Top Ten Misunderstandings About Emos


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1 It Was Supposed to Be a Genre of Music

It started out as a rock subgenre using the screamo technique (note screamo is not a genre, it is a technique of singing) with bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Gray Matter, Fire Party, A Day in Black and White, Antioch Arrow, etc. Seeing the top ten emo bands, I can tell a majority of voters can't tell the difference between pop rock (my chemical romance, panic! At the disco, fall out boy, paramour) glam metal (black veil brides) and emo, Jimmy eat world being the only emo band on the list. Many of those bands are great, but not emo. - ToptenPizza

My friends call me emo and I don't think I am. I listen to post hardcore music, such as Pierce the Veil, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, and Falling in Reverse. I don't consider these bands emo.

2 It Isn't Actually About Self-Harm

Emo is not that. - BorisRule

Listen to old emo bands (first wave) it's about relationships mainly, and the problems in life, feeling like crap, but not suicide, until it was twisted into that courtesy of MTV - ToptenPizza

I'm emo but don't hurt myself

3 Emo Posers Are Representing the Entire Group

Being emo is more than dressing in black and being a less dark mockery of a goth. It is about the music, mindset and really being in touch with your emotions - ToptenPizza

4 Most People Don't Know What an Emo Is

Emo is not short for emotional, it's short for emocore, I can't stress this enough: A. Genre. Of.. Music. Some people can't get that through their thick skulls. - ToptenPizza

5 Emo Music Doesn't Whine

Have you idiots even listen to emo. I've listened to many, and they don't whine. The lyrics and sound are meant to creat emotional reactions from the audience. - ToptenPizza

6 Many Emos Are Very Good People

Some emos are bad. Some are good. Just like every group of people - ToptenPizza

7 People Think They Have No Issues Because They Are from First World Countries

Who knows, some may be suffering from clinical depression, or bullying, family issues, abuse, etc - ToptenPizza

8 Emo≠crying

Maybe a little bit. But not the entire subculture, wich by the way, came from punk. - ToptenPizza

9 Screamo Is Not As Bad As People Think

It probably doesn't work well in most genres, but it works great for the emo musicians. - ToptenPizza

10 People think emos are dying out

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11 They Look Like Anime Characters

Emos seem familiar once you see them, they remind you of Japanese animes, especially because of their hair.

12 Pop Punk Isn't Emo

My chemical romance, panic at the disco, fallout boy, bayside, all the fueled by ramen bands infesting the top ten greatest emo bands page are not emo.
If you had previously been under the impression that they were please go to and verify for yourself that they aren't emo.

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