Top Ten Most Misunderstood Types of People

People unfairly stereotyped, it's irritating to me. We should all accept each other.

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1 Emos

Emo is a subculture revolving around the music itself. Of course not all emos are depressed; they admire the music, so just let them listen to it.

Emo isn't about self harm or loathing life or depression. These are qualities of people with depression. Emo culture is about being in touch with your emotions, it's like goth culture, but less angsty. It is also is music genre, emocore. It also has subgenres such as emo pop. It is about life. Actual real life. Pop sings about how great everything is, while emo sings about real problems and what makes life sucks.

Emos are not bad people If you hate Emo you hate Depressed people If you hate Emo you hate the human race. Everybody has emotions. your just jealous because emos are better than the bullies and the haters.

Most of them deserve it, they're generally an ungrateful bunch of brats who whine about small problems when people in poorer countries are dealing with worse.

2 Nerd

have you heard of lepton and gherlin they help control how much food you eat. it is produced by fat and therefore if your body produces none you always think you are starving and you eat to much and become obese. NERDS RULE PEPOLE

Unpopular opinion, but..
I think that Nerds are over worshipped.
People think that you must be a nerd to be successful in life.
Clearly never heard of artists, sports players, etc.

You nerd haters can hate all you want, but wait for them to get a good job while your stuck working in McDonalds with a one bedroom apartment.

Nerds are very smart, they won't end up flipping burgers, but actually changing the world, inventing something. They study, and don't party all the time.

3 Religious People

There are many people giving religion a bad image. And now we are misunderstood. That hurts me. The bad religious people don't realize that Jesus gave a choice for us to believe or not. As a Christian, I have to say, what you believe, what you believe! But we are misunderstood and that is sad.

It's rare to find an atheist who genuinely respects a religious person and understands why they believe what they believe. That's asking for too much though.

Well I can say that as an atheist I love the study of religion and the prospects of it. Most atheists I know really just don't care about religion whatsoever, but that doesn't mean they disrespect it. Most people don't take kindly to those who disrespect another's beliefs and there are only a few that are disrespectful that make the entire crowd seem that way as well.

Seriously, I've been looking all over the internet and there were so many people that hate christians. (The end is near)

Some atheists can be nice as well too! I misspelled my last comment and didn't get to finish it. Personally, I'm agnostic.

4 Autistic

No, vaccines don't cause autism. Symptoms usually don't show until at least a year later.
And don't forget that Albert Einstein was very smart and he had autism. The majority of people I've met with autism are also quite smart so I never understood why some people see autistic people as dumb and use autism as an insult.

I am Autistic, and it's admittedly confusing to understand even for me because it is such a huge spectrum of how much it affects people, and and what the exact symptoms you have are. Basically no two Autistic people are the same.

I have Autism, and others bully me for having Autism. I also get bullied by other Autistic people because they have nothing better to do.

Let's take a look. People often misunderstand autistic people, thinking that they're dumb, and they start hating on them. Autistic people are just smarter than most people in exchange for social skills, if I am correct. It's OK to misunderstand something, but you shouldn't hate on people with it. Hope that clears things up a little

You are 100% correct, my gorgeous cousin who is Autistic is very intelligent, however he is unfortunately restricted from most things, and people misunderstand how much of a beauty he is and how intelligent he is.

5 Introverts

I am an introvert, and I can definitely see the miss conceptions. Let me clear things up, just because I spend most of my time alone, it doesn't mean I'm lonely. Also you probably heard the description that at parties our energy drains, and after some time talking to and hanging out with other people, we need sometime to "recharge" and I just want to say that that description is entirely accurate.

Someone said to me that I will become a criminal one day... because I’m an introvert. Just because I like spending time alone instead of going to parties doesn’t mean I’ll become a criminal. Introverts are thought to be weird because we like our own space and being independent. I feel like introverts are misunderstood all the time.

This is true. The difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts get energy from being around people while introverts get energy from being by themselves. It doesn't mean that all introverts hate people and want to be alone all the time. They just need their space. Some people find this rude or think that the person is being shy. But, most of the time, that isn't the case.

