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1 Chat Noir Chat Noir (read: "Sha Nu-ar", also called "Cat Noir" in English dub, "Black Cat" in Korean dub or "Super Cat" in Russian dub) is a deuteragonist from the French show "Miraculous Ladybug". Unlike his civilian self, Adrien Agreste, who actually very calm, polite, and kind, he is snarky, active, cocky, more.

I love Chat Noir because he always puts others before himself and is an inspiration to us all. He's is funny, sweet and just an amazing character! He is willing to put himself in harms way to protect others despite not getting anywhere as much credit as Ladybug. Chat Noir is true to himself and isn't afraid to show who he is, unlike Adrien who is afraid to show his personality. Chat Noir teaches us to show the best of us and not be afraid, after all, though cats have 9 lives, humans only live once!

Miraculous Ladybug: Is a kid friendly show that focuses on fighting evil and has some violence on the level of kids and has good morals.
Also Miraculous Ladybug: Half of the cast are from Danganronpa, a rated T game that has blood and swearing.

He is my favourite character because he has been through soo much but still he tries to see everything positively. He lost his mother at a very young age, his father has distanced himself from him, ladybug keeps rejecting him, but still he has faith:) I like ladybug and cat noir together so I hope that in season 4 they reveal their identities! I soo ship them and also want for cat noir to finally have someone in his life who truly shows their love for him:) He deserves better!

I know that many people like Ladybug more than him but she didn't go through as much in her life as he did:(

Cat noir I adore for his bravery and ladybug for her selflessness;) Like if you agree with me:)

I really really like Chat Noir because of MANY reasons !
He is SUPER DAMN HOT, like, I seriously have a crush on someone who is just an animation and it's the first time. I rlly feel like he's the only one who is the hottest in this world, yes he is the cutest person I've seen.
And the fact that ladybug ignores him and rejects him just makes no sense whatsoever because lb doesn't use her Brain. She is dying over a person she keeps rejecting?! And after all the cute puns he make and his innocent face she doesn't live him? She cray cray!

Chat our is the hottest and cutest character ever! If he wasn't In the show, I wouldn't watch! He doesn't even get attention when he should because he is so funny, and is dealing with a lot of things at home. Whenever he transforms he is himself and can finally do what he wants not what others decide for him and not a daddy puppet!
I love Chaton for life ! Xxooo

2 Marinette

Marinette is such an amazing person! She has a lot of great personalities and saves everyone from Hawk Moth. Marinette has trouble speaking to Adrien, but that doesn't mean Kagami is such a better person than Marinette. In my opinion and if you're a true Miraculer then you would agree with me too. (Hopefully) I think I find it cute and so awesome when she tries to talk to Adrien, and she also works so hard with the bakery, she also worked Jagged Stones shades and album, she also has some sense of humor. Marinette focuses on school and her duty as well. She is saving Paris with her amazing cat, Chat Noir.

Marinette is a silly dork that put's herself in front of others. If you know DISC personality types, then she would probably be S if you know what I mean. She and adrien would be perfect for one another... even if he doesn't realize it yet.

Marinette is such a lovable dork that I believe any teen can relate to. She may act impulsive at times, but she's still a good person by heart.

These all are my favourite characters from miraculous ladybug...

Actually if I would get a chance then I could vote all the characters..

3 Adrien

I still can't wrap my head around the idea the Adrien and Chat Noir are the same person. Adrien is more sweet, charming, respectful, and very kind. He's the kind of guy we all need in our lives. He can be a bit clueless but at the end of the day, I have always thought that he was too good for this world. Even though he's fictional. Adrien deserves as much appreciation and praise as Chat Noir.

Ok, this is way to easy, Adrien is just a kind, sweet, and caring person! If only he knew his father was hawkmoth, he wouldn't be a hero! I'm actually thankful for hawkmoth!

Adrian is a very kind, good-mannered, but also sad individual. He longs for freedom from his life and finds it as ChatNoir. Despite his crazy life, Adrien is still a delightful friend and is very handsome. No wonder Marinette loves him

Okay, may I just say that as Adrien is my dream boy? He's good looking, he's a nice person, he's great. And I relate to him a lot. I have been locked up like Rapunzel my whole life and I still am byy overprotective but loving parents. I feel so bad for him and I really wished if I had a friend like him.

4 Ladybug She is a main protagonist in Miraculous Ladybug. Her civilian self is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Unlike Marinette who is really clumsy, kind, and dorky, Ladybug is serious when she fighting the akuma villains. Ironically, she rejects Chat Noir's flirtation despite her civilian self have crush to Adrien more.

Some may argue that she is quite underrated in her own show, but in my honest opinion, I think she gets the credit she deserves. Of course though, she could always get more appreciation and very much deserve it. Ladybug represents Marinette coming out of her shell and exploring what is almost an alter ego. This side of Marinette is confident, brave, caring, sassy, and an absolute queen. She deserves the world that she continues to kick ass to save.

