Top Ten Misconceptions About Atheists

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21 Atheists shove their beliefs down people's throats
22 Atheists think their beliefs are more correct than other people's beliefs

Everyone thinks their beliefs are more correct than others peoples beliefs, that's why they believe in their beliefs and not the other peoples beliefs

23 Atheists think all religions are stupid
24 Atheists are not accepting of other people's beliefs

Not true for me. I have Christian friends, Catholic friends, and Atheist friends. I listen to all of their beliefs because I'm truly interested in them. - DogsUnleashed

25 Atheists encourage bad morals in people
26 Atheists kill, rape, murder, steal, and lie

Look at the most peaceful countries. They're atheist but they don't murder people.

*Cough* Hitler *Cough *Cough* - FennikenFan9

27 Atheists spend the rest of the day hating and mocking God and religion

Well maybe if religions weren't so easy to mock...

28 Atheists are selfish
29 Atheists leave behind people who are in danger

I would sacrifice my life for anyone

30 Atheists think life has no meaning and that we were all created by accident

Tell me what is the purpose of creation then?

31 Atheists are the most evil people in the world V 1 Comment
32 Atheists want to destroy all the religions in the world

Destroy isn't the right term, I would suggest we would like to abolish all religions for the sake of enlightenment.

33 Atheists don't care about other people's feelings
34 Atheists are depressed
35 Atheists think you rot in the ground after you die

...that actually is a fact.

36 Atheists love to piss people off
37 Atheists have no morals whatsoever
38 All atheists are bad role models

Stephen Hawking is a role model for people with his disease, and those who are disabled, and he has stated he does not believe in God

39 Atheists hate life
40 Atheists hate everyone
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