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61 ClashJTM

A very true and funny commentator. I smaller youtuber but quality is outstanding. He spends time and effort with each of his Videos.

ClashJTM isn't the most well known YouTuber, but he is a very awesome Minecrafter. He cares a lot about his subscribers and always try's his best to communicate with them. He has a very sarcastic sense of humor, and he has a very good quality.

Very funny and one of the best Youtubers ever! (And he makes videos with ChimneySwift11

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62 Hypixel

Creates awesome redstone stuff and maps. (created herobrines mansion)

He make the best map and pushed the minecraft map making to a new level. He's probably the reason why I stil play minecraf

You Rock Hypixel Best at redstone!

I love his server! if he has none then I am an idiot.

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63 Sjin

Sjin's builds are poetic compositions. Truly beautiful designs decorated with an ambient sound track.
Also he is generally thoughtful and an all round nice guy with a sense of humour.

One of the best builders in Minecraft!

Absolutely epic Minecraft builder.

You know he is a part of the Yogscast family so he should be counted as the Yogscast. But hey he is awesome.

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64 CaptainSparklez

One of the oldest Minecraft YouTubers (not in age)

He was way far ahead. This is a copy of him

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65 ThnxCya

ThnxCya just laughs all of the mishaps off. Even though he doesn't play on servers that much, I think he really goes for appealing to an audience. ThnxCya is, in my mind, one of the greatest.

James/ThnxCya is an awesome commentator with his songs and mod reviews! He's full of British awesomeness!

Awesome Cool He Just Makes A tons Of Interesting Videos.

ThxCya is just a joy to watch. However, he has been slowly drifting into the ROBLOX area, which is... good or bad depending on your opinion.

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66 AshleyMarieeGaming

Poofy penguins ashley keep it up! Deserve to be in at least top 10!

Awesome content on her channel went through a lot of hardships but pulled through!

Great youtubers interacts with her fans and has great content on her channel!

Hot babe sexy girl

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67 PrestonPlayz

Personally I think he should be 1 of the top ten Minecraft YouTubers. He is hilarious and very good at playing Minecraft. He makes sure he uploads at least a video everyday. He had even recorded videos for straight 24 hours for us fans because he was going on a trip and didn't want us to miss his daily videos!

Probably one of the funniest gamers out there! He always puts a smile on my face whenever I watch his videos. He's so funny and silly but is really genuine and truly thankful for all of his subscribers.

Preston is so awesome! He isn't arrogant like some youtubers I know and whenever he loses, he doesn't usually throw a tantrum or fit. I think he deserves to be at least in the Top 30

So op at PVP

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68 Keralis

He is the best minecraft player. He makes such creative houses that are beyond our imagination. His world of keralis is the biggest minecraft project EVER!
He designs houses like the worlds best architect Diamonds and Love

By DestroGamer

The most amazing buildings I have ever seen. Diamonds and love!

I Love Keralis! He is truely amazing! Honestly, his builds are the best I have seen so far. I just love his personality and hopes that he can become one of the stars on youtube and gets much better well known. Best youtuber out there, definitely check him out, you won't regret it!

He's so chill all the time. And he's not Swedish. He's Polish but lives in Sweden.

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69 Docm77

He's funny, plays well, and gets what he needs to done. I've been searching for a Mindcrack guy to subscribe to and he's by far my favorite of them all.

He is pretty good at pvp, has a technical approach when doing things on his survival series and just bursts with enthusiasm

The minecraft world tour for the win! Also my favorite mindcracker by far.


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70 Mr360games

Mr360Games is AWESOME. He should have millions of subscribers! His videos are entertaining. Just watch him and see for yourself. And, you will think the same too

A unique commentator that uses captions to garner his videos. He works together with many other commentators. He has a different personality that makes him truly one of a kind.

Do you people realize that Mr360Games is one of the best? He just reached 300,000 subscribers. You should start watching his videos NOW. He deserves to be at least in the top 20. And, yet he is at 38. You don't have to even think he is the best for you to enjoy his videos. So, watch one of his videos, If you enjoyed, Like the video, If you loved it, subscribe.


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71 Machinima

There epic and they also have the top best minecraft youtuber in there group!


I want to work for machinima some day

Sky sucks they were better when sky was not there

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72 Guude

The leader of the mindcrack family: Pause, Beef, Etho, Coe, Pyro, Baj, and many others. He may not be extremely popular but his videos are genuine and true: he makes them because he loves to do it, not for the money. If it were for the money I'm sure he wouldn't still be active today. - Abraxun

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73 CraftBattleDuty

I really really like his channel he really should be much higher!

He was a good diamond finder in how to Minecraft and a talented builder and pranksters

He is amazing favroite channel

He's a beast the best in the world

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74 Notch

He should be 1st because he created minecraft

Minecraft would have never existed

Notch is awesome I love him :D

No one say NOTCH is 73 he is the best in minecraft

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75 paulscaresjr

Paul could survive if we put him on an island with 1 tree and 1 pig. I bet by day two he would already have started a farm. GO PAUL!

Paul is like a father for everyone viewing him! Great YouTube vieeos! ManVsMinecraft!

I think Paul is an AWESOME you tuber and is probably the best survivor I have ever seen! I mean Man Vs Minecraft! Ultra Hardcore on a hardcore world! Must be really hard staying alive and away from skellies! He's also very funny and makes a very good Minecraft Dad. All of his series never get boring and they look so fun I would like to try replicate them and try them on my own, like Legend of Hoodie! I think Paul is the BEST you tuber and should be at least in the top ten!
By earlmitcable

You mean "paulsoaresjr," right? :P Paul is amazing, without How to Survive and Thrive I would've never discovered Minecraft at all.

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76 LforLeeeeeexā€ˇ

He is a good Minecraft helper he should be better

He should be rated better so much better

Lee doesn't do videos as he likes to keep his voice to himself, which is alright, but I'm voting for him because of the hard and amazing things he does in Minecraft! He also plays with Stampy and Squid. He may not do videos, but he still deserves a vote for what he does in Minecraft!

He loves his room in stamps house

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77 Choochoosgaming

I think choo choosGAMING is a awesome you tuber! He rocks at hunger games I really enjoy his videos! I would really like to subscribe to him but I can't because I need a Google account:(. This is specially to choo. Dear choo choo I would like to record with you!

Choo choo does so much for other YouTubers, he is hilarious, and he is one of the best builders I have seen - Thatdude1123

I do not know why is like a Leprechaun.

Best builder

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78 GoodTimesWithScar

This man is just amazing. His builds are intense!

I was just trying to find him on the list, he is my all time favorite and is just awesome, not just in Minecraft, but real life.

Very creative and imaginative which he always wants his build to look real and lets you and his subscirbers what to do

I have no idea why this guy doesn't have 1,000,000 scarscribers, yes I said it right.

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79 PuffyLoves MC V 3 Comments
80 FearADubh

He is best friends with Squid and he has so much fun playing new series

Ash is amazing! I love his race to the moon and mission to Mars videos! He's great! Follow him on Instagram!

Ash is awesome! His videos are hilarious and when with friends, he always has something to show. Any game with anyone, Ash is always there.


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