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41 itsjerryandharry

I like itsjerryandharry because I very like the troll video and they often playing with friend *Fart*

Has really funny trolling videos, nobody elses' videos are really that funny, I mean, they say funny jokes, but that's kinda it. This guy's videos are funny in general

ItsJerryAndHarry have amazing Minecraft machinimas compared to anyone I know. You should really watch their Minecraft videos! They are truely amazing people!


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42 Rooster Teeth

The achievement hunters are absolutely hilarious, they have a great chemistry and unique challenges that they present to each other. I only wish they would put out Minecraft videos at a higher frequency.

Funniest and #1 in my opinion

They are the best so put them in the top 10

Flynt coal

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43 thecampingrusher

He's great with some of the best videos and in all of them you can't help but laug he's even the first I ever subed to because I love minecraft and he I don't know every thing about his videos just go check him out if you haven't

Tcr for the win

He always makes me laugh, all the cube members should be more popular and more recognized. You must see at least one of his videos!

He shouldn't be on this list I heard him swear a lot

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44 Bajan Canadian

Cool! So... AWESOME I love your videos!

The bajan is in the top 5 what is he doing at 69 place

Makes no sense. He is 5th place and 57th place. But over all he is the best and he is not better then prestonplayz witch is TBNRfrags

Already number 3 on the list.

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45 GamingWithJen

I love Jen as much as she loves holes

She does videos with popularMMOS she should be behind popularMMOS! She makes a lot of funny mistakes! She is awesome!

If you voted for pat, VOTE FOR JEN! JEN IS THAT BEST! GIRLS PLAY Minecraft! I am making a statue world filled with female gamers. no boys, but pat and a friend of mine


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46 Chrisandthemike

Very underrated to say the least. He is very funny as well as the people he plays with. Its worth a sub.

Thanks Chrisandthemike for minecraft family. By the way can you make a minecraft family series that all of your family members play minecraft together and record it in youtube

Dude! Your videos are awesome!

I like the Minecraft family

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47 RageGamingvideos

Great builder with an awesome accent

Creation, Challenge, Competitive.
Quick Build Challenge
Don't question it.

Helo people! My name is Rage, and welcome to another episode of Minecraft Quick Build Challenge! I was in an episode once he is boss

I'm so glad this dude is in my life...
because without his damn awesome quick builds...
i wouldn't even know minecraft...

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48 BDoubleO100

BdoubleO deserves to be at least top 35. He's super funny, builds inspiring things and says inspiring things. He has tons charisma, and is really cool. He's just not very well known, so you should totally check him out.

Honestly he is a really good minecraft we he takes everything to heart. And he is just a great person. He is really funny and there is a lot of other people I could have chose but I know if bdubs ever saw this he would probably really be happy. Because the guy praises us for just watching his videos. And honestly it's a pleasure to watch him laugh out loud!

Bdubz is the best. I have so many memories laughing at the B-Team Mindcrack videos. Every video that he has released is great. And where is GennyB? Not even in the top 100? Get real.

Bdubs is one of the best builders in Minecraft in my opinion. He's got a unique style and extreme attention to detail, not to mention extreme dedication to his solo building series. Although his other series are on-and-off, his main building series is constantly expanding and as a long-time subscriber, seeing how far his series has come after so many years is amazing. He doesn't get a lot of credit, but when it comes to builders and OG Minecraft purists who love survival and not-too-much modding you can't find a better guy.

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49 LDShadowLady

She is a great minecrafter and she is full of energy all if her videos she has the mist adorable voice and I just love her and she's so inspirational

She is a total gamer girl, also from the pixel pact. She plays Call of Duty, world of Warcraft, obviously Minecraft and more. She is SO funny and sweet and nice and brightens my day

She is one of my favorite minecrafters! She is funny, outgoing, super nice and innocent and so much more!

Lizzie is very very very entertaining and very very very funny! Why is she lower than those guys at number 10? When I think of LDShadowlady, I think of how funny and entertaining she is! Not because she's nice or pretty! She entertains the hell out of me in every single video and she deserves to be more popular and higher on this crappy list!

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50 Thinknoodles

He is an awesome and funny guy who started knowing nothing about minecraft and learned by himself and with help of his viewers and he has now become a minecraft expert.

