Top Ten Most Misunderstood Types of People

People unfairly stereotyped, it's irritating to me. We should all accept each other.

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1 Emos

Emo isn't about self harm or loathing life or depression. These are qualities of people with depression. Emo culture is about being in touch with your emotions, it's like goth culture, but less angsty. It is also is music genre, emocore. It also has subgenres such as emo pop. It is about life. Actual real life. Pop sings about how great everything is, while emo sings about real problems and what makes life sucks. - ToptenPizza

I don't know why people can't open their eyes and realize an Emo is not depression. - JAE29

It is not about self harm, it is about real emotions, and about what sucks about life. It originated from Emocore music, which has confessional lyrics.

Not all emos are depressed, although I can be depressed a lot. It's a way of expressing yourself. Just because we don't pretend the world is 100% great, doesn't mean that all of us cut. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Most of them deserve it - DarkBoi-X

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2 Goth

Goth fashion is the expression of oneself through the color black. I find that very intriguing. I wear mostly black too, but that's just because I'm too lazy to deal with fashion, and there's almost no way of messing up black... - keycha1n

Gothics are not depressed people who practice worshipping Satan. As a Goth, people have asked me,"If you are Goth, then how are you Christian? " And "How are you still alive, since you were Goth I though you committed suicide". Comments like those hurt me. The real meaning of Gothic culture is to find beauty where others typically don't. Gothic Culture is beautiful, where as for some Goths, Black is more of a formal wear. And now with religion,they are classified to be Satan worshippers is what people tell others. But they are all different religions.

Gothic style is very artistic and it really needs talent to make it look beautiful - Bellabella

We may like darker things, but we’re not all depressed, satanistS, or whatever other stereotype you can think of. - blackflower

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3 Nerd

Nerds are very smart, they won't end up flipping burgers, but actually changing the world, inventing something. They study, and don't party all the time. - ToptenPizza

I'm a proud nerd, and I'm still known to be cool and dynamic, and not necessarily awkward and weird. - PositronWildhawk

Unpopular opinion, but..
I think that Nerds are over worshipped.
People think that you must be a nerd to be successful in life.
Clearly never heard of artists, sports players, etc. - LemonComputer

They are pretty intelige - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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4 Punk

Punk was a movement going against what was mainstream, punk music sings about things like unpopular views on politics. It is about being yourself, even if it isn't "perfect" in society's eyes. - ToptenPizza

First I thought they were people with spiky hair. Now I know who they really are. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

5 Art "Freaks"

I know too many of these people though, not that they are bad. Just that every girl I know has drawn enough anime girls that she could make a whole art blog website! - EliHbk

Being artistic ≠ being freaky. I don't get why anyone with any sort of vision gets shunned, and constantly criticized for being different, or having a little thing called creativity, and stereotyped as starving weirdos. - ToptenPizza

Because the U.S. is filled with too many idiot conformist sheeple useless eaters that only care about stupid sports and vulgar disgusting consumerist materialism.

Ugh these kinda people who use :3 face and x3 face and I don't trust them and they hard to act like japanese and obsessed with foxes, and other furry animals

6 Hippie

I embrace '60s music, culture, and fashion and identify strongly with hippies. In fact, I've been called one before, and I take it as a compliment. However, it doesn't mean that I'm a junkie who thinks 9/11 was an inside job. - PetSounds

Hippies/Hipsters are very misunderstood. - Turkeyasylum

What hippies desire is for world peace, and the enviorment to be fixed. They are brave enough to protest against what they don't like. They are very kind people, and want the best for everybody. - ToptenPizza

Peace and love ✌️

7 Serial Killers

Wait what? They kill innocent people they are bad people - LoboMaloso

You guys insane? In the 1960s in England two people murdered children buried them in some moors in England and didn't even tell anyone where about one kid was in the moors. England 10 year old boys murdered a toddler in early 90s.

