Top Ten Minecraft Youtubers

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601 TheStrippin
602 GoldSolace

I can't believe GoldSolace is so far down the list! He should be at the top 20. Whoever made this list should be ashamed. He is funny and makes awesome quality videos. He is cool and should be at the top 20

603 Vaecon
604 Gonzossm
605 Smerpo
606 Zoey and Rythian
607 PutterLego
608 BlueAzulon
609 Epicadriano
610 theCoreHero
611 sxediob
612 Slyzander
613 J14Q15

When he screams his voice is a little high pitched


He is cool and and does really funny things

615 AlChestBreach
616 shababii
617 BigBadManPig

A HILARIOUS GAMER who wants to be a monkey!

618 PoisonKangaroo V 1 Comment
619 AussieDard

He is my favorite minecrafter. He is very skilled in redstone and he does a lets play on vanila minecraft called 'minceraft' with lots of other you tubers. And his an Aussie

V 1 Comment
620 Burtgasm

He should be higher on this list!

V 1 Comment
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