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1 Chat Noir Chat Noir (read: "Sha Nu-ar", also called "Cat Noir" in English dub, "Black Cat" in Korean dub or "Super Cat" in Russian dub) is a deuteragonist from the French show "Miraculous Ladybug". Unlike his civilian self, Adrien Agreste, who actually very calm, polite, and kind, he is snarky, active, cocky, ...read more.

It's spelled"Cat Noir". And he's in almost every episode! The only episode I've seen without him is "Style Queen".

Bro everyone wants to see this awesome boi every one I said he is so funny and he deserves the main spot

Definitely Him! Ladybug always gets the spotlight, but I think that should change

He should have his OWN series! The Adventures Of Cat Noir, that would be very cool!

2 Marinette Marinette is a main character from the French show, Miraculous Ladybug. She is clumsy but kind girl who has crush to Adrien. Her hero self is Ladybug.

We see her every episode

I love Marinette.

3 Adrien Adrien is a deuteragonist in the show, Miraculous Ladybug. His hero self is Chat Noir. Ironically, unlike Chat who is snarky, active, and have too many freedom, he is opposite of Chat, kind, polite, calm, and cool. He is born and live in rich family, however, despite he is rich, he is really kind to ...read more.

Why is marinette and ladybug on this list, all we see is mariette, come on don't the writers know we mostly care adrien and chat noir

I think Adrien has great character potential, and he is such a cutie pie!

4 Ladybug She is a main protagonist in Miraculous Ladybug. Her civilian self is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Unlike Marinette who is really clumsy, kind, and dorky, Ladybug is serious when she fighting the akuma villains. Ironically, she rejects Chat Noir's flirtation despite her civilian self have crush to Adrien ...read more.

Yehaa! All of them in the page you have front! 😋

5 Tikki
6 Plagg Plagg is a character from the show, Miraculous Ladybug . He is a kwami who is owned by Adrien Agreste . His favorite food is a Camember cheese . Plagg is lazy, sarcastic, harsh and often makes trouble, example, playing Chloe's gold bracelet . Plagg resembles a black cat, a bad luck symbol in some countries ...read more.
7 Nooroo Nooroo is a kwami who owned by Hawkmoth. He is a character from Miraculous Ladybug. He dislikes Hawkmoth's evil plan to get the Ladybug's and Cat Noir's miraculouses because he said a Miraculous holder aren't allowed to abuses their power for an evil plan. Even though he is a male kwami, he pronounced ...read more.

He’s so cute and pure

8 Wayzz
9 Nathaniel

He needs to receive his Kwami already! - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

He should get a spotlight too

Nathaniel is one of the purest and underrated characters. he barely has any screentime and when he did, it was overshadowed by marichat. I’m not saying I didn’t lol the marichat but this caused people to hate natahaniel more because they thought he was “stealing” marinette away.
that’s so stupid, Marinette isn’t dating anyone she should be allowed to go with whoever she wants (she wants von going on a legitimate date, she was just using him). please give tomato boy a bigger role!

10 Trixx

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11 Alix Alix Kubdel is a minor character from the show Miraculous Ladybug. She is the shortest student in Marinette's class . Her akuma self is Timebreaker/Chronogirl. She has a older brother named Jalil Kubdel.

She needs to receive her bunny Miraculous already. And also. I'm ready for Chloe x Alix. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

She should have a miraculous in season three she’s so cool bad ass and if she sets a goal she is convinced to finish it

She is so cool


12 Duusu

This little kwamii should get back in the game. She/he deserves to be in action once again.

Who's this? A kwami? Who gets it...?!

13 Juleka Juleka is a character from the show Miraculous Ladybug. She is a shy goth girl and Rose's best friend. Her akuma form is Reflekta.

I'm ready for her to receive her Tiger Miraculous. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

14 Lila Rossi Lila Rossi is a only antagonist from Miraculous Ladybug . After Ladybug humiliates her that she is lying to Adrien, she gets akumatized into Volpina, a fox-themed supervillain who has illusion power .

