Top Ten Misconceptions About Individual Countries

Lots o countries are very misunderstood in many ways and form

The Top Ten

1 Pasta was made in Italy

Almost every food has some inspiration from another more original one. The same can be applied to pasta too. - Kiteretsunu

Incorrecto, Marco Polo (see what I did there! ) travelled to China and founded a food known as "pasta", he grabbed some and went back to Italy and showed off everybody a new food. - SuperHyperdude

2 UK is England

This drives me insane. Americans (I'm not saying anything about Americans in particular) have asked me whether Wales is part of London and nonsense like that. - PositronWildhawk

Scotland, Wales, England, and Wales are the UK. England isn't a country itself. - ethanmeinster

England - Technically not a country
Great Britain - England, Scotland and Wales
UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (Including Islands such as Anglesey and Isle of Wight)

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3 Asians are Chinese

Very wrong, whiles other countries do have some traits of it, is not entirely true. People are going to be surprised when they found out that Georgia and Russia (yes, Russia is both Europe and Asia) is an Asian country - SuperHyperdude

I agree If you are Asian you may either be from north or South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam, etc. (east Asia)

4 Africa is a country

There are actually 57 countries in Africa, The Most in any continent - yatharthb

5 Christopher Columbus founded America

Very very wrong, Christopher didn't even plan to go to America, he did however ounded West Indies but only because he thought he had found India (which he was planning to go. ) - SuperHyperdude

6 Surfboards were made in Austrailia

No, surfboards were made in Hawaii - SuperHyperdude

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