American society is not safe for these people. I'm an introvert, and I'm thought of as boring, shy, rude, and even prideful just for either wanting solitude or just not showing emotion. True that America can be annoying because all it cares about is loud parties and talking.

6 Goth

I'm not a goth, but I've always loved this subculture. The fashion, the music and the idea of seeing beauty through the darkness still speak to me to this day. The majority of stereotypes, however, were clearly off. Not all goths are depressed. Not all goths are satanists. Again, the subculture mainly revolves around the music, not personality nor religion.

Most goths are pretty cool people. I personally like gothic fashion, music, and architecture. Just cause they look different doesn't mean they're weirdos.

Gothics are not depressed people who practice worshipping Satan. As a Goth, people have asked me,"If you are Goth, then how are you Christian? " And "How are you still alive, since you were Goth I though you committed suicide". Comments like those hurt me. The real meaning of Gothic culture is to find beauty where others typically don't. Gothic Culture is beautiful, where as for some Goths, Black is more of a formal wear. And now with religion,they are classified to be Satan worshippers is what people tell others. But they are all different religions.

Different people around the world always thinks that Goths are "all bout Satan/Drugs/Alcohol/Being Evil, etc." which is bull because not all Goths worship Satan or anything like that. I'm a Goth and the Gothic Subculture is more focused on the mindset, the music, the literature, the fashion, the arts, anything like that. Call us "artistic" if you want, but just remember, Goths are humans too. But it's not just Goths that are misunderstood, it's also Punks, Metalheads, Steampunks, and Lolitas.

7 Shy People

This should be higher.

Needs to be higher

Why are people so scared of us? :( We can't be that creepy.

8 Conservatives

I mean we have serial killers on this list, so we might as well have Conservatives right?... As a Conservative I am nowhere near as hateful or as crazy as the media says I am, and without a doubt people judge me before they even meet me. Even you reading this right now, you're probably judging me. Everyone here saying that they are misunderstood should know exactly how I feel. Even if I disagree with you, I'll still defend to my death that you have a right to say it. Not everyone gets along or agrees, I understand that, and that's why life is so amazing...we should appreciate our different opinions instead of trying to shut each other out. I feel like this is going to fall on deaf ears but I'll always be me.

I don't really hate people for being conservative, I just hate trump supporters. I know they are not the same but I don't understand why you would support him. Out of everybody, you go for the biggest narcissistic self-centered lunatic. Everyone saw him as a joke and he practically is. I understand it's whatever you think, and I have no control over that. I'm just here to ask why him?

9 Art "Freaks"

I know too many of these people though, not that they are bad. Just that every girl I know has drawn enough anime girls that she could make a whole art blog website!

Being artistic ≠ being freaky. I don't get why anyone with any sort of vision gets shunned, and constantly criticized for being different, or having a little thing called creativity, and stereotyped as starving weirdos.

Because the U.S. is filled with too many idiot conformist sheeple useless eaters that only care about stupid sports and vulgar disgusting consumerist materialism.

alternative title for this: DEVIANTART ARTISTS

10 Christians

The idea of Christianity is to love people. Not everyone gets that. It includes all people- LGBTQ, other religions, other backgrounds. It isn't reading an ancient book and forcing it onto people, or it shouldn't be. It is loving people and doing good- serving and, one may say, saving others. Those that believe in God aren't idiots and don't reject science- they believe in something more that made this magical thing we call 'life'. Thank you. God bless!

Agreed ; most Christians, including myself are good people. - Danteem

As a christian I agree, but at the same time there a lot of people who aren't really Christians in knowing god and following his will that use the bible for negative purposes and to justify their actions by taking things out of context.

I'm not religious but I think a lot of people believe that Christians are a bunch of homophobic right wing zealots or something.

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11 Rock Fans/Metalheads

I love rock and metal, and the fact that some people think that metal is for worshipping the devil... actually didn't anger me at all because the stereotype wasn't really a big deal (no I don't support or worship Satan in any way). However, it's horrible how some people have used metal as a scapegoat in the past without proper reasoning. Using music as a scapegoat in general is just ridiculous and doesn't excuse anything or anyone. I haven't really seen much bashing towards rock. If anything, the majority of people I know love it.

