Top 10 Miraculous Ladybug Fan Theories

The Top Ten Miraculous Ladybug Fan Theories

Mrs. Agreste is the peacock miraculous holder
Chloe is a bully because her mom left her when she was young

It's bad but I still hate her! - Sugarcubecorner

That's too bad. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Sabrina and Chloe have the same mom
Nino has abusive parents


Lila will take over as lead alpha bitch from Chloe
Adrien knows secretly that Marinette is Ladybug

Really? - Sugarcubecorner

Don’t the fans think he would’ve said something by now?

Master Fu will meet Adrien again

Honeslt I really want this to happen marinette now what is going on with the miraculous and hakmoths plan no adrien neeeds to

Alya will quit the ladyblog
Adrien Has a Crush on Marinette
Marinette will be akumatized

Even though I don’t think we will get a fully akumatized form of Marinette in the show (Word of God/Miraculous Ladybug’s creator DID state that Marinette would be hard to akumatize due to her optimism, implying that she might not happen), this theory holds a lot of potential and is quite fascinating. For example, what would Marinette’s akumatized form look like? Why would she get akumatized in the first place? How powerful would she be and what abilities would she have?

I could see this happening and the creators putting in a Cat and Ladybug confession moment. Cat would probably distract LB with the confession and then destroy the Akuma.

(by the way, Miraculous is French. But Akuma is the Japanese word for demon. Creators, please explain.)

The Contenders

Master Fu will die
Lila Will Become the Next Hawk Moth
Lila Will Become the Next Mayura
Adrien is in love with Marinette
Chloe Will Get Spanked

Good. - RoseWeasley

Lila Will Become The Holder of The Snake Miraculous
Sabrina Will Become The Holder of The Monkey Miraculous
Aurore Will Succeed Chloe as Queen Bee
Alya will let her sisters take over the ladyblog after she becomes a Fox Miraculous holder
Adrien and chloe have the same mom

Then that means Chloe wants to date her brother/half brother! - RoseWeasley

Adrien is a Sentimonster
Nathalie will become the next peacock miraculous holder villain
Rose Will Become The Holder of The Bunny Miraculous
Juleka Will Become The Holder of The Dragon Miraculous
Alix Will Become The Holder of The Tiger Miraculous
Aurore Will Become The Holder of The Goat Miraculous
Kagami Will Become The Holder of The Puppy Miraculous
Nathaniel Will Become The Holder of The Rooster Miraculous
Luka Will Become The Holder of The Ox Miraculous
Marc Will Become The Holder of The Horse Miraculous
Nathalie Will Become The Holder of The Peacock Miraculous
Marinette/Ladybug will try to give Adrien a Miraculous

I think itd be funny to watch

Mylene Will Get the Mouse Miraculous
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