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841 Redwing_11 V 1 Comment
842 Pinkie Firestar

I mean she is so funny, go sub her right now she is so funny, she has not that many subs but still she is awesome and funny. SUB PINKIE FIRESTAR RIGHT NOW.

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843 McTwerp

An amazing new-comer who tries his hardest to entertain with his various talks about chicken nuggets. Check out his video Episode 1: Meet Bill The Cow.

844 Sean of the Respawn Screen

An Up-And-Coming Gaming Channel - SeanOTRS

845 Ceminto Aka Elliot (Previously Known As Etech Games & Stuff)

An Up-And-Coming Gaming Channel - SeanOTRS

846 Joshinallgames

An Up-And-Coming Gaming Channel - SeanOTRS

847 Hypnotizd
848 LemonchuMC

She's new on YouTube but even if she has only three videos, she's awesome! (She hasn't posted Minecraft videos but she said she'll post some SOON. ) DERP.

849 FyreUK

Amazing builds, and all around hilarious, especially in Mianite! Creative, funny, and British, these guys have it all!
Plus, they did the background setups in the CaptainSparklez music videos, and work closely with TheSyndicateProject. I <3 Matt!

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850 PonyBoy12

Man this guys amazing. He's better than all do these guys. He's a PVP Legend, and a Parkour Master. Best at hunger gamss

851 LifeSimmer
852 UnstoppableLuck
853 doobcraft
854 DarkCreeper
855 Fififish333
856 KaseyRap
857 TheNujuNinja

Starting YouTube but watch out YouTube. 1st day 11 subs, 90 views, 8 likes. Also, the one and only ninja

Awesome YouTuber. Started out with low quality such has low fps and bad volume, but now he has a good volume level and his fps have become higher

858 MagicalAnimalClub
859 mantantanty13

He is like so awesome vote for him if your awesome

860 Stamper GoFlappy
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