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741 Yauig

I think he is awesome because he loves cactus and he is so funny!

742 Starwarstp
743 NikDoesMinecraft
744 ExitSign1600

I am a HUGE fan of ExitSign1600. When he was in death match is HG, his game was lagging, and he STILL. STILL. STILL. WON! He's so cute, too!

745 Kameron Dilks

He's my friend from school so I wanted for him to be noticed more (He's only got 1 sub and 8-9 viewers! )

746 SkylordGuillaumeMC
747 ZombieDudeX3
748 Cormac Budderkat (cottenkid)
749 Loftwizard

Why you ask? Well I will tell u! He is funny, epic, cool, awesome at building and amazing at surviving! He just makes me laugh a lot!

750 DulJuice

I've at least heard of her unlike the last 400!

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751 SammySpore
752 cat3394mc

She loves cookies and is hilarious

753 RocksPell8
754 VenomousClash

Epic epic epic epic epic epic

755 AviatorGaming

You are awesome but I wish you were in like the top fifteen

He might not be the cleanest or most kid friendly Minecrafter out there, but he is HILARIOUS! He should definitely be higher on this list.

You should be in first because yours are intresting and your vidios like your mincraft sims and baum lounge you should be first

756 Alppino
757 Mike7493

The Tornado Survival Series Was Awesome!

758 Mr Gibbs V 1 Comment
759 Jaxin

I make a lot of redstone creation and sometime I put my self on survival or hardcore

760 HICO526
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