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962 leebear

Leebear has his own channel and gives the awesome stampylongnose cake everyday

963 VixennHOME
964 Wigglet Wiggles

Should be one because he is awesome for making videos

He is awesome and a legend

965 ghostgunner97

Very good at PvP and not immature like other Minecrafters better than other hunger gamers he plays with

966 Gem Productions

Check out Gem Productions channel I love him!

He is ok I have seen better but definitely seen a lot worse too plays mostly just on Haydzcraft and other server with friends

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967 His_Majesty
968 Parakeet

She has a great sence of humor and although I have only been a sub to her for a little while you will love her as soon as u watch her first video!

969 SonicPlaysMC// sonicm52

Sonicm52 is awesome

970 ixBlueBerri

She is the BEST ever

971 Shamik07MC
972 ImpliedShrimpZ

One of the best in the small community.

973 Boskie

Funny, but serious when needed. He is new, but is awesome.

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974 PichuPlayz

Never cusses

His videos are a little bad

975 Pip3r Games
976 RealSquigGames
977 SmityGaming

Your awesome

978 AthixGaming

He is incredibly funny and random, and also makes very good vlogs, not just Minecraft

979 alwaysminecraftpe

It is not cool

980 TheRpgMinx

She is number 1 in my opinion. also the only one who stands up for herself

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