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1 Fires Far - Dark Souls 2

I think it's the best. It's haunting and epic. It's a real miracle - AivarPC

2 Dream of the Sky - Bioshock Infinite

This is the most interesting one. It mixes so many musical styles in a way that just works. - AivarPC

3 Jet Black Dress

This one is just awesome. It's very different from his Gav's other songs. It's not about a game. And it's "intimate". Give it a listen and you'll know what I mean :). - AivarPC

4 Kickback

This is another one, that's not about a game. It's an uplifting rock song. It's pretty badass - AivarPC

5 The Day the World Died - Metro Last Light

I love to sing along when this one's playing. It's a haunting tribute to Metro. - AivarPC

6 The New Black Gold - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Both versions (album and original) are excellent songs. Give it a listen - AivarPC

7 Man and Machine - Titanfall

Love this song. Always sing along. It's just an awesome song that really makes you feel like a futuristic giant robot pilot. - AivarPC

8 City of Night - Cyberpunk 2077

This one might be a bit of a weird choice. I think Gav did a great job with this one. A rocking' song! - AivarPC

9 Sovngarde Song - Skyrim

The first song I listened to. Excellent start. A classic song - AivarPC

10 Redemption Blues - Red Dead Redemption

This one's a bit odd. Because it's mainly on this list because Red Dead is my favorite game ever and this song fits it perfectly. - AivarPC

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1. Fires Far - Dark Souls 2
2. Dream of the Sky - Bioshock Infinite
3. Jet Black Dress


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