Best Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Episodes


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1 The Evillustrator
2 Ladybug and Cat Noir

Wow I love this episode

Whatz it like?

3 Horrificator
4 Stoneheart
5 Dark Cupid

Awesome! It's been a while since I watched this episode, but who can't remember the iconic ending. I'm sure the fandom exploded, even though it was to break the spell.

One of my favorites for being the first episode I watched and the episode that fully secured my LadyNoir heart.

6 Volpina
7 Darkblade

I like knights

8 Antibug
9 Glaciator

YAS I love anything Ladynoir related, and the icing on the cake was that we got not one, but two Ladynoir kisses (a kiss on the cheek from Ladybug to Chat when they were fighting, and one from Chat to Ladybug at the end) and my heart was exploding throughout the whole thing
I was struggling to keep from screaming lol

I wanna eat him up ;

The one I was watching when I did this list. I'll do an exact line from it, "Hey, someone posted a photo"

This one and dark cupid was all about love, the way this series is supposed to go! plus marichat happened! they were expressing their feelings like they never would with alya and nino. and I find it funny that they broke each others hearts and they made them feel better in a different form. a lot of marichat in this episode and marichat is the BEST ship of all times

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10 Lady Wifi

The Newcomers

? Puppeteer 2

Holy heck that Adrinette scene was cringe

? Party Crasher

Miraculous bro squad lol

The Contenders

11 Oblivio

Alya and Nino being Oblivio, by far the biggest plot twist Zag can give us.

Cute! I couldn't sleep all night. too bad they forgot. Ladybug was so angry

Still can't get over the fact they forgot the kiss :d

12 Guitar Villain

Also baby doing the punk hand thing
I love it best episode ever
If you like fang watch pikcelator " now who likes getting there belly rubbed? Daddy's little fang! "

This episode was probably the funniest ones of the season!

13 Gorizilla

Plot-twisting events, suspension, heart-stopping moments, plot development, relationship development, and new discoveries that leads to new questions make it a great episode.

14 Frozer

I sometimes don't understand why people hate this episode. Kagami and Luka were kinda messing with the ships, but that is supposed to be a good thing. It's their purpose to cause drama and help wake up Marinette and Adrien.

This episode had me waiting at the edge of my seat when Adrien,Marinette,Luka and Kagami all kind of had some sort of double date. I mean I just don't understand why people think that Luka and Kagami are a hurdle for the Adrinette ship when for the past episodes there wasn't much of a spark going on between them, introducing Luka and Kagami kind of showed the importance of Marinette showing some signs for Adrien and Adrien on the verge of forgetting that Marinette likes him in some ways when Luka was there for Marinette I guess Adrien kind of felt like the attention that Marinette displayed towards him was gone since it was now focused on Luka. That moment made me want to see more of the Lukanette ship, since it was an alternative or more of a break from Adrien and Marinette's Cat/Mouse chase. Not saying that Adrien and Marinette's ship appeals to me...but there chemistry needed a break. In that episode I mean but overall I think Kagami and Luka brought some sparks and spice to the ...more

15 Catalyst

nathalie is mayura!

16 Troublemaker

Intense! Ladybug almost lost her Miraculous! Crazy! and Penny she’s cool she’s always there for jagged

17 Robostus
18 Gigantitan

This should be #1! I could not stop laughing! I love how everyone messed up their jobs! So funny!

Love this one, from the hilatiouslt complex 'plan' to get Marinette and Andrien together through to 'No not Hawkmoo'

19 Captain Hardrock

No one and nothing will stop captain hardrock from playing her music, FIRE! ( plays peppa pig theme song )

20 Syren
21 Zombizou
22 Chat Blanc

I think this is the episode that drives the fanbase to tears?

