Skydoesminecraft is the best YouTuber there is. He is funny and hilarious and should be in the Hall of YouTube. Me, my friends, and my brother all think of him as the God of Minecraft. Most of all, he should always be remembered in everyone's lives as a hero. One thing that everyone must cherish about Sky is BUTTER AND SQUID!

This guy is awesome and hilarious. He makes the best mod reviews and always makes his videos interesting. He takes the time to edit them and put music. I especially love the random stuff he does in the begining of the videos. Its hilarious. -Lonely Chest or Iron Fart, I laughed my head off!

As a Sky Army recruit, my "qualities" are not only to slay Squids, but I also need to be a fan in order to join. Merely, His Minecraft skills extremely exceed mine, so, as a conclusion to my opinion, Sky should win a higher spot in the ranking. He has earned it.

He Can Make You Laugh At Any Moment Even If It's The Worst Mod Ever He WILL Make You laugh He has a great personality And Is Very Friendly. That Is My Opinion And Why I Voted For Him. He Also Does A lot Of Stuff And Likes To Goof Around. HE IS AWESOME

Sky is legend. He makes it so that I can't stop watching. With butter jokes and attacking the squids, Sky makes his videos funny in an awesome way. This is why I believe he should be number 1!

He's awesome because he shows the best mods ever and also he so awesome that I watch his videos 24/7 and I'm
Part of his sky army. He's just hilarious

Sky congratulations on first place for best Minecraft YouTuber! I love your videos I get up every day at 12pm just to watch your videos. KEEP MAKING PEOPLE LAUGH! Your #1 fan finn91900 (Minecraft name. ) PS what state do you live in?

Sky is the best and is so funny and he made BUTTER. Sky can do really good parkour and really good mods. His friends are crazy but, sky is the craziest. I watch sky every day and not one time does he not make me laugh. So all of you guys who have/ have not heard of him go check him out,

Okay, he is great and he deserves this place. I've been looking for somewhere to say this and her I am. He is a great YouTuber, and works hard for the sake of his Sky Army. I appreciate that. He is sarcastic and funny, and even though he swears, who cares? It's words. There only bad if used against someone. He is a great dude. His friends are amazing too. He was an inspiration for me, I built a whole world dedicated to him. He earns every single one of his subscribers. He works hard and that how I like it. Now I want him to stay like this. He is honestly the best in my opinions. He still uploads videos, even through the ups and downs of his life. He doesn't let anything get in the way of his passion of YouTube. Bring it haters you don't know what you're in for in this dude.

He's the best.

He cares about us and really tries his best to make us laugh. His channel is funny, awesome, cool, and amazing. He is always making us laugh in a ways that isn't always the same and I love that.

Sky because he is just plain funny makes me laugh like crazy and he is very interactive with other YouTubers witch it is fun to watch him play with them and his mod showcases HILARIOUS

Sky cheers me up when I'm sad and I just love to watch him be stupid with his friends and laugh together it really means a lot to me that he keeps on doing this and I hope to start a chanel and be as successful as him lets all give him a big round of applause for what he does for people THANK YOU SKYDOESMINECRAFT! Love ya and hope to meet ya

Sky is epic because of many reasons! Mostly because of the most amazing thing in the world. And that is the one and only. Most amazing thing ever! And it is... BUDDER! Long live BUDDER and Sky Army! Wo! :D

Yes Yes Yes sky does minecraft is the best as much as I love pewdie I had no idea what he was saying during minecraft because back then he spoke Swedish but sky is the best of the minecraft youtubers SKY ARMY UNITE

He's hilarious and excellent in minecraft, made gold into budder, shows mods and mini games. He has a good skin in minecraft too. He's also shown much more. This is why I vote for him. I'm also in the sky army for these following reasons I just posted now. And one more thing. Budder lives on forever. Sky you really rule!

Sky is the funniest guy ever I'm following him on twitter I've almost seen all of his videos he is just the funniest guy I know and he is a "butter" adict sorry laugh out loud just kidding sky but I have to admit captain sparklez makes good music videos

He is nice funny and really is a good you tuner for minecraft and he likes my favorite food (BUDDER) and he makes me feel good and he makes every one happy. But the only thing I don't like is that he curses but he is the best you tuber I ever saw once I got a YouTube channel I subscribed so fast because he was the best person I ever watched do minecraft thank you sky

Skydoesminecraft is one of the most famous and popular youtubers that play minecraft. He's awesome because of his survival games videos, minigame videos, mod showcases, adventure maps, and parkour (which he's really bad at the minigames and the parlour and survival games. That's why he has over 3, 000, 000 subs! :D hi) but still I think he is the best m

Sky was the BEST Minecraft EVER! I like it when he calls gold butter, I like his mods and watch them every day even my friend, tell skydoesminecraft I say HI!

He's awesome and funny he's got a great personaliti loves mods parkour he's able to stay calm and get mad he's been there since 2 years ago. He does mod showcases and I have watched every one of his videos.

Sky Is so funny with his friends and himself he's always goofing around and he fails a lot with his friends and does a lot of parkcore maps and mod showcase and always make me smile when I watch his videos! - Ami513

He USED to be the best minecraft youtuber in the good old days. Cops and Robbers, Adventure Maps with Tyler and Jason, fun little mini games with a whole diverse cast of people, team crafted. I miss those days. Now he's total crap. - errrr

-WHO LIKE Minecraft-

Sky is the best!

-WHO LIKE Minecraft-

He is the funniest!

-WHO LIKE Minecraft-

I have seen his awesome Hawaii vlogs!

-WHO LIKE Minecraft-

When I come to America (one day) I will not miss the opportunity to meet you and everyone from Team Crafted and Sky Army!

-WHO LIKE Minecraft-

One more thing! This is question for Adam-Sky. Can I record with you, join Sky Army and Team Crafted?

-WHO LIKE Minecraft-

I love skydoesminecraft because he does everything in mine craft he is really the best mine craft you tuber he is AWESOME and he is very funny extremely when he goes butter butter butter then licks, so when I go next to a gold block I say butter butter butter and lick he is AWESOME!

When he fails he zooms into his face and pulls a funny face and the dead silents he does as well so he should be crowned the best I mean the BEST you tuber! He should be a mine craft comedian

From SkillfullTiara my Xbox name

Sky wow I've been with him since 50000 he is so funny I love YouTube because if I have a bad day I go there and there r so many supportive people that just try to make us laugh and for all you haters who think that he does it for money and his hole life is a lie shut up he does need this money and Maybe part of his subs do have multiple accounts but that's still just a person that likes him and I bet that even pewdepie has some people like that he puts so much energy and time into it at least one post every day but he now has over 9 mill in like 1 year he gained over 8 mill subs sky your my favourite and I bet you would have a lot more subs but do not have an account or there not aloud to subscribe to anyone or there are a lot of people that don't even like Minecraft but keep doing what you love and we all support you sky keep calme and YouTube on