Top Ten Most Minor Warrior Cat Characters

Have you ever wondered which warrior cat is the most minor here it is!

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1 Twist

Is she that little tabby that shows up sometimes in Outcast?

I never heard of this guy... are you sure he's a warriors

I know HER she appears in Eclipse and Outcast!

Twist is a tortoiseshell she-cat with white stripes on her face. She is a rogue from Outcast. She is one of the cats that invade the Tribe of Rushing Water. She is also part of the patrol that stops the Tribe cats on their way to the Tribe of Rushing Water ( TRW )
Hollypaw catchws her eyes and thinks that if she was a a Clan cat, they could have been friends. She fights Lionpaw with sheathed claws, suggesting she might not actually want to hurt them.

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2 Featherwing

Never heard of this cat ever



3 Socks
4 Ruby
5 Quince

Quince is not Firestar's mother.. His mother is Nutmeg, I think Jake either cheated on Quince because her kits were snobby or abandoned her... Jake shouldn't have never chose Quince has a mate they created three monsters

Quince is the mother of Scourge, Socks, and Ruby. They were fathered by Jake. Jake also fathered Nutmeg's kits : Firestar, Princess, and unidentified kits

Nutmeg is fire stars mother dude

Guys shes the mother of firestar father jake from tallstars revenge

6 Primrosepaw

Poor primmrosepaw she died so sadly and deserved to have kits herself and be a warrior. I hunk she was a very kind cat. Mistystar was her mother and blackclaw her father.

7 Sagewhisker

Sagewhisker was so kind, calm and compassionate. She was so calm and mature when Yellowfang was expecting kits. She was mature enough to know that this was before she was a medicine cat. I was SO sad when she died!

How did she even die? I think Erin hunter killed her cause she didn't know what to write about her next. Yellowfang wouldn't have been exiled if she was there.

She definitely was calm and a little quiet. She was the medicine cat from ShadowClan from Yellowfang's Secret

8 Leafstorm

He's in the allegiances, but not mentioned once in the books.

No he is in battles of the Clans - Frogjaw1996

9 Badgerfang Badgerfang

He was barely around in Yellowfang's Secret! One moment in the nursery, one as an apprentice, and his last moment he was mentioned on the book he was DEAD. - Rainpoppy824

I have only heard about him once! And that was when I was looking up minor warrior cats! - Catsarah123

I feel bad for badgerfang because he had such a great life ahead of him.

Deserves tk be first definitely

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10 Spottedleaf

She would be minor, except she stalks Firestar and all of his descendants pretty much every night.

Wait.. How is Spottedleaf minor?

She stalks people's dreams I mean what if your dream wasn't something you want to hate but she'd be watching and post it on instapaw

Why is Spottedleaf on here have you not seen here fandom!?!?! 😤😤😤😤😤

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11 Rosetail

She was killed in the first book. She wasn't even in the allegiance - AnonymousChick

Good job! I didn't even think of her! - Catsarah123

Rosetail is awesome
Please give thumbs up if you agree
Thanks! Smile

Who is this?

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12 Cody

Cody should have had a bigger role, she was awesome! - TheAlbinoWolf

Cody was a girl and is the reason that I LOVE the name Cody for a girl - Cinderpool

She was a great companion to Leafpool and she was so sweet to Birchkit. She should have played a larger role in the series. - Ku

Cody was so nice to Birchkit! I wish we had seen him more often.

13 Foxleap

Okay, he should be with Ivypool. That would increase his book time and yeah, just make him more mentioned. No Hawk and Ivy thing or Breeze and Ivy. Fox and Ivy. Nice and simple.

I really like Foxleap. He's kind, and pretty awesome, as well as underrated

He should be with Ivypool.

Foxleap gave his life for his clan. And poor spiderleg and Birchfall lost him, there mother ferncloud, then their sister icecloud, then spiderlegs adopted daughter hazeltail, spiderlegs son toadstep, and then he lost his father dustpelt. I mean poor spiderleg!

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14 Redtail

This cat deserved to be deputy until he died like when tigerclaw was about to be exiled. That should have been when tigerstar killed him. Then firestar could be deputy.

He was very noble - Cancer

1 moment in the prolauge,dead in the book

15 Copperpaw

She is a RiverClan apprentice that only shows up in the allegiances. Never mentioned in the books.

16 Hatty

Wow. You only see her in Firestar's Quest and for only like 5 pages!

I thought it was spelled "Hattie." - Ku

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17 Ravenpaw
18 Frosty

Frosty was only metioned once in all the books. Its gender is unknown, its looks are unkown, and is a loner in the Twolegplace in TNP.

19 Swift

I think I remember this. Shared by two names. In one it's a bright ginger she cat ( I think she was mentioned in one page talking to Gray Wing I don't know ) and another was a dark ginger tom with a ancient name but I totally forgot about it. And yeah they're both in Dawn of the Clans super minor

Ya know, mentioned once in the Dawn of the Clans. Met Thunder or someone.


20 Larchkit Larchkit

This kit died from hunger. She should have lived

Poor Larchkit.

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