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521 ipodmail

If you want cool mods please check out ipodmail. He is an awsomely good mod reviewer and if you have a mod please tell him

522 coolmat12345
523 ShadowCarter

AWESOME GUY! CaptainSparklez will always be #1 though! ShadowCarter is cool too!

524 minecraftwb
525 MinecraftChick

WoW I don't know who she is but I'm being nice and I'm voting b'because when I'm older I wanna be a minecrafter and my user id gonna be " Cecewolfhowler"
Please tell me if that's good.

526 Jolly ol Brits

Love their Minecraft myth madness videos, they always come up with fun new ways to make me laugh. Also, I love watching them kill Will repeatedly

I love how they came up with those video ideas which it's totally AMAZING!

These Guys are super funny (including will)
Amazing at finding out if some myths are true
And they are brilliant youtubers

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527 Uberagon
528 Vsgamerz

What. Why is this guy so far down the list! I admit he isn't British but by god he is still good. If no one has seen him I recommend that you look him up on YouTube as his videos may be not as good as Syndicates but still good. I rest my case.

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529 Minefordiamonds123
530 Rendog

Well I've already done this but I just think he is a good role model for other you tubers such as sky because he knows that he's got young subs so he does not swear any more he use to but not know unlike a lot of you tubers. He also connects with his subs he asks his subs about them he even told them that he would show is face at comic on personally. An other good thing it's not just his series in anything no matter what game he plays almost everything in his Minecraft world is thought of by his subs. also he usually put a twist in his series =) anyway he puts lots of effort he does the boring bits himself and tells stories to keep us entertaind

From Minecraft newb to awesome crafter RenDog's LP series is one of the most entertaining soap opera's ever!

ReNDoG is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers out there, he should be higher up on this list because he is already on his 5th season of his smash hit ReNDoG Plays Minecraft! He may not be the greatest at redstone but he nails everything else in the game. He focuses on his architecture side of his builds rather than the mechanical side of them, but yet he still makes an effort to work on the mechanical side and he's gotten much better at this over the years since he started Let's Play Minecraft in 2012!

Ren is the best YouTuber out there. (by the way I don't think many people will read this) He has inspired over 100 000 people, taught them how to play Minecraft, and helped us through our hard times.

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531 CraftedMovie

Great videos, always creative and funny, CraftedMovie deserves support!

Crafted movie seems to put an enormous amount of effort and creativity in to their videos. The humor and music combine into an amazing shorts.

CraftedMovie is an awesome Minecraft movie maker and makes tons of movies that you will love his partner is CraftedMovieBonus and CraftedMovieBonus makes Bloopers Of Videos Of CrafteMovie's movies

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532 hammerboy1811
533 Mindcraftid
534 gamingfool12

He's very funny, I watch him a lot, my favourite quote is Gold Nuggets! He, s great!

535 Aetosaur

Aetosaur is a Minecraft YouTuber, and he plays with gamingfool12, they make a great team, awesome YouTuber, some people should watch the murder mansion video, it was one of the best videos that he did, please subscribe to him! Thanks.

536 SamOwnsGames V 1 Comment
537 Gentive

The guy just started but makes awesome Minecraft movies. I think you should all give that guy a chance. He might get partnered and make even better movies. He is partnered with TGS.

538 TheBlackBeltPanda

He does great tutorials, he is calm and easy to watch he is a master of the Minecraft Japanese building style, and he does awesome lets plays, and most of all his skin is epic, I love him so much if you haven't heard of him you gotta check him out!

539 dsf
540 Butterman
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