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1 Atheists lack morals and are a bad lot as they don't follow the Bible

I'm Christian, but I know that atheists have morals, like most other human beings. Most atheists won't murder someone or steal something. Sweden, a country where the population is 85% atheist, is one of the most developed countries on Earth. I don't want Christians to shut out atheists (for examples, 7 US states banning atheists from public office). We should all be peaceful to each other and respect each other's beliefs. - ethanmeinster

I am not an atheist, I am a Christian, but I respect atheists. - CityGuru

I'm an atheist, but that doesn't mean we lack morals. Morality is ingrained in human nature irrespective of whether one is atheist or theist. - Kiteretsunu

So, Atheists lack morals because they don't follow the book that tells you that you can beat your slaves (EXODUS 21:20-21), that homosexuals should be killed (ROMANS 1:26-27) and that children who curse there parents should be killed (MARK 7:10)... really?

I'm so glad that most Christians don't take the bible that serious anymore

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2 Atheist never really tried to find God, and only if atheists read & studied Bible, they would be Christians

This is a horrible point. It is more likely that a Christian would become an atheist after reading the bible.

Not true, it's the opposite that is true. You starting to ask yourself questions after they told you the god-theory. You start to dig deeper to understand till you realize that theories about god-creation, god this and god that are not based on true facts. That only science and true proven facts are the answers in search for the truth.

Not true. I've tried to find the existence of god, and didn't find him. I find the bible illogical.

The Bible seems fake to me and I think there is better ideas about the creation of the universe. The Bible is all about being perfect and worshipping god and rarely uses real reason. - BlackMetalDagger666

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3 Atheists are in risk of going to Hell in case God really exists

Even though the Bible clearly suggests that hell exists, not all Christians believe in it. As a Christian I think the strongest argument of Atheists is that it's better to do something good just because of your own humanity rather than going to heaven. - Alkadikce

When I die there will be nothing. Just like before I was made. If there is anything I want to know when I die, it would be...everything. What is the universe? How was it made? What is time? And if God is the answer...well, then I will have even more questions.

I hate morons who say this, I lose all faith in humanity.

So someone deserves torture and pain and suffering because of their beliefs? I'm thinking Christianity is sociopathic. - JakePlaid

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4 Atheists worship the devil

I am so sick and tired of you saying that we atheists are Satan worshiping murderers who are worse than Hitler. We don't reject god because we want to, but that we have to. We all don't know what happens after death so the only choice we have is to just live life to it's fullest and not waste any time. I'm an atheist and I have lots and LOTS of morals. In facts, atheists have shown to have more morals than Christians. Some atheists have been known to help and care for others and try to solve serious problems. Now I know that most of history has it's bad atheists (examples, joseph stalin and pol pot), but I guaranteed that there are more good atheists than what you think.

Trust me, we definitely don't! I'm pretty sure most Atheists (like me) don't think he is real.

Devil is just a fictional character. Atheists neither worship God nor the devil. Atheists don't worship anything. We just live our normal lives.

The devil is a religious concept. Atheists don't believe in religions, god or gods and therefore they certainly don't believe in devils.

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5 Atheists worship science and logic

This is usually said by Atheists themselves. I think this is rather an insult for the religious, because it suggests that they can't contribute to science. - Alkadikce

I do worship science and logic. How is that a bad thing?

Worship is a bad word for it, but science and logic are possibly the two most fundamental aspects of atheism.

Science and logic are why I don't believe in god in the first place

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6 Atheists are trying to use science to disprove God's existence

Yeah, that's basically what being an atheist is.

It's called progression in understanding the world, the universe, life etc..

This goes both ways. Respect each other is the thing.

What's wrong with that?

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7 Atheists are just angry at and rebelling against God

Exactly why would you worship or hate someone if they don't exist? - funnyuser

Rebelling at something you don't believe in? How is that even possible?

So if you're angry at someone, you should stop believing they exist. Flawless

No. I just don't think religion is the truth. Period.

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8 Without religion, atheists must think that life has no meaning

Atheists who accept evolution believe that the purpose of life is to reproduce. However, many Atheists like to subscribe to a Existentialist world view where everyone finds their own unique meaning to life.

With or without religion, the only meaning one can find while in life is within life, no? - Billyv

The meaning of life is the meaning you are given to life. I give meaning to life, not god.

9 Atheists are stupid

I still dislike people who don't TRY. - McKing1003

This proves you're stupid , anti-Atheists.

10 Atheists reject the existence of God

To reject the existence of God presupposes that he exists. Not unlike to reject an apple from someone presupposes the apple exists. Atheists lack a belief in God. They do not hold a belief that God doesn't exist. To say such is to commit a false dichotomy.

"Atheists lack a belief in God. They do not hold a belief that God doesn't exist... A false dichotomy."
Specious semantics do not constitute a rational argument. You've demonstrated no "false dichotomy."
You've simply engaged in double talk.

I'm atheist.
I don't reject the existence.

It's just there is no proof there is a higher power and so I chose not to worship any.


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11 Atheists do not follow or practice religion

Religions such as Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Universalism, etc. have adherents which do not believe in the religion's God or gods.

Well, it's true for me at least.

I don't follow, practice or anything to do with religion.

Isn't that what being an atheist is...?

