Top 10 Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episodes Ideas

Now, Miraculous Season 1 was ended. But, wait! This is not the end of the show! Jeremy Zag announced that Season 2 will aired at MAY 2, 2017!!!! Someone please put the ideas for Thomas Astruc & Jeremy Zag, the creator of the show.

The Top Ten

1 Queen Bee & Volpina Origins
2 Lady Miss Fortune & Cat Blanc

So do and please finish seoson 2 soon

Stupid is that even possible

3 Miraculous Easter Day (1 Hour Special)

I want more episodes

4 Chloe's Reformation

Happens in the season finale triology - GlassweighanCountess

5 Ladybug gets Akumitized!

How are they going to catch the akuma!?!

6 The Return Of Lila Rossi
7 Everyone Dies
8 The France's Indepedence Day (1 Hour Special)
9 Miraculous Ladybug & Zak Storm Crossover
10 Miraculous Ladybug & Pixie Girl Crossover

The Contenders

11 Ladybug & Cat Noir's Festival
12 Potty Time With Elmo

An Evil Elmo kidnaps Ladybug and tries to flush her in a giant toilet. Will Cat Noir save Ladybug on time or will he be flushed?

13 Day of the Dresses

There is an evil dress maker. Irene Rifkin is a famous dress maker. She was on the list for one of the people in Paris with the best pattern dresses. When Irene finds that her book of inspirations has been stolen from her by a former classmate, Tori Rossi who is seeking to create a dress company and become the most famous dress maker in the whole of Paris. Tori steals Irene's design book to boost her rating and create new dresses. When Irene finds out that her former classmate has been coping her ideas for her dresses, she transforms into The evil dress maker. Irene's power is that she has a design book. For each page of the book that Irene rips, it turns into an evil dress, taking over the personality of the person who wears the dress. Irene goes around Paris riding on her design book. Irene flies everywhere to find her jealous rival, Tori. Ladybug and Cat noir save the day.

14 Different Way
15 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie

Totally it will be amazing and maybe Cat Noir and Ladybug could finally get together!

16 Miraculous Ladybug and Power Rangers Crossover
17 Ladybug and Cat Noir Reveal Their Identities

A villain accidently locks ladybug and Cat Noir together right after they used there superpowers and there is no way to escape and soon their identities get revealed.

18 Style Queen & The Collector (Hawkmoth's New Plan)
19 Chat Noir the Pun Master
20 Getting Cartoony
21 Miraculous Ladybug and Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover
22 Picklehead

Season 3 episode. Sasha Robinson is akumatized into Picklehead. She plans to manipulate pickles and shoot them at her foes. In a B-story, Marinette is attempting to find a gift for Alya's birthday.

23 Robin Badd

A third season episode. After Collège Françoise Dupont cancels a play themed on Robin Hood, twins Eric and Derrick are akumatized into Robin Badd and Brittle John.

24 Candyman

Season 3 episode. A candy addict named Nathaniel "Nutty" Johnson is akumatized into Candyman; he attempts to transform Paris into candy by shooting beams.

25 Thumper

After losing in a high jump contest, student Carrie Williams is akumatized into Thumper, who can jump very high, and has enhanced agility. In a B-story, Marinette must going through the "Seven Stages of Romance".

26 Luka Akumatized

Ladybug and Cat Noir must deal with a akumatized Luka Couffaine.

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