Top Ten Mistakes People Constantly Regret and Wish They Could Take Back

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1 Watching or reading the fan fiction "Dipper goes to taco bell"

I regret it more then anything right now...

I thought I was going to through up!

There =subscribe it to her. And then there going to subscribe it to me. OH MY GGGOODDD!


2 Not study for a test

My cousins always claim that they always get good grades despite hardly ever studying. They’re Asian.

3 Stay up late on a school night

I have done this upwards of 100 times. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

4 Looking up things some weird kid in your class told you too
5 Accept a box of "food" from your friend without making sure they weren't just handing you their trash to make it look like they were giving you something you would want.
6 Spell "grammar" wrong

I constantly spell it grammer!

7 Start to cook only to find that you're missing several major ingredients.
8 Go to a buffet, eat as much as an elephant, and feel like you're going to throw up

This is me all the time

When I was 7, I ate a lot of food until the point that I ACTUALLY threw up. I was stupid enough to eat an entire can of Pringles Cheez Ums potato chips. 1 hour later, I vomited all over the carpet. The aftermath? A very angry mom and a yellow-orange stain that remained on the carpet until we removed it several years later.

9 Trip and fall on the floor and turn about to find that you tripped over nothing
10 Get totally hooked on a television series, only for it to end with an unsatisfying ending or a cliff hanger

The Contenders

11 Not taking pictures on vacation

I have very few pictures of my first Vegas vacation in 1994 because of this. My relatives didn't bother to take lot of pics of me :(

In summer 2015 my cousin, sister, and I went to LA and we visited the California Science Center in Exposition Park. It was fun. We took pics of that and the LA history museum’s entrance. Since the last time I visited LA before that trip was 18 years earlier, I was completely unaware that the LA Sports Arena and LA Coliseum was nearby. I also forgot to take a pic of the science center’s exterior. I am able to get the later 2 when I return in the future since they are still open. I found out that the LA Sports Arena was torn down the following year, and I never got a pic of it because I was unaware of its existence due to the long gap between my 2 trips.

Also in September 2017 my family went to San Francisco and my mom, aunt, and cousin took pics of the Transamerica pyramid. I didn’t get a picture of it at all.

Today (Feb 2018) I am still beating myself up for it. I wish I could go back in time and get the pics that I am owed.

12 Overindulging in sweets

I paid the ultimate price for this. Ended up taking diabetic meds for 1/2 year. Never again

13 Overeating

In 1999 I ate an entire can of Pringles Cheez ums. I got sick on the carpet an hour later. My mom saw the pile of vomit later and I got in so much trouble. That was probably the stupidest thing I have ever done as a 7 year old.

14 Forgetting to eat a certain food at a party
15 Looking up creepy stuff on the internet
16 Stealing
17 Revenge
18 Eating until you gain weight
19 Being mean to others
20 Not doing your homework
21 Watching certain videos on YouTube
22 Looking up certain things on the internet
23 Not taking videos on vacation
24 Procrastinate
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