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401 The sickest mC 360

H is best u tuber

402 McJuggerNuggets
403 Vegetta777

Best Spanish-speaking Minecraft YouTuber. More than 12m sub, and more than views.

He's so funny, and hard-working. He really cares about his passion and fans. Moreover, he plays pretty well but he isn't afraid of failure (also upload fails videos).

404 Ashleyosity

Ash is awesome don't judge because she is a girl

Ash is awesome she should be in the top ten

Shes really good! I just wish she would continue the survival roleplay and not just focuson Yandere

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405 Jessiehd69

Shes awesome and I love her videos I subscribe to her!

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406 Seepeekay

He's so funny and dramatic and competitive, he kind of has anger issues buut he's kwell, aka cool

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407 Kiingtong

"He is the BEST builder in Minecraft! "
"He also is really good at Minecraft pvp! "

408 CoolTLN
409 progaming31 V 1 Comment
410 Node
411 Tepitenio
412 AdmiralRedstone
413 Utorak
414 Stamsite
415 minefan543

Funny an awesome, the videos are in timing, and he's a kid, but he is an AWESOME kid!
Everybody should go watch minefan543. Once again, he is absolutely awesome!

Very good guy, he gives tutorials but his videos are not in very good timing...

Very awesome new channel minefantv and his videos are in great timing now! :D

416 banananapielord

He has ended his channel, but is funny as hell

417 TheHaxjk
418 SuperMCGamer
419 AKspartankiIIer

He's so funny you should go check him out he plays Minecraft Call of Duty Grand Theft Auto 5 and really any game you ask him too he does house tours and he will play old games too so go check him out

He's really funny and always brings the lovely Kat in his videos! Awesome mod reviews and Series'! Awesome guy! Love him!

420 HATventures
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