10 Minor Greek Gods and Goddesses

The Top Ten 10 Minor Greek Gods and Goddesses

1 Nike - Victory

Actually Nike is a she, and I consider her also as the goddess of sports

You would pray to him before any game and hoped you would win.

Also the goddess of shoes.

Can not defeat victory

2 Iris - Rainbows

One of the best godesses

3 Persephone - Vegetation

She is actually the goddess of springtime

4 Pheme - Gossip
5 Deimos - Terror & Dread
6 Eris - Strife & Discord
7 Phobos - Panic & Fear

Nothing to fear put fear itself well I am fear-Phobos

Most Deitys here don't have a word in English he has Phobias and fear is powerful

8 Pan - The Wild & Nature

WILD, all I have to say

The wild is awesome so sad he “died”

9 Priapus - Vegetables

He is the god of garden vegetables actually


10 Harmonia - Harmony

The Contenders

11 Hecate - Magic

She was in charge of creating the mist... the smoke that kept mortals from seeing the world of monsters, heroes, gods etc

She is the goddess of magic

Hello goddess of magicc y is she not 1st

12 Nemesis - Revenge
13 Eros - Son of Aphrodite
14 Amphitrite - Queen of the Sea

Amphitrite is the goddess I hope is my mom because I want my dad to be Poseidon

Poseidons wife

15 Hypnos

God of sleep meaning you spend most of your time in his domain

16 Morpheus

God of dreams meaning anything is possible

Anything is possible in dreams

17 Hebe - Youth

Hebe married Hercules, (Or Heracles,) anyway I think she is super cool.

18 Aeolus - Keeper of the Winds

Keeper of the winds ; he is a very powerful minor god

19 Tyche - Fortune
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