Funny, smart, his words are clean, Friendly

" He's awesome when it comes up to playing Minecraft Survival. Noodle On!

Noodle on!

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51 MunchingBrotato

Wow that's a bit harsh he has always been one to make me laugh when he's with the rest of team crafted he really should be at the top with sky and the rest please vote for him

I LOVE Tyler! He plays with Team Crafted ALL the time! Plus his I'm Something videos are hilarious! Please go subscribe to him if you haven't already!

He should be in the top 20s not the last one

I like the name a lot

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52 Aviatoragaming

I like the NERD WARS

By far my favorite youtuber, he is really funny, and even though he isn't at famous as sky, his videos are still amazing!

WHY ARE YOU DOWN HERE love aviator and ashlee


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53 NoochM

He is so much better than BajanCanadian and JeromeASF. Although they play together I really prefer to watch in his perspective over the others. He is funnier, more sarcastic, and an ass. He also has one of those laughs that you can't help but laugh at!

When he screams and play with Woofless. "AHAHAAHAHA, touch me. " XDD Oh and when he gets close to the mic * O *

He rocks at the Hunger Games!

He does not do utube anymore sadly

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54 PauseUnpause

Does not say bad words a lot and loves doing Aether mod. I am watching that series AGAIN! It is really cool

Very Funny and awesome!

I love all the series he does and I hope he keeps up the awesome videos

the best

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55 Setosorcerer

Seto is pro he rocks at walls he killed 15 people with a diamond sword and he was the last person on his team!

Seto does cool tips and tricks videos that help out a lot in minecraft!

Seto is an amazing guy. He does amazing tips and tricks. He makes videos with the rest of team crafted. Not as often, but it's okay because when he does the video is so funny! I recommend watching his cops and robbers bloopers with TBNRFrags and a bunch of others. His laugh is adorable~ Like, seriously, it's really funny. His laugh is contagious. VOTE FOR HIM~

I miss seto he was a good YouTuber and didn't cuss to much or to little I also think its cool how he dosn't show his face it reminds me of bat man or robin! Lol he's veary nice

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56 SkitScape

With Fawdz, they're the most entertaining co-op commentators on the planet! SHENANIGANS FOREVER

Skit's a friend of mine. He's very kind and funny, and a good friend. He should be in the top ten.

If You Watch Skit And Are Subscribed To Him Your Cool He And Fawdz Are 2 Of The Funny And Most Awesome Minecrafters!

The greatest to ever roam this earth

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57 BebopVox


Why is this guy so low? The music video for don't mine at night is a MASTERPIECE.

Don't mine at night, this is my biome who is this all by... BEBOPVOX!


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58 Uberhaxornova

Extremely hilarious. If I'm feeling down, I can simply go to his lovely little channel and enjoy new videos everyday.

This guy makes me laugh so hard one of the best. Legend

Who is that? I have no idea. Please tell me. PLEASE! Um... Now I'm rambling because I don't have the required words for a post. Oh wait now I do.

Nova is one of the funniest YouTubers I have ever watched. I love his videos, they make me laugh every single time

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59 SeaNanners

Yes, yes all of you will protest but Seananners isn't as known as all those other guys.

SeaNanners is very entertaining but not as well known as many other MC YouTubers. It's a shame really, but he does many of the same things they do. If only he could find something else to pick him up a notch. Overall, still a great YouTuber.

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60 LogDotZip

The ONLY time I heard Logdotzip swear was when he was playing the Minecraft horror map which was called The Orphanage. It even tells you a warning that he swears, but I really like his unique voice when he starts an intro sometimes. I think he should be at the #2 spot!

His command block showcases are great! And he is a boss at parkour.

Logdotzip is one of the only YouTubers who have a variety of videos in their channel. He works really hard and sees YouTube both as a hard job, but also a fun hobby. He cares about his channel and his subscribers. He never swears, even though he sometimes attempts to, and is very friendly. I believe he is a lot better that YouTubers like SkyDoesMinecraft and PopularMMOs, who are considered really good. I don't see them having a variety of videos in ther channel, though.

Watch his Minecraft Story Mode

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