Graceful, stunning, confident, strong, and brave. I see Ladybug as the person Marinette has always strived to be, and being a superhero has has given her than chance. Chat Noir and Ladybug are my personal favorites and for good reason

'Ladybug is probably my favourite superhero. She always manages to saves everyone and is very kind to other. I love it how she always sasses Cat Noir, when it's Adrien (Ahhhhh, it kills me)

She is a superhero who does her best to save Paris from Hawk Moth alongside Cat Noir, always doing things for the greater good. I also noticed that she is similar to Belle from Beauty and the Beast, as both are the heroes of their respective stories. The only problem I have with her is that I sometimes can't relate to her, and she do acts selfish at times, as seen in the finale of Season 3.

5 Tikki

I don't like her, but sometimes I wish I did. She's cute, I admit it, but I'm not a big fan of pets or minions or any of these stuff.
Sorry. But that doesn't stop her from being kind, sweet, and encouraging.
I dislike her, but whoever said she is trash, you're wrong! Even though I dislike her, there is nothing wrong about her! NOTHING! AND she's better than plagg. it's not the other way around.

She is so caring for marinette and has this really sweet voice which comforts marinette:) Tikki is always there for her and shows kindness!

She is very sweet, kind, and she loves to encourage Marinette to do things she thinks that she can't do, my favoriteine from Tikki is " You won't know until you try!" Or something like that.

Omg I won't lie she's is my favorite character she's positive, caring, sweet, helpful, inspired , never gives up, and cares about others

6 Plagg Plagg is a character from the show, Miraculous Ladybug . He is a kwami who is owned by Adrien Agreste . His favorite food is a Camember cheese . Plagg is lazy, sarcastic, harsh and often makes trouble, example, playing Chloe's gold bracelet . Plagg resembles a black cat, a bad luck symbol in some countries more.

I hate him. He's way worse than Tikki. I may dislike Tikki, but she's nicer, cuter, and more tolerable than this guy. I would rant, but I don't want anybody saying anything mean to me because I'm sensitive. Screw you Plagg.

Plagg is one of the best kwami's in the Miraculous universe. It's his laziness and mischievous self that make him a likeable character. In many occasions, Plagg has served for comedic relief and I appreciate his services. Also, Plagg is funny and is the only kwami who has managed to eradicate an entire species of animal. To be fair, HE WAS YOUNG

I personally find Plagg hilarious, and even though he some times gets into mischief, he's still a good character in his own right.

I want him as my kwami. He's my favorite kwami and I love his playful nature. I would love to have him as a friend and even though he is not that good at giving advice, I don't care. I have plenty of people to give me advice.

7 Alya

Its really cool that Marinette trusted her and that she now knows that she is Ladybug. And that she could fight with an Akuma.

Clever and insightful, I believe Alyais the most underrated character. She has helped Marinette be the person she is today and is awesome as Rena Rouge.

I love Alya. She is my favorite, right after chat noir. She's fun, smart, outgoing, brave, kind, nice, sassy and I relate to her the most. I love her!

I am totally Alya. She's snarky and sassy but in a good way, and she helps Marinette all she can. Although I don't like Nino but I guess she didn't at first either

8 Hawkmoth Hawkmoth (Le Papillon in French) is a main antagonist in French show Miraculous Ladybug. His personality is cruel, greedy, and evil. His goals are trying to get Ladybug's and Cat Noir's miraculouses. Hawkmoth often theorized as Gabriel Agreste (Adrien's dad) by fans due because his civilian self resembles more.

Hawk moth is really a good character, I didn't like him at first, but now I do. Why? Because the reason he wants Ladybugs and Cat Noirs Miraculous is because he is TRYING to make her wife alive. Because when he gets the miraculous, he will be able to have ONE wish, his wish was to make her wife alive. He is so try Harding.. he is making the city into a disaster JUST to get her wife back. In the Queen Wasp episode, he was so sad, because he couldn't take LB and CN's miraculous. In the Catalyst Hero's day part 2, am sure he will get the Miraculous.

Hawkmoth has the right intentions for wanting to bring back emilie agreste because he can't think of any other way to bring her back. also I feel like when people need to vent about their life, he gives them just the opportunity to do so. although I want the superheroes to win, I really hope Gabriel/hawkmoth get back emilie and become happy again. I also want Adrien to be happy too!

I agree that Adrian's dad is hawk moth. But that would be sad! Then who can love Adrian as a family member and I wonder what happened to his Mimi hate hawk moth he's so annoying and dumb

I have to admit. I would be just as sad if he doesn't get the miraculouses and his wife never comes back as if he gets it and his wife does come back.