They don't have emotions but people who kill criminals, corrupt leaders, basically corrupt sadistic people are not serial killers they are people who do justice

Well then if you think evil people are misunderstood then a magazine had a serial killer who was an young handsome man. Maybe he was like the muggle version of Tom Riddle. (Not the ugly Lord Voldemort)

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8 Introverts

This is true. The difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts get energy from being around people while introverts get energy from being by themselves. It doesn't mean that all introverts hate people and want to be alone all the time. They just need their space. Some people find this rude or think that the person is being shy. But, most of the time, that isn't the case. - idontreallycare

American society is not safe for these people. I'm an introvert, and I'm thought of as boring, shy, rude, and even prideful just for either wanting solitude or just not showing emotion. True that America can be annoying because all it cares about is loud parties and talking.

If you aren't an extrovert you are seen as either hostile or weird. Some people are simply more comfortable not feeling any pressure or drama from socialization.

I'm in a school where you must be social and extroverted, since I'm an autistic introvert, it makes things so much worse

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9 Satanists
10 Preps

It's okay to like popular stuff. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

Some preps actually like stuff like Starbucks, Facebook, fashion, pop music, etc. But the ever-growing army of hipsters needs to make sure they are made fun of for it. Ew, you like something mainstream, f u! - ToptenPizza

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? Sociopaths
? Borderlines

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11 Rock Fans/Metalheads

I'm a serious rock/heavy metal fan and do I look like a person who would do drugs? Absol-utley not! Why doesn't this stereotype die in a fire already? - RiverClanRocks

This needs to be number one, People think the music is evil, satanic. They blame it on what's wrong with the world. Makes criminals. And the people who think pop rock bands are rock. They aren't. Move out of the way for REAL ROCK. Rock N Rollers and Metal heads unite! - RustyNail

It's not like they all do drugs and drink a gallon of beer every night. - HoH

Should be first. - Userguy44

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12 Social Justice Warriors Social Justice Warriors

Conservatives get triggered much more easily than liberals. Go to any YouTube video with a joke about race, and you'll see triggered conservatives in the comments sections, not liberals.

Again... sometimes people take it too far and I think there are some issues that are over presented and sometimes they go attack you for every little thing, but I is a great thing when it is focused on really important issues. - Rathernotbenamed

Wht is striving for equality such a bad thing? - blackflower

Nothing is wrong with that, but the way they do it is just immature. - XxembermasterxX

Deserve it - DarkBoi-X

13 Shy People

This should be higher. - Userguy44

Why are people so scared of us? :( We can't be that creepy. - LemonComputer

14 Band Geeks

What is so socially unacceptable about being able to play an instrument? In the media they are teased for not playing good. In reality, we work as hard as we can, learning very complicated peices, and understanding the notes and blending sounds. We practice for an hour, if you think it takes so little work, why don't you try it? - ToptenPizza

This society is stupid, they don't like them cause the instruments. But people want to be a rock star,. They want to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, electronic things. People think that its lame, now I don't like band, I'm not in it, but I do play guitar - RustyNail

It's much harder than you think it is. Go ahead, pick up an instrument and sight read a piece of music. - Turkeyasylum

Spongebob reference? - Userguy44

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15 Athletes

Athletes must wear the same label as jocks, when they have many differences:

Jocks- bullies who show little ability for their sport, believe what they play is the only sport, and have no brains.

Athletes- all around athletic people who have passion for sports and also keep up with their school work. They enjoy being fit and active. - ToptenPizza

Believe it or not, as much as I hate jocks, I am fine with athletic people. I even know someone who is athletic, yet he hates jocks! - Pony

All the kids in my school that excel at sports are generally smart and cool people. - Cheese567

Athletes are smart and doing what they do nothing more but when they bully they are no longer called Athletes bu jocks

16 Sensitive

I get it some sensitive people can be annoying, but going nicer on them is all you have to do to avoid hate from them, it's as simple as that, if you chosed to be harsh towards someone sensitive, then it's not entirely their fault - darthvadern

Deserve it - DarkBoi-X

17 Autistic

People with autism are in touch with their EMOTIONS and the stereotype of autistic people being dumb is dumb in itself because there is so many smart autistic people out there. I have to hide the fact that I am autistic from my peers, for the fear of being ridiculed.

