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Third-class passengers were locked below to keep them from taking space in lifeboats

Hold on WHAT? I know every thing about the titanic I MEAN EVERYTHING I had been dead books about it seems 3 grade and I can tell the difference between 1 class and 2 class just bye the picture and I knew they were trapped but I didn't know they were locked in there on purpose whoever did that to lock them in I know it's not the captain because I read that he was a very kind man it was probably a sailer that was scared how DARE you who even did that

Quite surprising...

Well, I hope they weren't locked below decks. - InfinateSuperstorm

Wasn't this a 1997 film thing?

Murdoch committed suicide after shooting two passengers

I think it would have been better for Cameron to just create a fictional officer (maybe a fictional 7th officer) to use in the shooting/suicide scene. - InfinateSuperstorm

Murdoch actually helped evacuate the passengers and launched 10 lifeboats as the ship was sinking.
In 1998, The Vice President of 20th Century fox - Scott Neeson visited his 80 years old nephew - Samuel Scott Murdoch In Dumfries, Scotland to personally apologise to him...

A check of £ 5,000 was handed as a compensation for the 'distress felt' and the money was used to fund new computers and a memorial board in Dalbeattie High School, 2 Murdoch Memorial Trust Prizes were funded.
However, no real apology was made for the depiction in the movie...
Historians and friends of Murdoch were unsatisfied as an apology was required.
James Cameron said he realized that it was a mistake for such portrayal. - Ananya

Thomas Andrews accepted his fate

The movie shows him staring at a painting of Plymouth Harbor, waiting to die, But this wasn't actually true
He was tossing deck chairs overboard to provide something for the still trapped people to cling to in the icy water.
A man saw him and Captain Smith together, Captain told him that they can't stay there any longer and dived in the water together.
Andrews spent his last minutes in saving lives. - Ananya

Sinking of the Titanic was the worst maritime disaster in history

Titanic also wasn't the deadliest peacetime maritime disaster. That title goes to the MV Dona Paz, a Filipino passenger ferry that sank after colliding with the oil tanker MT Vector, causing a fire that engulfed and sank both ships. 4,386 people died, and only 24 survived. - InfinateSuperstorm

It wasn't, but Titanic is the most famous one. - WheresMyGuitarPick

The worst one was the sinking of the MN Wilhelm Gustloff, a German transport ship sunk by Soviet submarine in 1945, Resulted in the loss of 9,343 lives..compared with 1,503 people of Titanic. - Ananya

Lights were used to find survivors floating in the water

The flashlight didn't exist in 1912, Actually flashlights of any kind wasn't used during the search.

For the movie - Cameron acknowledged this inaccuracy and told he needed to make the scene work. - Ananya

The Mummy of Amen-Ra was on the ship

During the time when William Stead wrote and told about the Mummy being carried to London from Egypt and being responsible for destruction everywhere it went- It was actually being displayed in a British Museum. - Ananya

J. Bruce Ismay disguised himself as a woman to sneak into a lifeboat

Also, how would anyone believe he was a woman if he had a mustache. Only men grow facial hair. - InfinateSuperstorm

He did get on a lifeboat, But he didn't disguise himself as a woman or jumped ahead of women and children.
In fact, he was seen on the board deck..helping women and children to evacuate, he was reluctant to go in any of the boats. - Ananya

Titanic's band played a depressing and haunting song

I actually never knew this was a misconception. - InfinateSuperstorm

They actually played folk and dance songs as the ship sank... - Ananya

There was a real Jack and Rose that were memorialized in the 1997 film

There was a crew member named Joseph Dawson on board. Joseph, who was a trimmer, sadly went down with the ship. However, James Cameron claimed to have not known about Joseph when making the film. - InfinateSuperstorm

Actually there was a girl named Rosa and her 2 sons and she was offered a lifeboat and she refused and they went down with the ship and Rosa survived and her 2 sons died true fact. - AwesomeJawson

I never that there was a real Jack and I feel bad for Jack - Commitdie224

@Commitdie224, this list is based on false notions about Titanic..The ITEMS you see are actually MISCONCEPTIONS.
The facts/truths are given in comments. - Ananya

Fire sank the Titanic not Iceberg

There was a fire but it was not fire it was iceberg. People always say were is the ice. Melted obviously.

Seriously? People actually think this? - InfinateSuperstorm

What the... - InfinateSuperstorm

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The lookouts didn’t have binoculars

They were provided with binoculars...
When the ship departed Belfast..They were reportedly missing. - Ananya

Murdoch was second in command of the Titanic

Murdoch was actually third in command. Second in command was Chief Officer Henry Tingle Wilde (pictured). Murdoch was originally going to be chief officer, but was temporarily demoted to first officer when Wilde joined the crew for the one voyage. - InfinateSuperstorm

Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” and Monet's "Water Lilies" was at the bottom of Atlantic

Neither of the paintings were on the ship, They're safe and sound at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.. - Ananya

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