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141 Dataless822

Data has made a ton of farms and made a huge base but they're all automatic!

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142 ThatKaiGuy

He sounds like a great guy! I'll have to check him out and subscribe!

ThatKaiGuy is hilarious, and a nice dude! He always answers when we comment :) He never curses and he puts up videos everyday, but he plays more than Minecraft. - LeanneMcLee

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143 HollyAnneHook‎
144 Rosie833

Start uploading videos more often

Me And my Sis Thinks he's Funny

You better be number one


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145 Blitzwinger

I've watched al your videos I love them all I was thinking of coming to Canada when I am older because I am 8 now I don't now where you live and I thought of making some videos Minecraft ps3 or FIFA 15

A new star in YouTube Games that should get on this list

He is awesome, funny and I've only heard him swear once

He is the most funniest youtuber ever! he should be # 1 in my mind but there might be better youtubers out there but he doesn't curse. I guess he is not on top because he doesn't play minecraft frequently. By the way if he is reading this then do crazy craft with Gamer 5561 but not as ylocraft.

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146 MineworksAnimations
147 Childdolphin

He is funny, he plays with Thecampingrusher, Noahcraftftw, and others

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148 DfieldMark

He's good at factions though

149 KermitPlaysMinecraft

This frog is awesome I wish I was him please follow him he will make you laugh thanks

Coolest dude ever! I think he should be somewhere in the top ten.

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150 Tbone105presents

Tbone is an amazing youtuber I love his modded let's plays he's great at commentating mc

Tbone is the best youtuber EVER! And has the funniest commentary

Deserves to have at least 1 million subs!

Tbone is a great guy and is so funny! It is fun to watch people mess up a lot like him.

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151 kirbyATK48

Great low key Minecrafter, good (ish) at PVP and easy to understand vanilla player

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152 Xnestorio

... He is awesome at pvp and if you type xNestorio's laugh its to funny - Winwin098098

153 Ballistic Squid

Why is he so low he has so much humor and I cannot explain this he deserves than this if you disagree watch his video and you will be a fan in seconds

More Minecraft crazy craft please I love your crazy craft

This must be everyone's personal opinions cause he is so good

This is copy stampy and him are the best

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154 Dan TDM

I think Dantdm is cool and awesome I LOVE his videos I LOVE his dog because I LOVE dogs and Dr. t is awesome

155 Therigrox
156 spidermonkeylord
157 BeatleFan64
158 Minotaur29
159 OMGitsfirefoxx

I love Sonja! She's awesome! Her sense of humor can be a bit immature, but all-in-all, very entertaining!

Your awesome Sonja! Your mianite videos were GREAT! Your so funny and really entertaining with Tucker!

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160 ItsKricken

She is so awesome! I totally think she should have a higher rank! I love how she just hangs out with guy youtubers and she is so shy and sweet! I always get surprised when she beats the guys in minigames and stuff! She is great at survival Hunger Games and she is very clean and hardly ever lets a cuss word slip. PLEASE GIVE HER A HIGHER RANK!

She is funny and she is a pretty good builder. (Her words are clean =) )

She's inspiring. Especially to those girl gamers out there who don't have confidence in themselves to really embrace Minecraft! Love Kricken so much! Xo

I think she is beautiful

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