I don't understand why autistic people like me are portrayed the way they are, often its just cruel and offensive. - Rathernotbenamed

Autistic people like me are nice. - Userguy44

Some Autistic people are very smart.

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18 Weeaboos
19 ADHD People
20 Vegans/Vegetarians

Normally around people they treat me normally UNTIL they offer me meat and I politely tell them I am a vegetarian. First they mistake me for a vegan which I don't mind, but I do correct them, then they start talking about all the "good" things I am missing out; an example: "so you don't eat beef jerky!? What about chicken noodle soup? Roast beef, turkey, ham?! " then tell me how crazy I am and laugh. Usually I don't care but it's almost every person who cannot except that I am not like them and give me stupid nicknames that so offended me, people I am not very close to buy me "I am a proud meat eater" shirts knowing I don't eat meat.
Most people don't understand why I don't eat meat and when I explain how I feel better NOT eating meat they tell me I am wrong, but anyways it really sucks how people who eat meat cannot accept the choices I and many others make. Sometimes people just say "cool" and move on which is nice, but I hate explaining myself to people about my eating habits.

The only vegans/Vegetarians out there that are bad is PETA. Even though PETA supports veganism, ( or something ) they make vegans and vegetarians look bad. How ironic! - IceFoxPlayz

PETA is the reason why people hate vegans - Mranonymously

I once heard that vegans won't shut up about being vegan... Yeah no

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21 Religious People

It's rare to find an atheist who genuinely respects a religious person and understands why they believe what they believe. That's asking for too much though. - keycha1n

Well I can say that as an atheist I love the study of religion and the prospects of it. Most atheists I know really just don't care about religion whatsoever, but that doesn't mean they disrespect it. Most people don't take kindly to those who disrespect another's beliefs and there are only a few that are disrespectful that make the entire crowd seem that way as well. - TheYaoiTitanic

Seriously, I've been looking all over the internet and there were so many people that hate christians. (The end is near)

I like to be religious. People think religious prophets are terrorist but most aren't

Yup... - Rathernotbenamed

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22 Furries

Really there are two sides of this. As I furry I can definitely confirm there are some nasty things that go along with this on the dark web, but the rest of the fandom is not all like that! People just focus too much on just the bad part and don't care to see that its not all bad and there is a lot of really negative attitudes towards the furies who don't get into the sexual stuff, even if they never did anything wrong and are really often quite harmless. - Rathernotbenamed

I agree with that person there. I actually hate furry porn (I am a furry) and I don’t yet own a fursuit. Who the freak would have s3x with an ANIMAL! Gross. I know nobody who has s3x in fursuit. While most of the fandom (including me) is lgbt, some are not.

As a furry, I can say that
A. Not all furries like furry porn.
B. Not all furries own fursuits. Honestly, they are so expensive!
C. We don’t have sex with animals. Ew.
D. Not everyone has sex in a fursuit. It’s damaging to the suit and it gets very hot.
E. Most of us are not lgbt. I personally am, but most are not.
So yeah, most of the things you think about furries may be incorrect.

23 Truth Seekers

Truth seekers are seen as crazy. I'm sorry, since when were YOU the Sanity Police? I'm pretty sure YOU have heard something in YOUR life and thought "Hang on. That doesn't sound right. I'll see if what these people are actually telling the truth. I have a question for you: Are you a liar? If your reply is "No", you're lying right now, because we're living on a ball of rock that's covered from pole to pole with liars. Think NASA and the Greatest Spoof known to Man. They say that humankind made it to the moon. Yet, when I saw pictures of the "Moon Landing", some crosshairs were UNDER the picture instead of over it. Russians discovered a radiation belt that covers the Earth. Also, footage. If you double the speed of the footage of the man walking on the Moon, it'll look like someone running on Earth. So next time before you go nitpicking at a Truth Seeker, maybe reflect on things you heard and think "Hold on. I know how it feels to be lied to about something ...more

24 Bronies Bronies

It's rather unwholesome for grown men to enjoy a T.V. show aimed at little girls. And even more so to derive their identities from being fans of said T.V. show.

