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781 Hammer

Stronger then your imagination

782 Macranaman V 1 Comment
783 CharleyTiff
784 Munchgamer
785 Zxnoregretszzxz
786 Lil Baby Eskimo
787 ManateeMC
788 SgtCaze V 1 Comment
789 Lollypopfart123

I don't know if it's a he or she but that buger king thing is awesome "buger king were food is poo" haha

790 MineatronOrigin

Ha! He's just getting started, but I think he'll make it through...

791 PkTran games
792 6BroMedia

The way he gets angry when he can't pronounce something is hilarious. Plus he's like watching an old person try and figure out how to use a computer, but with Minecraft.

793 Calcifar
794 Dbot Animation
795 Graser10cp
796 Chaosbones
797 thatsexyduby

Makes the best tacos everr! Also pretty OP at building. Overall a pretty awesome person if I do say so myself.

798 MCEditSmith

Minecraft Videos Tutorials Faction Raiding ZaneCraft Survival

799 Captain_Hook5150

Keeps swearing to a minimum, plays on hardcore a lot

800 Yauig

I think he is awesome because he loves cactus and he is so funny!

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