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161 OMGitsfirefoxx

I love Sonja! She's awesome! Her sense of humor can be a bit immature, but all-in-all, very entertaining!

Your awesome Sonja! Your mianite videos were GREAT! Your so funny and really entertaining with Tucker!

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162 ItsKricken

She is so awesome! I totally think she should have a higher rank! I love how she just hangs out with guy youtubers and she is so shy and sweet! I always get surprised when she beats the guys in minigames and stuff! She is great at survival Hunger Games and she is very clean and hardly ever lets a cuss word slip. PLEASE GIVE HER A HIGHER RANK!

She is funny and she is a pretty good builder. (Her words are clean =) )

She's inspiring. Especially to those girl gamers out there who don't have confidence in themselves to really embrace Minecraft! Love Kricken so much! Xo

I think she is beautiful

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163 ACtennisAC

The Best young Player on Youtube

Soon to be president. He is so smart at a young age.

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164 TheAtlanticCraft

They are just hilarious and I love the surfs up movie character theme

What? What happened here?! WHY are u guys so far back?! You're awesome! But just wind down on the sex jokes please

These guys are awesome! They do anything requested they MAKE mod packs!

They put so much hard work into their videos which got them a lot of views, but now 100,000 is a lot to them. So sad how good Youtuber's channels die #ReviveTheAtlanticCraft

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165 Sky Does Minecraft


166 MagmaMusen

A great simplicity. Why is he only 165? He should be in at LEAST the first page. His buildings look good, can be done realistically in survival and most of them work. He is kid-friendly, but not in a forced or obnoxious way. Sure, he doesn't speak, but the soundtracks are nice. He isn't a big, loud teenager/overgrown child like some of these dips that run other channels. His videos are fun and you ACTUALLY didn't know some of the things in his non-building videos. He deserves a MUCH better spot than this.

My phone sound is broken. But because he doesn't speak at all it doesn't matter. Also his tutorials helped me a lot in my worlds. He deserves to be at least in the top 15.

I love his 10 things you didn't know about...

He is my favorite utuber I love him so so so much I'm only 9 but if I were older I would definitely suscribe

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167 TheGamingLemon

He is cool! He should be 1st. Sky is so innoprpreatte, I mean this guy is funnier, he made a thing where there is a castle that looks cool! Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote please he is so C.O.O. L! Vote pleeassee! Yes yes yes yes yes

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168 ParkerGames

Parker is the best you tuber ever! His videos are absolutely hysterical and they make me laugh. He constantly posts good videos. He's amazing at editing, too, so that they aren't too long. He currently has 392k subs but deserves way more... keep on keeping on, Parker!

His videos are absolutely hilarious! He's clean and has a variety of videos. He should be #1! - huskie44

I love his videos! They make me laugh every time!

Where's pink sheep

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169 AshDubh

He should be higher!

I love watching your videos with squid

You should do the sims more often

He is pretty funny! His Party Panic, Speed Builders, andd Build Battle Buddies, O-M-G!

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170 VGtoolbox
171 Smosh

Very cool play with pewdiepie makes me laugh should be 1

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172 CreeperFarts‎

He is amazing I love you your good at pvp and do gg videos with grape

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173 SkythekidRS

SkyDoesMinecraft has been a person to look up too. I started to like Minecraft because of adam (that's his real name). He's really funny but he curses which I don't care but what do I know haters gonna hate.

You guys do know he's on first, right?

Otherwise known as skydoesminecraft

174 Goldenarmor

I love his little cartoons and the one where he made HEROBRINE vs a hacker and a pro

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175 OwlCrafted
176 Ballistic Squid

Why is he so low he has so much humor and I cannot explain this he deserves than this if you disagree watch his video and you will be a fan in seconds

More Minecraft crazy craft please I love your crazy craft

This must be everyone's personal opinions cause he is so good

This is copy stampy and him are the best

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177 Peridoks
178 harley2812
179 MCDeadLox
180 Slyfox

In my opinion he is one of the funniest YouTubers. He has a wonderful voice like in his songs Homies Unite, Take a Stand and all of his others. HOMIES UNITE

HOMIES UNITE! He's funny and one of the nicest people you will ever meet!

HE is in my opinon is the best YouTubers he is a great singer and great gamer and an awesome person^-^

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