometimes it almost brings me to tears. Other times, I cry because I'm laughing so hard. I don't know how many gross or hot things he's had to eat. Also, the way he and SSundee prank each other continues to make me laugh. Even though I really like Crainer Commentates, I must say this...


He is hilarious and really nice because he makes videos that are dedicated to his subscribers and he does challenge videos that are hilarious. He has too many hater I think and he is more of a NICE person than some other you-tubers can ever be.

He fail every time and he got to eat the stufff and his face is so cute LOL

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406 Survival Master
407 JAYG3R
408 The sickest mC 360

H is best u tuber

409 McJuggerNuggets
410 Ashleyosity

Ash is awesome don't judge because she is a girl

Ash is awesome she should be in the top ten

Shes really good! I just wish she would continue the survival roleplay and not just focuson Yandere

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411 Jessiehd69

Shes awesome and I love her videos I subscribe to her!

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412 Seepeekay

He's so funny and dramatic and competitive, he kind of has anger issues buut he's kwell, aka cool

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413 Kiingtong

"He is the BEST builder in Minecraft! "
"He also is really good at Minecraft pvp! "

414 CoolTLN
415 progaming31 V 1 Comment
416 Node
417 Tepitenio
418 AdmiralRedstone
419 Utorak
420 Stamsite
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