Best Minnesota Timberwolves Players of the 2017-2018 NBA Season


The Top Ten

1 Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler

It's only 9 games into the season, so it's way too early to get an accurate read on any trends yet. Wolves have 4 W's in a row, and 3 of those were tight. Start winning some games at the end, something they were notoriously bad at last year... As for Butler, he definitely is a vocal leader. He hasn't poured in a ton of points, and he really hasn't had to. At least over the last 4 games, he is showing his young team mates what it takes to win, and then letting them take the game to the opponent. This is all good. We'll see as the Winter drags on. - Ned964

Jimmy is an amazing player, with a lot of energy. He brings a lot of positive energy to the court each game.

2 Karl Anthony Towns

Incredibly talented, and turns just 22 years old on Nov. 15. It appears his is bound for super-stardom, rarely do we see a 7-footer with this offensive skill set. Can shoot it from outside, and his low post game is deadly. His defense has been downright atrocious in his first 2 years, but the hope is that will change now with leaders by example Butler and Gibson on the team. The skies the limit with this kid. - Ned964

Towns should be #1

3 Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins Andrew Christian Wiggins is a Canadian professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association.

Just inked a 5 year/ $148 mil. extension, and that is a massive 1st non rookie contract. At some point there will be pressure to deliver, and of course this deal will cause salary cap issues down the road. Like Towns, his game has been all offense up until now. They call him the baby face assassin up here, as he looks even younger than his current 22 years old. Has the type of offensive skill set to one day lead the league in scoring. - Ned964

4 Jeff Teague Jeff Teague

Has looked particularly sharp recently. He seems to have a good feel of how to run the team from the point. Will score when necessary, but has just shown a knack for running the offense effectively as of late. He is not the defender that Ricky Rubio was here, but the trade off of being a better overall point guard is starting to pay off. - Ned964

5 Taj Gibson

Inside muscle. Very good defender and gets his 10 and 10 night in and night out. It will be interesting to see him match up with Draymond Green in a couple games here. - Ned964

6 Jamal Crawford Jamal Crawford Aaron Jamal Crawford (born March 20, 1980) is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Crawford played his high school basketball for Rainier Beach High School, a basketball powerhouse in Seattle, before committing to play more.

Very streaky shooter coming off the bench, but like Teague, he seems to know how to play within the framework of coach Thibodeau's system. He's got some miles on him, so we'll see as the season draws on how that affects him. - Ned964

7 Nemanja Bjelica

A very pleasant surprise so far. Has gotten more minutes as his play has improved. The team needs him to stay consistent - Ned964

8 Gorgui Dieng

Has seen his minutes decline, as Gibson has played well at the 4. You basically know what your getting when he is in the game, a solid contribution. - Ned964

9 Shabazz Muhammad

Another streaky shooter, he can really score fast, or throw up bricks offensively. The defense has been non-existent up until this year. He is asked to score when he is in the game, and when he delivers, it's usually bad news for the opponent. - Ned964

10 Tyrus Jones

A bit small for today's prototype point guard. But has real good handles and is improving. He is starting to give quality minutes spelling Teague. Was a high school legend in Minnesota, and won a National Championship his only year at Duke. He can play - Ned964

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