Top 10 Best Mischief Night Materials

Mischief Night is fun, but what to use? Here is a top 10 list based on how effective the listed materials are, and how accessible they are.

The Top Ten

1 Eggs

Nothing is as easily accessible to use and does its job better than eggs! If they weren't then why would so many people use them? Eggs are the most annoying thing that victims want to have to clean up and just a few of these babies, your victims will loathe you!

2 Paint

However you use it and whatever you use it on, paint is by far the worst of them on this list, it is expensive and if caught with it you can get arrested, but nothing is as hard to get rid of as paint and will leave your victims screaming!

3 Shaving Cream

Easily accessible and a big inconvenience, no victim wants this stuff spread all over their windshield!

4 Axe Bombs

It never stops at just the mischief. If you want to be a true mischiefer then why not leave a terrible smell that will make your victims sick for days! Axe bombs will leave a lasting mark on your victims house and is not able to be cleaned up, because its in the air!

5 Turd In a Bag

It's easily accessible, because you make it multiple times a day! Its an inconvenience because who wants to clean up a smelly turd! It can be risky because of DNA but if you really need to go, why not to it on your victims yard?

6 Silly String

Silly string will easily code your victims home with annoying string that takes time to clean up, easily accessible and a fun tool to use to complete your mischief night load out!

7 Smoke Bombs

After all of that work of mischiefing, nobody wants to get caught, after all you did, smoke bombs are an easy way to blind your victim so that he can't see you as you make your getaway!

8 Mud

Mud is one of the most easily accessible items and will leave your victims home with some dirt to make his home look even worse than it may appear.

9 Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is very accessible and will cause an inconvenience to any victims because of it's so hard to clean up!

10 Water Balloons

Water balloons will make your victim even more angry. Why? Because you just hit him in the face with water!

The Contenders

11 Red Balloons

Inspired by the movie "It", you can terrify people just by tying them onto sewers and even leaving them at random abandoned places.

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