Top Ten Misfits Songs

Top 10 Misfits songs of all time. Through all their eras.

The Top Ten

1 Last Caress

Last caress is simply a perfect punk song. It contains enough political incorrectness to make any conservative wince. Danzig's vocals really capture the audiences attention. Also, the song is just perfectly structured with the one two punch of the opening verses which leads into the chaotic ramblings of the choruses and distorted feedback.

Thank god I stubbled upon this psychotic gem long ago to satiate the mini-psycho in me

Hells yeah. Can't get enough of this.

Best out of all of em

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2 Die, Die My Darling

The cover by Metallica is badass, and this is absolutte weird and cool to (forgive me if my English is bad, I from Colombia)

3 Dig Up Her Bones

I'm more metal than punk but I love both and this song just seems so much better than the others

Personally I think this is best misfits song in terms of musical and over all sound quality

This is the only good song the misfits made without Danzig.

I'm not an early misfits fan but this song had me hooked

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4 Hybrid Moments

The best by far, the second being last caress - sealion

Best headbanging song ever!

5 Skulls

Best Punk song ever!

Get rid of the Michale Graves era stuff.

6 Saturday Night

Even though I prefer Danzig's era, this is definitely my favorite Misfits song!

7 Astro Zombies

Love this song!

This song is so awesome! how did it not break the top 10?

8 Where Eagles Dare
9 Scream

Great guitar riff - flippermafatpatty

10 Helena

Voted this cause it deserves a higher spot, though some others do as well and aren't, this one is a recent favorite of mine, is easily top 2 or 3 in the album at least, could be #1 of the album as well and should easily be top 10 from their whole catalogue

Best Graves era Misfits song in my opinion.

The Contenders

11 TV Casualty
12 Hollywood Babylon
13 Static Age
14 Bullet

This song is ****ed up but it's a kickass song! - Brobusky

15 Halloween
16 Fiend Club

Not You - Glauberson

17 Some Kinda Hate
18 Attitude

This is a patrician choice

19 Spinal Remains
20 Green Hell
21 20 Eyes
22 We are 138
23 Come Back
24 London Dungeon

Clearly the best song by the Misfits, so why it is ranked in #26, come on guys wake up!

Not my favorite, but it's really low on this list so I have to vote for it. - Gruunge

25 Hatebreeders
26 Descending Angel

This song features a badass guitar solo. It definitely deserves to be in the top 10.

This song being this low is a crime on humanity

This song should be toward the top of the list!

This song deserves to be in the top 10!

27 American Psycho

Why the hell is this not on the list?

28 Teenagers from Mars
29 We Bite
30 All Hell Breaks Loose
31 Night of the Living Dead
32 Death Comes Ripping
33 I Turned Into a Martian
34 Diana
35 Dust to Dust

This song is really underatted! - Toucan

36 Angelf**k

I don't understand why this song hasn't landed a place on the list yet! - flippermafatpatty

37 Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
38 1,000,000 Years B.C.
39 Resurrection
40 She

I used to listen to this on my ipod when I was 6 because this was the only album I had on it and now I'm 14 and I still love it

41 Don't Open 'Til Doomsday
42 American Nightmare
43 Horror Business

Why is Horror Business No. 28? It should be in the top 5. I would expect to see
1. Last Caress 2. Die Die My Darling 3. Skulls 4. Hybrid Moments 5. Horror Business.
My personal list would be 1. Horror Business 2. Astro Zombies 3. Night of the Living Dead 4. Bullet 5. Die Die

44 Vampira
45 Day of the Dead
46 In the Doorway
47 Monster Mash
48 Nike-A-Go-Go
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1. Die, Die My Darling
2. Where Eagles Dare
3. Dig Up Her Bones
1. Hollywood Babylon
2. Come Back
3. TV Casualty
1. Die, Die My Darling
2. Dig Up Her Bones
3. Scream

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