9 Rena Rouge

Also a great superhero, she has awesome powers ! She has an INCREDIBLE a passion for saving Paris and when detransformed, she is a good character too ! Rena has a really cool costume and hairstyle #iLoveHerStyle️ !

She is very determined when it comes to her blog, but just because her blog is a "full time job" doesn't mean she shouldn't try do multitasking!

Rena is so cool and her powers are to, and top nine isn't so bad but deserves top five in my opinion.

She is actually super pretty and deserves to get a miraculous again. Collabrated well with ladybug and chat noir. Her poweres are so cool!

10 Nathalie Sancoeur

I love her relationship with Gabriel, Adrien gets his obliviousness from his dad. Nathalie is just amazing because she literally sacrifices her life to help Gabriel every time to uses the peacock miraculous. I relate to her as well, I tend to not show my emotions and have a silent freak out when no one's around.

Istg if Gabriel doesn't take her I will bc she is selfless, caring, and is literally risking her health for his happiness. She obviously loves her 'family' and it's really sweet. Sure, she doesn't show a lot of emotion, but I think it's because she's either afraid toor doesn't know how. I hope she and Gabriel get together bc I feel like they are perfect for eachother.

I actually do not know but she deserves better than helping Hawkmoth. He almost killed his son on the Eiffel Tower but tells him that school is danger.

I really love Nathalie bc she is like me.
She doesn't really show her emotions, like me eater. So I really know how it is to be like her.
I also like her emotions vor Gabriel!
They would be a great cupple!

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11 Nathaniel

Nathaniel is the arty one in Miss Bustier's class and since Marc came up, a ship has been sailing! I think they are a great couple.

I can relate to him so much as a fellow artist, and he is just the most precious person in the show! (well, in my opinion) He needs more love!

He's just so sweet and cute! I sometimes imagine I would just love to be his girlfriend!

He's an all-around cool guy and I can relate to him in many ways. He is also misunderstood.

12 Nino

Nino is literally the nicest boy in all of Paris and he has a great sense of humor! I'm not even really talking about his jokes but he's always so upbeat and kind and he's a great friend! And he's so talented and he pursues his dreams of music and directing and I'm so proud of him.

He's so cool and it's funny how he says dude instead of sir and keeps repeating himself doing that and I also hated him as the bubbler he was annoying! He's such a good friend to Adrian!

Nino is the dude of adrien and tries to pair up Marinette and adrien with alya. He is just the smile everyone wants to see.

Nino always wants adventures and he always help others. He was the first one who became Adriens friend.

13 Juleka

She just needs to know that she exists. And that she is NOT invisible.

I love Juleka she is adorable and comes of shy at first but is an amazing friend. JULEKA IS BAE

She was horrible as Reflekta the worst miraculous villain but alright as a human.

She has long hairs and beautiful and she is sister of luka.

14 Mayura

Mayura is my favorite character bc with every time she was Mayura she knew that she could die, and that's what I like at her.

To be honest, I like allt he versions of Nathalie. I just really like Nathalie

I like mayura because I like nathalie, very selfless people they r

15 Evillustrator

He became a villain because of love.

He's really adorable

16 Nooroo Nooroo is a kwami who owned by Hawkmoth. He is a character from Miraculous Ladybug. He dislikes Hawkmoth's evil plan to get the Ladybug's and Cat Noir's miraculouses because he said a Miraculous holder aren't allowed to abuses their power for an evil plan. Even though he is a male kwami, he pronounced more.

Nooroo is really underrated, and it is just not his fault that Gabriel use his power in that way.

Nooroo is adorable. No one can deny it, he's just so sweet and shy.

Nooroo doesn't like his powers being used for evil.

Such an underrated character, good kwami trapped by his master.

17 Duusu

Duusu is just so hyper and cute! I love the scene in ladybug where she goes from exited, to nervous, to sad in the span of thirty seconds!

Duusu is so cute and I love her emotions and that she's hyper and I also feel bad for her that she got captured.

Duusu is a very adorable KWAMI. She is also very emotional which a thing I like about her.

Duusu is so cute and she is very pretty. She is very hyper too.

18 Luka

He always puts marinette before himself. Unlike Kagami he wants marinette to be happy with adrien. Kagami wants him all to herself, but even though luka has a crush on marinette, he still wants her to be happy, so yeah. That just happened.

Luka is one of the best characters. He always cares about others, he likes Marinette but she has a crush on Adrien, so he want him to be with her because he thinks it is best for her.

He's great! Apart from Adrien, he's another dream boy. He's so smart, serious, calm and great. He brings out the best in people. He would be a good match for marinette, but Adrien is just better. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but he would be a great match for kagami. Both of them are great characters and match.

