Top Ten Misconceptions About Vegans


The Top Ten

1 That we are all PETA fans

All met eates are PETA fans - ihatetrump

I'm not a vegan or a vegetarian but even I think this misconception is stupid. Although, I would blame the vegans on instagram and deviantart making blood filled pictures that look like PETA propaganda for this.

I am vegan and I am against PETA for their racism, misogyny, and violence.

I think that if any organisation were to cause harm to animals then those who support animal rights would logically oppose it. - PositronWildhawk

2 That there are various definitions of "vegan."

I'm not a vegan but actually a vegetarian (lacto-ovo vegetarian). So my principles are somewhat different. But yeah, the reason why I don't eat meat, fish or wear leather is because I can't see animals slaughtered solely for human use. - Kiteretsunu

3 That we want "lite" food
4 That we save a lot of money by eating vegan
5 That you will lose weight by turning vegan

I eat a lot of chicken and I'm boney. - AlphaQ

Same -Oof

6 That you will always be healthier as a vegan

Cocaine is vegan and it's unhealthy.
Sushi is non-vegan and it's super healthy. - AlphaQ

True - ihatetrump

...oreos are vegan

I don't really get this one myself. When I tell people I'm vegan they straight away question my protein intake. I have the same reply each time: DON'T ask me about my protein and I won't ask you about your cholesterol.

7 That we are weed-eaters

But weed is good lol - AlphaQ

This is dumb. I'm no vegan, but this is so stupid!

8 That we can read the label and determine whether a product is vegan
9 That we cannot engage in oral sex
10 That we are all environmentalists

True - ihatetrump

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11 That being a vegan makes you a saint

it does!

Seriously? To become a saint, you need to perform 3 miracles and the Catholic Church has to give you the title. - ethanmeinster

12 Being a vegan makes you smart and wise

I have better logic in my pinkie than every vegan out there. - LordDovahkiin

I'm no vegan, and I'm smart.

13 They are hippies

The stereotypical vegans dress like hippies but don't think tats the case. - AlphaQ

14 They are stoners
15 They speak like a surfer
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