Best Missions In the Grand Theft Auto Series

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San Andreas - Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

This mission rocks! Better than the lame roberies in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5 has better missions

GTA IV - Three Leaf Clover

I love this mission. LCPD and NOOSE surround you after robbing a bank and I just love blasting them away with my M4A1

San Andreas - End of the Line
Vice City - Keep Your Friends Close
San Andreas - Black Project

I like going into area 69 and hearing the alarms and the military chat on the intercom seeing the underground base the spotlights

The Lost and Damned - Get Lost
GTA III - The Exchange
San Andreas - Saint Mark's Bistro
Vice City - The Job
GTA V - Big Score (Obvious)
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GTA V - The Big Score

One of the best heist in Grand Theft Auto series. To me three leaf clver was garbage compared to this, that heist wasn't involved it was just a dumb shootout and you get a pitiful wanted level at the end.

This mission was involved, the shootout was intense, the police getaway was amazing and plus that helicopter air battle was gold

Three Leaf Clover is better in my opinion. - Gehenna

Vice City - Copland
GTA V - Reuniting the Families
San Andreas - The Green Sabre
GTA IV, TLAD - Get Lost
GTA V - The Third Way
GTA 2 - Kill Piraos
GTA IV, TBoGT - For the Man Who Has Everything
GTA IV - The Holland Play
Chinatown Wars - Salt In the Wound
GTA IV: TBoGT - Departure Time
San Andreas - Reuniting the Families

hate this - suphoes

GTA V - Minor Turbulence
GTA V - Lamar Down
GTA Vice City - G-Spotlight
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