Top Ten Best Miss Universe 2014 Contestants


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1 Miss Philippines

Gloria Diaz is the best miss universe ever because no other winners had her relaxed demeanour, charisma, made the audience laugh because she was fiercely witty and intelligent.her lively, lovely face was wonderful to behold throughout because she was so animating. During final judgment miss Finland looked tense while Gloria was chatting to her. When she won she tossed back her head and laughed. Other contestants cry. That's why she is so uniq

She's the best in all aspects.

I love them.. so much

I love her smile

2 Miss Colombia
3 Miss Jamaica
4 Miss USA
5 Miss Venezuela
6 Miss Ukraine
7 Miss Argentina

She got into the top ten. And she was from my province! - keyson

Best contender in this year

8 Miss Brazil

The best of the best

9 Miss Mexico

Exudes Elegance and Sophistication

10 Miss Indonesia

Elvira Devinamira is so humble, look of how nice the social project and she has done!

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The Newcomers

? Miss Romania
? Miss Malaysia

The Contenders

11 Miss Thailand
12 Miss Russia
13 Miss Costa Rica
14 Miss India
15 Miss UK
16 Miss Ecuador
17 Miss Puerto Rico
18 Miss Japan
19 Miss Norway
20 Miss China
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