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1 Yuno Gasai Yuno Gasai

I feel lke Yukki takes her for granted. He's kind of using her yet she loves him more than anything. Yeah she's crazy but still... As nuts as this may sound she deserves more. You need to be a better man to her.

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2 Minene Uryu Minene Uryu

The only badass character in my humble opinion. Yuno's fine, but I don't consider her as awesome as her. Minene was more unpredictable, had some pretty fun moments, and ended up winning half of Deus's power because Deus saw that this character was destined for greatness. Yuno cannot measure to these standards, she's just a predictable yandere. (At least I could predict her.)

Minene's the best! Why is she so low!

Why I ask so people say Yuno is better? Minene is more unpredictable, not afraid to speak her mind, is more relatable for me, and just plain awesome. Deus chose her for a reason. Yuno is just a predictable Yandere. I'm so happy Minene didn't get killed. Just so happy.

How is she not first. Yuno is just unbearable after the first half of the show. Yukitero is just always annoying and useless throughout the show until the end. And how is the Third the serial killer killed in the first episode without any development in the top 3 yes I wanted to like him but he was boring and did pretty much nothing. The top three should be in my opinion
1. Minene the ninth
2. Tsubaki the sixth
3. Marco and Ai the sevenths

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3 Yukiteru Amano Yukiteru Amano

Yuki and Yuno are my children

Yuki doesn't deserve Yuno...

There is some reason why akise,deus and yuno love him..

4 Takao Hiyama V 1 Comment
5 Keigo Kurusu
6 Tsubaki Kasugano
7 Yomotsu Hirasaka
8 Karyuudo Tsukishima

He's my favourite character. He should definitely be higher. - Consequently

9 Aru Akise Aru Akise

Why is Aru Akise so low? He's awesome, intelligent and has the most powerful diary in my opinion - Goku02

Isn't Akise technically a diary user too? He gains the OP one...

10 John Bacchus

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11 Marco Ikusaba/Ai Mikami

That Death scene though

12 Kamado Ueshita

Voting 8th/Kamado so low is like slapping your own grandmother. She may go on record as the least violent, totally sane, least ambitious to be god, and most caring character out of all the selected twelve. Also after 1st/Yuki she has the most alliances (allies) in the Survival game being the orphans, the 7ths/ Marco and Ai, 11th/ John Balks, 1st and 2nd (Yuki and Yuno), and Yuki's friends. And for all Aru fans remember how aided in saving preventing the young detective from being into absorbed by Deus?

13 Ai Mikami
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