Some atheists do believe in spiritual meanings. - yuki-blue

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12 Atheists hate god

No, we don't hate God, we just don't believe in him. Let me ask you something, Do you believe in Zeus? If no, then why do you hate Zeus?

Can't hate something you don't believe in - TheRiceKing

13 Atheists want to corrupt our children

We don't want to corrupt your children. We want them to realize the truth and have a life of freedom.

14 Atheists' hearts are filled with sex, drugs and satanic black metal

I use the term Black Metal instead of Rock and Roll because not all Rock Music influences people to do bad things or makes people depressed.

Do you people not believe that Christian Rock exists? If you want to get into this genre, I recommend you look up bands like Skillet, Disciple, Relient K, The Newsboys, and Casting Crowns.

And for people who don't believe that Christian Metal exists, I recommend you look up bands like Stryper, Demon Hunter, HB, and Red, August Burns Red.

There's also a genre called Unblack metal. It is stylistically black metal, but the artists promote Christianity in their lyrics and imagery. Insane. - Fjunegull

Absolutely none of this is in my heart or head. - CatCode

Black metal is ' kickass. But I listen to it because I like it, not because it's satanic.

Who in the world even thought of this?
What the freak people?

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15 All atheists are mean

I am a Christian but not all atheists are mean. In fact there are some nice atheists out there as well. - RiverClanRocks

My class says I'm the nicest kid they ever met, and I don't believe in god

16 All atheists are nihilistic

Atheism and nihilism are two different things. In atheism you find the word " Theos " which means god. Atheos is non-believe in god. Nihilism means " nothing ". Atheists believe for instance in science, ethics, morals etc... Nihilists believe in none of that.

17 All atheists are arrogant jerks

Some people are arrogant. Some are not. It doesn't depend on whether one is an atheist or a theist. - Kiteretsunu

Certainly not true for me. - PositronWildhawk

There's evil people everywhere no matter what you believe in.

Not always.

18 Atheists are fedora-wearing neck-beards

Why did these dorks have to become what some people think is all Atheists are - DanoMR98

Meanwhile at Steroytpers anonymous...

19 All atheists reject pseudoscience and superstition
20 Atheists know God exists; they are just pretending he doesn't so they can sin all they want

Religious freaks think that they're forgiven when they ask forgiveness to god after they've sinned. It's a hypocritical way to do wrong and afterwards clear their conscience like nothing has happened.

Atheists have morals and ethics too. Sin is a religious concept. So, if you live a life not believing in a god or gods without cheating, lying or doing some bad things... are you a sinner?

We want to rob this bank, but it's impossible! We'll be caught! What ahould we do?

There is one other option.


We just stop believing in police. Then we can do anything we want.

There is no proof that any higher power exists.
I don't know of any.

21 Atheists shove their beliefs down people's throats

I think trying to convince each other about our religion (which won't happen of course) in intelligent talks is good, as long as Atheists don't start saying 'superstitious fairy tale reader bigot' and Christians don't start saying 'you will end up in hell'. - Alkadikce

22 Atheists think their beliefs are more correct than other people's beliefs

Everyone thinks their beliefs are more correct than others peoples beliefs, that's why they believe in their beliefs and not the other peoples beliefs

23 Atheists think all religions are stupid
24 Atheists are not accepting of other people's beliefs

Not true for me. I have Christian friends, Catholic friends, and Atheist friends. I listen to all of their beliefs because I'm truly interested in them. - DogsUnleashed

25 Atheists encourage bad morals in people
26 Atheists kill, rape, murder, steal, and lie

Look at the most peaceful countries. They're atheist but they don't murder people.

*Cough* Hitler *Cough *Cough* - FennikenFan9

27 Atheists spend the rest of the day hating and mocking God and religion

Well maybe if religions weren't so easy to mock...

28 Atheists are selfish
29 Atheists leave behind people who are in danger

I would sacrifice my life for anyone

30 Atheists think life has no meaning and that we were all created by accident

Tell me what is the purpose of creation then?

31 Atheists are the most evil people in the world

' '

This emoticon means someone questioning humanity.

32 Atheists want to destroy all the religions in the world

I'm religious and I think it'd be bad if there weren't any Atheists because there needs to be a decision for people which world view to follow - Alkadikce

Destroy isn't the right term, I would suggest we would like to abolish all religions for the sake of enlightenment.

33 Atheists don't care about other people's feelings
34 Atheists are depressed
35 Atheists think you rot in the ground after you die

...that actually is a fact.

36 Atheists love to piss people off
37 Atheists have no morals whatsoever
38 All atheists are bad role models

Stephen Hawking is a role model for people with his disease, and those who are disabled, and he has stated he does not believe in God

39 Atheists hate life
40 Atheists hate everyone
41 Atheists encourage people to not follow orders
42 Atheists think that religion is for idiots
43 Atheists believe that they get to do whatever they want
44 All atheists are racist, perverted, misogynistic, homophobic, and xenophobic
45 All atheists are cruel, heartless, careless, and sadistic
46 Atheists only care about themselves
47 Atheists are depressed with not having God in their lives

I'm happy. And atheist.

48 Atheists are dangerous to society
49 Atheists think all religious people are bigoted idiots
50 Atheists are the reason for all the wars, human suffering, and immorality of man
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