I'm ready for her redemption and new miraculous ❤ - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

I hate her so much! - Sugarcubecorner

15 Rose Lavillant

I'm ready for her to receive her Pig miraculous already. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

Why? She is so anoying. Hate her

16 Alya

Is cute

17 Chloe Bourgeois

Ready for Queen Bee's redemption + Chloe x Alix. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

She is the last person I want see - princepretty

She is actually an interesting character. She is not perfectly good, she is spoiled and arrogant, but she has a reason to act so. It’s because of her parents - an infirm mayor and, especially, a mom who even cannot remember her own daughter name. There was a huge lack of attention and upbringing, so she basically doesn’t know how to behave and make some relationship. Her only and real friend was, in fact, Adrien, who is the only person not annoyed by her most of the times. And remember how many times she has saved Ladybug.
Yes, she is not perfect, like Ladybug or Marinette, but she has a potential of becoming a good one. I think it would be really nice to see her development. (I think she also has some tsundere part, when it comes to Marinette, well, maybe not)

18 Master Fu

He is in a way one of the most important characters because he always helps Marinette when she needs him and he helped Chat Noir regain faith in ladybug

He's so chill and cool I love him 😂

19 Mrs. Agreste
20 Nino

Nino is the best he out does the rest! NIYES

21 Sabrina

Ready for her to receive her dog miraculous. ❤ - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

I feel bad for her being picked on By Chloe. I think if Chloe learns how to treat people better, she will be a better friend to her, but her character isn't really developed. I kind of want to see a whole episode revolving around her instead of Marinette

22 Miraculous Bee
23 Copycat (L' Imposteur) L' Imposteur or Copycat is a villain from the French show, Miraculous Ladybug . A villain with a power to impersonate people, especially Chat Noir . His civilian self is Theo Barbeau, a sculptor who has crush to Ladybug . His akuma is contained on the newspaper article that he use as an inspiration ...read more.

He has all the same powers as cat noir. He was extremely jealous of cat noir, so he got akumatized.
He tricked ladybug into thinking that he was the real one and almost got cat noir locked up!
He would've if cat noir hadn't had the "secret promise" idea. Copycat todally fell for it!

24 Manon Manon is a minor character from a French show Miraculous Ladybug. She is a daughter of Nadja Chamack. Her akuma self is The Puppeteer.

Yeah right see more of this stupid crybaby, as if

25 Volpina Volpina is a character from the show Miraculous Ladybug . Her civilian self is Lila Rossi . She is cunning, bad, and greedy who trying to make an illusions to confuses Ladybug and Chat Noir . Even though she is resembles a Miraculous hero with a same name, she is actually an akumatized villain .
26 Gabriel Agreste

Gabriel is cute when he is sad love him

27 Felix Felix is a scrapped character from Miraculous Ladybug. He is a dark character that Thomas Astruc creates for Marinette's crush. The main reason why he get scrapped is because he's "too anime cliche". This causing him get replaced by Adrien Agreste. ...read more.
28 Aurore Aurore is a character from the French show, Miraculous Ladybug. She turned into Climatika after she lose the weather girl broadcasting from Mireille Caquet.

I hope they make her a series regular. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

I heard she will get more focus in season 3.

29 Clara Nightingale

Clara is so pretty. Her songs are amazing to listen to and has such an amazing voice. Hoping to see more of her in the future. Her model is a bit off though.

30 Mayaru
31 Rena Rouge

No offense but she looks like a much darker version of Volpina...

32 Ryuko
33 Ivan Bruel
34 Kim
35 Max
36 Mylene Mylène Haprèle is a character from Miraculous Ladybug and a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont . In "Horrificator", after feeling humiliated for getting scared easily while filming Nino's movie, she gets infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Horrificator, a monster ...read more.
37 Stormy Weather Also called Climatika in French version. She is a villain who can controlling weathers using her parasol. Her civilian self is Aurore Beaureal, one of Kidz member of weather forecasting. Her akuma is in her parasol. She is a character from Miraculous Ladybug .
38 Aurore Beaureal
39 Timebreaker Timebreaker (Chronogirl in French) is an akumatized villain from the show Miraculous Ladybug. Her power is absorbing people's energy to make her stronger. Her civilian self is Alix Kubdel. Her akuma is in one of her rollerskaters
40 Lady Wifi A villain from Miraculous Ladybug. Her civilian self is Alya Cesaire, Marinette's best friend. Her akuma is in her phone. She used her phone as a weapon. Her phone releases a glowing purple circles with Camera, Play, Lock, and Pause symbol to defeat Ladybug. Her goal is trying to discovered Ladybug's ...read more.
41 Evillustrator
42 Bee Miraculous
43 Bee Kwami
44 Hawkmoth Hawkmoth (Le Papillon in French) is a main antagonist in French show Miraculous Ladybug. His personality is cruel, greedy, and evil. His goals are trying to get Ladybug's and Cat Noir's miraculouses. Hawkmoth often theorized as Gabriel Agreste (Adrien's dad) by fans due because his civilian self resembles ...read more.
45 Miraculous Fox
46 Sabrina Raincomprix
47 Le Paon
48 Tom Dupain
49 Sabine Cheng
50 Markov

I wonder if he will appear in Gamer 2.0?

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