Misconceptions About Having a Good Job

The Top Ten Misconceptions About Having a Good Job

1 You are a snob

An untruth. I cannot abide snobbery at any level. - Britgirl

I love your list! And I love you! - keyson

2 You are posh

Not everyone, trust me. - Britgirl

3 You are super-confident

I'm only confident when it comes to my job as I throw myself into getting results. I don't have time to think about being the naturally shy person I am. Any other time, I can barely look people in the eye. - Britgirl

4 You are intelligent

Hmm... Have you seen my lists? Not an intelligent one in sight! Haha! - Britgirl

5 You are computer literate

Hardly. A lot of my colleagues, as do I prefer to be buried under piles of paperwork. I don't really trust computers to do my work for me. - Britgirl

6 You own a car

What if you live in a crowded city though? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Public transport all the way for me. I haven't even learned to drive. - Britgirl

7 You have no sense of humour

That depends on the person, I guess. I'd love to have a humorous boss when I get a full time job. - Kiteretsunu

Haha! You've obviously never heard office banter... - Britgirl

8 You are tall

I'm 5f 2". Many times I've spoken to clients on the phone and then they say "Oh, I thought you'd be taller..." when we meet. - Britgirl

9 You listen to classical music

Vivaldi is my limit. I'm a classical music hack. - Britgirl

10 You are into all the latest gadgets

I can imagine that all of the technology may at some point distract you from work. At my school, there are many people who spend their breaks on their phones, and they are prone to screwing up in tests. - PositronWildhawk

Can't be doing with all that. - Britgirl

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