I choose luka as the best character because luka is the charming man that all girl in the world want in the real life. Despite for his own happiness, he want he love one (marrinate ) become happy. To have man always with us when we were in sadness make us more grateful than have man that only give us reason to become sad. I really like luka. He diserve to get happy too..

19 Alix Alix Kubdel is a minor character from the show Miraculous Ladybug. She is the shortest student in Marinette's class . Her akuma self is Timebreaker/Chronogirl. She has a older brother named Jalil Kubdel.

Sassy, smart, and bold, Alix is one of the best female characters of the show. She shows loyal friendship to artistic Nathaniel Kurtzburg. She displays similar artistic talent with her street art.

I know 14 is a high place, but I think Alix deserves better.
She's reckless, cool, kind, funny, hot and acts like a pro in every situation.
I love the way she mimicked Chloe and she is the best best friend to Nathaniel. She acted like a badass hero when she guided that glider to PERFECTION, and she does have a tough lot, I guess. Along with Alya, Juleka, Nathan and Marc she is da best >w<

I love Alix. She is cool and reckless at the same time kind and grateful. There are an awful lot of amounts of reasons to love her

She is brave. She has Rabbit Kwami. Her abilities are amazing. She should be in the top list.

20 Chloe Chloe Bourgeois is a secondary antagonist from the French show, Miraculous Ladybug. She is a daughter of Mayor Andre Bourgeois. She responsible to makes almost all her classmates gets akumatized because her selfish attitude like harassing and bullies them. Her akuma form is Antibug, an opposite of Ladybug. more.

Okay, she may be capable of turning good but then, who isn't? She has a choice to be good and nice and kind- but she doesn't choose that. Everyone should have a pride, but she has an ego. And she enjoys by crushing others. I hate her and honestly, if I ever meet someone like her, I would slap the person.
She is a very well developed character but not a nice person.

I love Chloe because she's really hilarious and stylish and cares about her looks. Okay she is a bit vain but so cares? She and Marinette I guess could be really good friends but the only thing is that Marinette never gives Chloé a chance! Chloe is always there for ladybug and I also love the transformation sequence for Queen Bee, plus the hairstyle of her superhero form is cool.
She's too underrated and everyone never gives her a chance. She lost her mom when she was little however Adrien lost his when he was 13. She wasn't properly loved by her mom and was regarded as some stranger.
Everyone thinks she's the bad guy but Lila is so much worse, and anyway would a bad guy become a superhero?
She put Ladybug before herself in Zombiezou, and apologises at the end for all the trouble she caused. But one thing I'm confused about is that didn't Miss Bustier get akumatized from the fear that one of her students would get akumatized? Chloe was blamed very unfairly by Alya. Anyway, I ...more

Chloe is by far the best character of the series. She is a strong young woman, she has personality and she knows how to defend herself. I think she secretly admires Marinette because Marinette is so likeable. Chloe probably wishes she could be like Marinette and have lots of friends and this is why Chloe hates her so much. By the way, she is the only one who calls Marinette by her full name.

We all think she doesn't deserve to be here but actually she does can you imagine it without her, and as the previous person said she is the reason why people get acumatized because of her and that is a good thing because that is what the show is all about. And let's be honest she is pretty funny

21 Kagami

She is hardworking, dedicated, straightforward, and kind! I don't get why people hate her. If anything Marinette should get the hate for being a weirdo towards Adrien.

Fierce, kind, and talented, Kagami is a brilliant female character. She shows precision with her fencing, and a friendship with Adrien.

I don't know why so many people hate her. She's nice, strong, smart, brave and determined. She has such a fierceness about her. I like her a lot, but still, marinette is a better match for Adrien.

Why does everyone hate on her? I think she's a great person, better than Marinette. She's not afraid to come out and be honest, sometimes brutally so, whereas Marinette can't even finish a conversation with Adrien without messing up. And I mean, she's an awesome hero. Ryuko is my absolute favourite hero. I'm pretty sure if you took a vote with people who don't watch ML, most of them would say Ryuko power is infinitely better and more effective than Ladybug.

22 Rose

She should at least be in the top ten. She is so kind and adorable.

She's a kind and selfless girl. She should be at top 10!

OMG! She is just so kind, she puts others before herself! I love Rose

She is so adorable and sweet. Ya'll should have but her at like 5 or 6.

23 Gabriel Agreste

He isn't the gretest father, I"ll give you that. There is a lot of negativity towards Gabriel from the fandom but most of the time it's easy to see his perspective if you just try. A lot of this negativity was created from a headcanon that he is Hawkmoth. It's not really sure it's like Schrödinger's cat. The cat is both alive and dead before you open the box. But let's not forget that he's also a talented and intelligent person (Paris's top desinger).

Okay, I feel bad for the guy. He just wants to keep his son safe and happy. I mean, He would not be doing it if it weren't for Emile!

I'm a mean father

24 Marc Anciel
25 Catalyst
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