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461 Zoruzero V 2 Comments
462 Vasseh

No vasseh? That is just sick!
Kid friendly and awesome! My kids watch him non stop!

V 1 Comment
463 iRuShThEwOrLd
464 Zaqatarian V 2 Comments
465 DrPr1m3

He is one of the best portuguese Minecraft YouTubers, and he is very funny! Unfortunally he isn't very famous because he has only four vĂ­deos, but this guy will be a true YouTuber.

466 Snakedocter V 1 Comment
467 TheZanePlays
468 MPBudder
469 suckerjohn V 1 Comment
470 SmallishBeans

Your awesome joel keep up the good work

Smallishbeans is really funny and sweet.

Funny, plays lots of games with ldshadowlady (his girlfriend) and with other fellow YouTubers you should check him out!

472 R4GEClangaming V 1 Comment
473 JackerTud

Not very well known, but pretty funny. If you like the super crazy YouTubers like Bashur and Lancey, you'd probably like this nut. Also, Deadlox, Bashur, Sky and others are listed twice and DanTDM is listed four times. READ THE FLIPPING LIST BEFORE YOU ADD TO IT! I spent 10 minutes reading through the list to add this guy.

474 Noboomgaming

I've watched him since he had 39 k subs now he has over 200 k

He has great content just like the other cube members.

He is so funny and does a lot of videos

V 2 Comments
475 Zippyzapzong

Yep I'm the best

476 SuperGirlyGamer

Hey if you like pat you have to like jen I mean seriously

She is so funny and awesome I watch all her videos

She is so funny and she falls in holes

You are the best and make me laugh

V 12 Comments
477 Stampylamaface
478 EpicallyOkay
479 stampylonggail
480 YouAlwaysWin V 2 Comments
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