Top Ten Mistakes People Constantly Regret and Wish They Could Take Back

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1 Watching or reading the fan fiction "Dipper goes to taco bell"

There =subscribe it to her. And then there going to subscribe it to me. OH MY GGGOODDD!

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2 Not study for a test

My cousins always claim that they always get good grades despite hardly ever studying. They’re Asian.

3 Stay up late on a school night
4 Looking up things some weird kid in your class told you too
5 Accept a box of "food" from your friend without making sure they weren't just handing you their trash to make it look like they were giving you something you would want.
6 Spell "grammar" wrong

I constantly spell it grammer!

7 Start to cook only to find that you're missing several major ingredients.
8 Go to a buffet, eat as much as an elephant, and feel like you're going to throw up

This is me all the time

When I was 7, I ate a lot of food until the point that I ACTUALLY threw up. I was stupid enough to eat an entire can of Pringles Cheez Ums potato chips. 1 hour later, I vomited all over the carpet. The aftermath? A very angry mom and a yellow-orange stain that remained on the carpet until we removed it several years later.

9 Trip and fall on the floor and turn about to find that you tripped over nothing
10 Get totally hooked on a television series, only for it to end with an unsatisfying ending or a cliff hanger

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11 Not taking pictures on vacation

I have very few pictures of my first Vegas vacation in 1994 because of this. My relatives didn't bother to take lot of pics of me :(

12 Overindulging in sweets

I paid the ultimate price for this. Ended up taking diabetic meds for 1/2 year. Never again

13 Overeating

In 1999 I ate an entire can of Pringles Cheez ums. I got sick on the carpet an hour later. My mom saw the pile of vomit later and I got in so much trouble. That was probably the stupidest thing I have ever done as a 7 year old.

14 Forgetting to eat a certain food at a party
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