Top Ten Mistakes Made In Veggie Tales

Hi my name is Parleigh a 9 year old female and I noticed a lot of mistakes in veggie tales and put them in.

The Top Ten

1 Bob is a fruit

Top Ten Anime Plot Twist

Oh my gosh tomatoes are a fruit and the show is called veggietales what is it with that

Stop putting songs on this list! All of their songs are good. This list sucks! - RalphBob

2 Cheeseburger song

What is it with that song it weird

3 The hair brush song

He didn't know he was bald!

4 Pizza song

The pizza boy is so cruel to Larry

5 The title

It's about god right? So why didn't they call it heavenly veggies?

Maybe in the future if they reboot The Poddington Peas it will make a crossover they were going to bring The Poddington Peas to America but it didn't happen.

6 Cebu song

I mean it was supposed to be funny but you really want to know what happens.

7 Song of the cucumber

I mean it was rude to bob to make him translate his own mocking

It is very funny and weird to make Bob talk about mocking­čść­čść

8 Other veggies

Why didn't they put an onion or an actual pickle in it

9 Less Christian now

Don't they have Noah's Ark?

10 Veterinarian of the alps

Larry is too loopy to pay his nurse so why sing about it.

The Contenders

11 Redesigning the characters

At least it's a new thing in other countries. It never aired in 1993.

They look super creepy now.

I almost screamed when I saw the new designs.

12 Specials

They all have something about god in it so point it out in the specials too!

13 Larry is a fruit
14 VeggieTales in the House

My favorite episode are vote for Archibald mayorl bike lessons two birthdays and the lost dust bunny

15 The Dubbing
16 Larry and Junior's animation in "You are My Sunshine" song
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