Best Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Episodes

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1 The Evillustrator

1# prize for the most creative villain

2 Ladybug and Cat Noir

Wow I love this episode

The first one

Because I enjoy it

3 Horrificator

Really spooky... Just look away one second, then there's a scream, and one or two people are missing!

4 Stoneheart

1# prize for the most villains

5 Dark Cupid

Awesome! It's been a while since I watched this episode, but who can't remember the iconic ending. I'm sure the fandom exploded, even though it was to break the spell.

Cat Noir almost confessed his love for Ladybug

One of my favorites for being the first episode I watched and the episode that fully secured my LadyNoir heart.

6 Volpina

1# prize for the villain who gives the most lies

7 Darkblade

I like knights

Marinette: hey, that's my diary!
Chloe: finders keepers! As soon as I can get a chainsaw...
Sabrina: [screams]
Marinette: give back my personal things, Chloe
Chloe: finders keepers! Where were you anyway?
Marinette: Well, duh! I was transformed... Into a knight!
Adrien: me too!

8 Antibug

1# prize for the villain who looks most like ladybug

9 Oblivio

Alya and Nino being Oblivio, by far the biggest plot twist Zag can give us.

Cute! I couldn't sleep all night. too bad they forgot. Ladybug was so angry

One of the most romantic and cutest episodes by far.

Still can't get over the fact they forgot the kiss :d

10 Glaciator

YAS I love anything Ladynoir related, and the icing on the cake was that we got not one, but two Ladynoir kisses (a kiss on the cheek from Ladybug to Chat when they were fighting, and one from Chat to Ladybug at the end) and my heart was exploding throughout the whole thing
I was struggling to keep from screaming lol

The one I was watching when I did this list. I'll do an exact line from it, "Hey, someone posted a photo"

The best episode

I wanna eat him up ;

The Contenders

11 Chat Blanc

Spoiler alert* cat noir never got akumatized. Since ladybug went to the future to prevent it from happening

Creators: "don't worry, we'll make adrienette happen... But it'll destroy the world"

I think this is the episode that drives the fanbase to tears?

This ep was so depressing and beautiful at the same time

12 Lady Wifi

Ladybug had to fight her her best friend

13 Guitar Villain

Also baby doing the punk hand thing
I love it best episode ever
If you like fang watch pikcelator " now who likes getting there belly rubbed? Daddy's little fang! "

This episode was probably the funniest ones of the season!

1# prize for the best Rock star

14 Gorizilla

Plot-twisting events, suspension, heart-stopping moments, plot development, relationship development, and new discoveries that leads to new questions make it a great episode.

I think he was one of the biggest.

I can't even say, there's somutch that hapens, hawk moth aka adrian agrest is suspishas of his son being cat noir, his sworn enmy, and wow, do merinet and adrian look cute together in the theter, I love thisepisode so mutch

15 Frozer

In this episode, Ladybug and cat noir are the only ones left. PS: (This is one of the most romantic)

Crazy, huh? Kitty goes kitty-crazy for Ladybug.

I sometimes don't understand why people hate this episode. Kagami and Luka were kinda messing with the ships, but that is supposed to be a good thing. It's their purpose to cause drama and help wake up Marinette and Adrien.

People might hate me for this but I kinda ship Lukanette, and I LOATHE KAGAMI (sure shes nice but shes messing with the love square! I mean so is Luka but like 🦆

16 Zombizou

Wow. I love how she can just kiss her victims and they'll be a kissing zombie

This was the episode where the characters stopped being oblivious idiots and started showing development. Chloe was called out on her role in past akumatizations (Thank you Alix! ) and admitted it to Miss Bustier. This could be the start of Chloe finally growing into a better person. And the fact that Marinette was almost akumatized was unbelievable and the scene still leaves me on the edge of my seat! This also marks the first time a person has actually fought against Hawk Moth's control while he was in their head! Respect, Caline, Respect.
This was also a major shipping episode! Who doesn't love that? However, what really got me was when various classmates sacrificed themselves for Ladybug and Chloe since they knew she would need her when the time came for bait. Small parts, like Ivan holding Sabrina and Mylene back and Nino staying with Alya still drive me close to tears! It truly shows how selfless the students are and how much faith they have in our dynamic duo.
Overall, a ...more

17 Syren

So cool

18 Catalyst

I went crazy when I watched that one!

nathalie is mayura!

19 Troublemaker

Cool ladybug was so close to losing

Intense! Ladybug almost lost her Miraculous! Crazy! and Penny she’s cool she’s always there for jagged

20 Robostus

He has the power to make everyday electronics come to life.

21 Captain Hardrock

No one and nothing will stop captain hardrock from playing her music, FIRE! ( plays peppa pig theme song )


22 Dark Owl

Lady and cat detransformed in front of each other!


DUUH *SPOILER ALERT* they detransformed in front of each other!

23 The Collector

1# prize for the most weirdest villain

24 Sapotis

Too many to count

25 Queen Wasp

Some would say she was a bit stingy.
Get it? Sting... Hahaha!

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