This episode doesn’t even exist yet lol (but it will soon >:3)

23 Silencer

I swear Zag is playing with our hearts with this one, the anticipation of Marinette having to choose between 2 wonderful guys. Personally, I like Luka, I like how he reads people through music, but we all know who Marinette should be with, I just wish Adrien wasn’t so slow for not seeing the same wonderfulness in her like how he sees in Ladybug.

24 Dark Owl

DUUH *SPOILER ALERT* they detransformed in front of each other!

25 Prime Queen

Prime Queen is one of my favorite episodes of ML.I liked especially when Cat Noir purred when Ladybug fell on him.Lovebirds! ❤️❤️❤️❤️!

26 Sapotis
27 Malediktator
28 Anansi
29 Queen Wasp
30 Gamer
31 Chameleon
32 Weredad

I liked the fairytale twist with Beauty and the Beast and Jack and the Beanstock, plus all the MariChat and the sweet little LadyNoir at the end... <3 <3 It was an amazing episode, and now a favorite for sure!

33 Heroes' Day
34 Animaestro

Marinette looked so cute in a bun. And yay we get treated to the second bubble gum scene.

Definitely one of my favourites. I loved how they used the anime reference which sadly didn't continue because I really wanted to see it, as the movie! I feel sorry for Thomas Astruc because he didn't get any recognition but his akumatized self was really cool and there are references to Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon in there too! Also, the fandom thought that Chloe and Mari would work together so I was really excited! Ik Chloe can be rude sometimes, but I think that Kagami should have taken Adrien's example and been nice to her.

35 The Collector
36 Despair Bear
37 Befana
38 Riposte
39 Santa Claws
40 Simon Says
41 The Bubbler

I feel so bad for Nino in this episode, he might be my favorite character.

42 Stormy Weather

It's too bad this was Aurore's only leading episode as many other episodes have her in the background.

43 Frightningale

Clara is so beautiful :). So is her music.

44 Stormy Weather 2

This episode showed us how all the characters have grown and it has also shown us the point of view of the civilians

Yup... this is the episode that sent the fandom in a frenzy... and I love it. I don't care what others say about the potential story arcs being "dead"... it's the filler that’s been dead, since season 2! It was only created just to establish on possible forthcoming story arcs for the third season (Adrientte becoming canon, Nathalie becoming sicker, Chloe possibly forgiving Marinette, etc). Also, people keep saying Chloe’s character got destroyed... I strongly disagree. Sure that her character might be ruined... but keep in mind Zag didn't want to rush her development. I think this one was underrated, though I agree Stormy Weather could’ve use a bit more screentime. And don't worry, more season 3 episodes coming up won't be flashback focused, it’s not the end of the world.

This is the episode that leads to some ideas to every single fan because in it we see that ladybug is sort of starting of crushing on catnoir which is so exciting because we know that we can't wait to see them together and most important [[IDENTITY REVEAL]]... so the episode is talking about [[change]] And the next episode is comping kinda lately and we all can't wait for it

This is one of the most overhated episodes in the third season, for and for a lot of different reasons. It honestly doesn't deserve the hate it gets. I think the main reason a lot of people hate this episode is because they tend to think the characters hadn't grown/rarely get any development. Everyone seems to say this episode sucks because "Too many flashbacks. Chloe’s character is back to square one. The characters do nothing but rely on their flashbacks." But I honestly think this one is misunderstood due to people not looking at both sides of the episode, especially this show, and tend to point out a lot of negatives to it. This episode is trying its finest to serve as an important tool to the show. If this episode hadn't exist, the season could’ve been much worse. The reason why the episode was created was: to address a lot of the character’s diverses, learn on how much the characters have grown since the first season (I believe Marinette is going to go from a awkward shy ...more

45 Miraculer
46 Animan

Kim is so mean! I dedicate my life to animals and Kim just bullies a poor little Panther!
I hate him so much! And he has a crush on Chloe, the big brat who got almost everyone in her class akumatized! (Even Kim! ( Dark Cupid ). I love how animan can turn into animals, best superpower ever!

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