Top 10 Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episodes Ideas

Now, Miraculous Season 1 was ended. But, wait! This is not the end of the show! Jeremy Zag announced that Season 2 will aired at MAY 2, 2017!!!! Someone please put the ideas for Thomas Astruc & Jeremy Zag, the creator of the show.

The Top Ten

1 Queen Bee & Volpina Origins

Alya and Chloe found their miraculouses and they start teamed up with Ladybug & Cat Noir to saves Paris from akumas! - ChatNoirFan18

2 Lady Miss Fortune & Cat Blanc

Stupid is that even possible

Ladybug & Cat Noir get akumatized after they arguing each other for not saving their town. Now, Queen Bee & Volpina decided to de-evilized them! - ChatNoirFan18

3 Chloe's Reformation

Chloe decided to go to Master Fu's house to intropect herself after what did she do to her classmates was wrong. - ChatNoirFan18

4 The Return Of Lila Rossi

Now, Lila become the new spoiled brat on this episode idea! - ChatNoirFan18

5 Miraculous Easter Day (1 Hour Special)

Come on, why did many shows creators didn't made the easter day special? It's underrated and it sometimes cute & funny. - ChatNoirFan18

6 The France's Indepedence Day (1 Hour Special)

Marinette & Adrien celebrates France's Indepedence Day, but, Hawkmoth still bothers people's happiness and Ladybug & Cat Noir decided to save their Indepedence Day before it destroyed! - ChatNoirFan18

7 Miraculous Ladybug & Zak Storm Crossover
8 Miraculous Ladybug & Pixie Girl Crossover
9 Ladybug & Cat Noir's Festival

The France people celebrates Ladybug & Cat Noir's festival as a gift for Ladybug & Cat Noir to saves Paris. But, Ladybug & Cat Noir still watches Hawkmoth's evil plan to steals their miraculouses. - ChatNoirFan18

10 Different Way

The Contenders

11 Everyone Dies
12 Style Queen & The Collector (Hawkmoth's New Plan)

Those two above are Hawkmoth's subordinates. They make their new evil plan and Ladybug, Cat Noir, Volpina, and Queen Bee decided to destroys their evil plan. - ChatNoirFan18

13 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie
14 Potty Time With Elmo
15 Ladybug gets Akumitized!

How are they going to catch the akuma!?!

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