Top 10 Minigames in Mario Party: The Top 100

Mario Party The Top 100 is said to have the 100 best mini games in all the Mario Party series. Now out of these supposed 100 best mini games, what would be considered the 10 best?

The Top Ten

1 Booksquirm (Mario Party 4)

This is easily the best mini game in the Top 100! It's such a creative concept mixed with tons of chaos and excitement especially when playing with others! - chopsie01

2 Face Lift (Mario Party 1/2)

The game was pretty good back in Mario Party 1 and 2 but the addition of the touchscreen really makes this game a lot more interesting and easier to control! It's surprisingly solid and a great game to play overall! - chopsie01

3 Pushy Penguins (Mario Party 5)

This is easily my favorite Mario Party 5 mini game! I'm so glad it's here. It can get extremely intense when you have to bypass a huge horde of penguins heading towards you at once! I love this one! - chopsie01

4 Hexagon Heat (Mario Party 1/2)

This is a classic! It's a simple survival game that's similar to the likes of Simon says. It can get really intense as the game goes on. Great game overall! - chopsie01

5 Coney Island (Mario Party 5)

Another iconic Mario Party mini game for sure. It's a simple competition to see who can collect the most ice cream scoops in the allotted time. Tons of fun to play! - chopsie01

6 Mush Pit (Mario Party 3)

I don't quite understand why they renamed this game from "Toadstool Titan" but the gameplay is still as cool as ever. It's a last man standing game but this time around instead of avoiding objects, you avoid each other. It's very creative and tons of fun! - chopsie01

7 Hotel Goomba (Mario Party 5)

This is one of the most iconic mini games in the series. Lots of fun and very intense. - chopsie01

8 Squared Away (Mario Party 5)

The Top 100 didn't have a lot of good 1 vs 3 mini games. They were either extremely unbalanced or just not fun to play. This one though is an exception. This one is extremely fun to play and is really quite balanced. - chopsie01

9 Peak Precision (Mario Party 9)

The best in Mario party 9 and I'm glad to see the fun minigame here.

This is the best minigame in the history of ever.

Best minigame ever. It's my favorite Mario party 9 minigame too.

This was one of my favorite mini games in Mario Party 9 and I'm very glad to see it return here. This is extremely fast paced, fun, and quick mini game. - chopsie01

10 Ice Rink Risk (Mario Party 3)

This is a simple last man standing 4 player game where you have to dodge spiny shells. It's a great mix of chaos and skill! - chopsie01

The Contenders

11 Cucumber Jacks (Mario Party DS)
12 Kareening Koopas (Mario Party 4)
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