Everyone thinks bronies are gay and dumb, but we're not. What are you? - sdgeek2003

Why so much hate?

can relate

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25 Atheists

Most of us don't want to kill religious people, worship the devil, or burn down churches. We're just rational.

Some atheists can be good. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

People think if you don't believe in god, you love / believe in the devil. No, atheist means not believing in ANYTHING. Heaven and hell, Jesus and god,etc - RustyNail

26 Muslims

People who think that Muslims are terrorists are idiots

Muslims have terrorists. Non-muslims have all type of criminals

What Muslims are doing in Europe is absolutely intolerable.

They're so overly hated...

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27 Memers
28 Mormons

Mormons are the most misunderstood people out there

NO! They know every mkral ever! How would you blame such nice people?

29 Suicidal People
30 Bi-polar
31 Gays/Lesbians

The bible says it is wrong but they are people too

I do think LGBTQ try pushing it on people too much at times, and that it can be a little obtrusive, but at the same time I think its quite necessary with the way people treat them to show some... if not less... levels of bringing it to awareness as being people. - Rathernotbenamed

They can stay in their closets instead of trying to force their agenda upon all of society.

If this is supposed to be an attempt at trolling, it's not very funny. - ItsPisces

Watch modern family they are two types of people

32 Redheads

Yes. - Userguy44

33 Conservatives

I mean we have serial killers on this list, so we might as well have Conservatives right?... As a Conservative I am nowhere near as hateful or as crazy as the media says I am, and without a doubt people judge me before they even meet me. Even you reading this right now, you're probably judging me. Everyone here saying that they are misunderstood should know exactly how I feel. Even if I disagree with you, I'll still defend to my death that you have a right to say it. Not everyone gets along or agrees, I understand that, and that's why life is so amazing...we should appreciate our different opinions instead of trying to shut each other out. I feel like this is going to fall on deaf ears but I'll always be me.

34 Asians

It even says that in their type description. - LordLuke

36 Volcels
37 Rock/Metal Musicians

People keep calling my favorite rock/metal artists "satanic". Especially Marilyn Manson. He's never claimed to be satanic! He's just a normal person like everyone else.

38 LaVeyan Satanists
39 Blondes

I am blonde and one of the smartest in my grade

I just don't get why people automatically assume that someone is dumb just because they are blonde. As a blonde, I take huge offense to that. I have a 140 IQ which is not in any way dumb.

I know countless intelligent and nice blondes. - Lunala

Don’t be fooled by that dumb blonde stereotype, please. - IceFoxPlayz

40 Transgenders

My best friend is one and it won't change how I think of them at all! - Rathernotbenamed

Should be number one

41 Gamers
42 Extroverts

They're seen as loud, obnoxious, trend-setting party animals which is not true! I'm extroverted yet I get very nervous when I have to present or preform in front of a large crowd. I have an introverted friend who doesn't get at all nervous during these types of stuff. I'm also more relaxed and calm then what extroverts are stereotyped to be.

43 Pop Fans

So annoying people saying "We are being feed, told to like them." "We are forcing them down someone who doesn't like pop's throat." "You want to marry him." "You only like his face" What if we don't want to listen to songs about misery - death, war, pain. Life is stressful enough, why should everyone have to listen to songs about it?

44 Teenagers
45 Hipsters
46 Gang Members
47 African Americans
48 Christians

As a christian I agree, but at the same time there a lot of people who aren't really Christians in knowing god and following his will that use the bible for negative purposes and to justify their actions by taking things out of context. - Rathernotbenamed

Nope, they're nice people depending on how you communicate

49 2010s Fans

They think global warming is a good thing. Screw these kinds ot people

50 Witches Witches

We’re not evil - blackflower

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