Top Ten Most Useless Blocks in Minecraft

While most blocks in Minecract have many uses, the blocks on this list don't. Most of these blocks have one use, looks; and for practicality, most of these items have no use. Which block in Minecraft is the most useless? NOTE: Blocks are the basic units of structure in Minecraft that can be directly placed in the game world.
The Top Ten
1 Lily Pad

I actually use it to make an ocean bridge.
Sure, they might be a little hard to find if you don't know where a swamp is, but they look really nice on the water.

2 Snow

You make snow golems with it.

3 Mossy Cobblestone

Who wants to waste cobblestone for mossy cobblestone?

Good for decoration

4 Grass

It gives you wheat seeds...

5 Mycelium

It grows mushrooms

6 Nether Brick

If there are no nether bricks no nether no blaze powder no eyes of ender no portal no ender dragon

7 Dead Bush

This is actually somewhat useful. When I start out in a world, I punch these so I don't have to waste wood to make sticks.

I wouldn't really count Dead Bush as a block. But, it is very useless.

Bro at least dirt has worth. A dead bush literally can't do anything

You can get sticks from it which can be useful for tools and torches

8 Gravel
9 Cocoa

I have no use for beans

I hate cookies

10 Cactus

You can make a wall, but only three blocks high and they can walk in between the cacti.

You can make green dye, I guess?

Other than that, useless.

You can protect you base

The Contenders
11 Gold Ore

You can make golden apples out of it! It is so important without pvp will be over in 10 seconds as no healing and uhc will be unfair

It is useless

12 Diorite

Gets in the way, clutters inventory. Could be used as a building block.

13 Coarse Dirt
14 Cauldron

Most useless thing here. Just use a water block, that's infinite at least.

15 Dirt

It's a very convenient thing to use if you need to make a quick one-time use structure, like to bridge over something, because dirt is pretty much EVERYWHERE.

16 Diamond Ore

Diamonds are NOT useless! You can build a whole mansion with it, and plus if you have it, your just... R.I.C.H.

Plus you can turn it back to original diamonds ANYWAYS.

You use it to make a Beacon tower!
And for showing off how rich you are.

17 Dried Kelp Block
18 Cobblestone
19 Furnace
20 Sponge

Not useless, but I never used it.

You can clean the water

21 Stone Brick
22 Polished Basalt
23 Sand

Sand is basically only used for cacti farming, or making a beach.

24 Stone
25 Grass Block
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