Top 10 Misconceptions Undertale Fans Often Have About the Game

The Top Ten

1 Chara isn't truly evil unless the player chooses to make her that way
2 Alphys really isn't that annoying once you get to properly know her; in fact, she's actually quite adorable and easily the single cutest character in the game besides Temmie
3 Frisk doesn't have specific genders
4 Sans isn't strong; he's SMART, and there is a very big difference
5 If Papyrus actually had it in his heart to go all out on you in the Genocide Run, he would probably be at least as difficult as Undyne The Undying
6 The Amalgamates were actually not entirely Alphys' fault
7 Mettaton is actually female

The ghost inhabitant is female - Antifi

Actually mettaton's male - RebeccaDarking

Well, that's a lie. - AndreDisney

8 The stuff that comes out of Sans when you kill him isn't blood; it's very clearly ketchup

And you would know because? (nobody knows what it is) - Antifi

9 Skeletons do NOT have penises

Who started this?

10 Hotland is actually arguably the best part of the entire game besides the dating segments, the Genocide super-bosses and the True Pacifist post-game stuff

Those aren't even super bosses. But whatever, I think waterfall is the best. Just because of the design.

The Contenders

11 Mettaton wasn't built for sex
12 Although Sans may be white on the outside, he's very clearly black on the inside

But seriously, what?

13 Frisk and Sans probably wouldn't actually work that well in Smash Bros; Mettaton, Papyrus and Alphys would all be much better and vastly more interesting choices

Well mettaton would be awesome

14 Undyne and Alphys, being girls, also do not have penises
15 The Amalgamates were not meant for tentacle-sex exploitation
16 Technically, sexualizing Toriel actually isn't really that much different from sexualizing your own grandmother in real life
17 Alphys is NOT evil
18 The monsters being incredibly weak naturally makes Genocide Frisk seem a lot more powerful than they actually are
19 The characters do NOT have fancy control rooms in their brains, regardless of how many times the trope has shown up in fanfiction
20 If you try to fornicate with Muffet, let's just say it's not going to end very well even if you succeed
21 Alphys is FAR from being the worst character in the game; in fact, she's arguably the best character in the game
22 Alphys is NOT just a genderbent version of Francis from Super Paper Mario
23 Most of the game's characters are actually quite far from being the super-edgy and angsty types, contrary to irritatingly popular belief
24 The game didn't focus too much on storytelling so much as it focused way too much on humor
25 Sans is NOT the hardest boss in the game if you count Alphys NEO as one of them
26 Sans' Genocide death was nowhere near as sad as Papyrus', Undyne The Undying's, or especially Alphys NEO's
27 The Amalgamates are NOT Alphys' pets, even if she does very much treat them as if they are
28 Sans is NOT Ness; he's actually more of a Carlos from The Magic School Bus
29 Alphys' and Toriel's feet are made for walking and walking ONLY
30 Between Alphys and Undyne, Alphys is actually the vastly hotter one of the two in quite a few ways
31 The game as a whole actually shares a lot more in common with Mother 3 than it does with Earthbound
32 Overall, the Genocide Run is actually technically the Easy mode of the game, NOT the Hard mode
33 If it wasn't for all of his dirty tricks, Sans actually WOULD be pretty much the easiest enemy
34 Omega Flowey is actually one of the easiest full-scale boss battles in the game (at least in Normal mode)
35 The real reason the game hasn't been ported onto Nintendo systems yet is mainly because of long it would take Toby to actually do that
36 Just because the game is a very blatant and dearly loving homage to the Earthbound series does not mean that it takes place in the same universe
37 Alternate universes are NOT canon, even if the game does kind of make them into a very real possibility
38 Not every single character needs to have his/her own boss battle, regardless of how incredibly cool the idea may be
39 Playing the Pacifist run does NOT automatically make you a good person in real life
40 Playing the Genocide run does NOT automatically make you a bad person in real life; in fact, far from it
41 Even though it might not seem that way compared to Genocide, the Pacifist run is actually a LOT darker than it initially seems
42 If literally every single Let's Player is forced to play the exact same type of run (Pacifist) on their first try by the fans, then everything is just going to get stale and boring
43 Alphys and Undyne are nowhere NEAR as sexy as some of the game's fanart makes them look; in fact, neither is Toriel, for that matter
44 Having sex with underaged children during a Pacifist run does NOT make it okay in the slightest
45 Despite being as much of a borderline-offensive otaku stereotype as she is, Alphys is easily, by far, the overall best-written and most deeply relatable character in the game
46 The game isn't really overrated so much as it is overhyped
47 Gaster doesn't exist
48 Memoryhead isn't an Amalgamate
49 Alphys isn't lesbian
50 The Amalgamates are NOT rapists, even though they do act very much like it in-game
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