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141 FVDisco

Yeah, the temple of notch was amazing

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142 Dataless822

Data has made a ton of farms and made a huge base but they're all automatic!

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143 Perfectly Squared

They make me smile everyday. You never know what's gonna happen and they aren't bad looking in real life either!

I personally love Perfectly Squared. They have good quality videos and I always look forward to seeing there next video!

I love them! They're very energetic and informative! A+++

Yes! Love these guys!

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144 ThatKaiGuy

He sounds like a great guy! I'll have to check him out and subscribe!

ThatKaiGuy is hilarious, and a nice dude! He always answers when we comment :) He never curses and he puts up videos everyday, but he plays more than Minecraft. - LeanneMcLee

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145 HollyAnneHook‎
146 Rosie833

Start uploading videos more often

Me And my Sis Thinks he's Funny

You better be number one


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147 MineworksAnimations
148 Childdolphin

He is funny, he plays with Thecampingrusher, Noahcraftftw, and others

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149 Orepros

Orepros makes hilarious videos that are very creative. I think they should be moved a lot higher than 145.

Orepros makes great videos and they deserve more views.

He's epic! Come on guys vote vote vote!

Orepros should at least be in top 50 because they work hard to make these videos that what makes them quality and love the texture pack :D

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150 DfieldMark

He's good at factions though

151 Mumbo Jumbo

He should be in the top 10 he helped me learn redstone! Boats and hoes everyone, boats and hoes!

One of the best out there! You can't get more original than this.

Boats and Hoes!

Puts out quality content on a regular basis. There is no reason he is not in the top ten.

The only TRUE minecraft youtuner I have ever watched. His videos actually helps you get better at the game, while most others just waste your time. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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152 Pink Sheep

He's the best he should be number 1. I can not believe he is number 183

Much better than purple shep

Finally I find him...AT NUMBER 192!

Hey! Pink sheep is awesome! Remove Pink sheep from the list NOW

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153 KermitPlaysMinecraft

This frog is awesome I wish I was him please follow him he will make you laugh thanks

Coolest dude ever! I think he should be somewhere in the top ten.

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154 Tbone105presents

Tbone is an amazing youtuber I love his modded let's plays he's great at commentating mc

Tbone is the best youtuber EVER! And has the funniest commentary

Deserves to have at least 1 million subs!

Tbone is a great guy and is so funny! It is fun to watch people mess up a lot like him.

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155 kirbyATK48

Great low key Minecrafter, good (ish) at PVP and easy to understand vanilla player

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156 Xnestorio

... He is awesome at pvp and if you type xNestorio's laugh its to funny - Winwin098098

157 Therigrox
158 spidermonkeylord
159 BeatleFan64
160 Minotaur29
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