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541 Gentive

The guy just started but makes awesome Minecraft movies. I think you should all give that guy a chance. He might get partnered and make even better movies. He is partnered with TGS.

542 TheBlackBeltPanda

He does great tutorials, he is calm and easy to watch he is a master of the Minecraft Japanese building style, and he does awesome lets plays, and most of all his skin is epic, I love him so much if you haven't heard of him you gotta check him out!

543 dsf
544 Butterman
545 dipwill

Yeah I know he is apart of a channel known as diphthong dozier or diphthong123 but he is a funny young troll and is great at Minecraft

546 Clubcm134
547 ThanxCya

Come on it is thanxcya for heck sake he makes great songs (mostly about updates but come on he is funny and epic )

A rather overlooked Minecrafter and YouTuber, does mod showcases like sky, and also very funny.

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548 MentalistGamez
549 IAmTheAttack
550 DavidBrownTV2
551 Riczev

One sexy guy. Creates great creations on his server series. Go watch this guy... He's amazing.

553 Jury Duty Summons
554 MinecraftPG5

One of the best redstone builders ever. Keep up the good work!

555 SuperTDUV
556 JoshuaMutter

Joshua Mutter is a very talented Minecraft Machinima director. He's Machinima's are stunning! - nightwolf2350

557 kirbyattack48
558 gemeriailt
559 mineircraft V 2 Comments
560 CaptainStefersGaming

Pretty good channel, but he is making a new channel. His videos are great but with poor quality. I believe his next channel will be great.

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