Best Minions of Count Bleck (Including Count Bleck)


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1 Blumiere / Count Bleck Blumiere / Count Bleck Count Bleck, true name Lord Blumiere, is the central antagonist turned anti-hero of the 2007 Nintendo Wii videogame Super Paper Mario.

Count Bleck is hands down one of the best Mario characters of all time, his character and backstory is amazing and he isn't a villian who is driven by greed like many other villians. - darthvadern

2 Dimentio Dimentio Dimentio is an evil harlequin magician and the main antagonist of the 2007 Nintendo Wii video game Super Paper Mario.

One of the most complicated villians in the mario universe, he goes gfrom a light-hearted villian to a mad man who wants everything to be his way and betrays Count Bleck. - darthvadern

3 O'Chunks O'Chunks

O'Chunks is hilarious! His personality is cool, he's also the first boss in the game so it makes him kinda special. - darthvadern

4 Mimi Mimi

She looks cute and innocent but she is actually a scary shape-shifting spider!

Originally I thought of putting her above O'Chunks since she's more unqiue but I decided to pu her lower, I love how unique she is! She's a shape-shifter and her boss battles are so creative! She is really creepy too! - darthvadern

5 Mr. L / The Green Thunder Mr. L / The Green Thunder

Basically a brainwashed version of Luigi, how much more awesomne can you get? - darthvadern

6 Nastasia Nastasia

The only real redeeming quality about her is that she has a tiny bit of backstory, but she is never battled in the game, and has a boring design - darthvadern

Forget what I said, she should be higher up, she even sacrificed herself for the count! - darthvadern

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