Should be number 4 to behind Conservatives, Religious People, and Autistic people. I am a member of all of these groups except the last one, and I am a victim of misunderstanding them. Just because I'm a metalhead doesn't mean I'm a sunset strip gangbanger and drug taking satanist. I don't hate gays, I hate the sin. I don't hate liberals, in fact I am friends with many, I hate the ideology. In fact, I don't really hate anybody. I find conservatism and religious societies to be more tolerant, not less. Ask a real conservative whether they hate gays or not. Ask a metalhead how many goats they've sacrificed, or what religion they are. Ask autistic people whether they understand you or not. The answers may surprise you.

I disagree a little bit, most because of a lot of the toxic metalhead I've encountered. They're not as bad as Classic rock fans though.

Especially girls who like rock/metal music. No one would ever think of asking a guy wearing a Nirvana t-shirt if they actually like the band, but girls get made fun of for wearing those t-shirts all the time.

12 Serial Killers

Serial Killers are really misunderstood. Almost every serial killer had a terrible childhood and satanic parents. The only reason they kill is mostley because they fear others and eventually it turns into an addiction. They start doing it more and more.

You guys insane? In the 1960s in England two people murdered children buried them in some moors in England and didn't even tell anyone where about one kid was in the moors. England 10 year old boys murdered a toddler in early 90s.

Well then if you think evil people are misunderstood then a magazine had a serial killer who was an young handsome man. Maybe he was like the muggle version of Tom Riddle. (Not the ugly Lord Voldemort)

They're awful, but obviously misunderstood. A psychopath is someone who quite literally cannot process human emotions. That's far more sad than scary to me!

13 Atheists

I am an Atheist, and despite the fact that all it means is tat we don't believe in God, somehow theists confuse that for "we hate God" or "we really believe deep down inside, but we don't admit there's a God to ourselves". Also to Theists and Atheists alike, not believing in God doesn't necessarily mean believing that there's no God.

We're hated by overly religious christians just because we don't believe in a giant spirit dude that was told about 2000 years ago by a guy we barely know.

When I came out as Atheist, lots of people said “You hate God? What?”, which is not the case. I just don’t believe in him. I have my own thoughts, and I personally think God doesn’t exist, but Elitist Christians think I hate God since I’m Atheist. It does get annoying.

Most of us don't want to kill religious people, worship the devil, or burn down churches. We're just rational.

14 Punk

Punk was a movement going against what was mainstream, punk music sings about things like unpopular views on politics. It is about being yourself, even if it isn't "perfect" in society's eyes.

First I thought they were people with spiky hair. Now I know who they really are.

One of the most misunderstood people

15 Furries

I know that not all of them are like that, but a lot of them are retards who draw disgusting porn fanart and act like a bunch of zoophile degenerates.

These are the most misunderstanding peoples ever, they are very soft and I don't understand why people hate this dumbly. They are very great

Really there are two sides of this. As I furry I can definitely confirm there are some nasty things that go along with this on the dark web, but the rest of the fandom is not all like that! People just focus too much on just the bad part and don't care to see that its not all bad and there is a lot of really negative attitudes towards the furies who don't get into the sexual stuff, even if they never did anything wrong and are really often quite harmless.

Furry suits are fine but if you like shipping animals, making animal porn or furry porn and raping animals then you evil.

16 Satanists

People hate atheists more than Satanists which makes no sense. How are people who don't believe in gods worse than devil worshippers?

The Church of Satan is not a religious group. They're an activist group.

I respect them, they seem like cool people, they just support satan. :/

I don't like them!

17 Hippie

What hippies desire is for world peace, and the enviorment to be fixed. They are brave enough to protest against what they don't like. They are very kind people, and want the best for everybody.

Don't you mean they are high enough to protest? At least them being high means they are less violent and they don't go and break stuff.

Hippies/Hipsters are very misunderstood.

I identify strongly with hippies.

Peace and love ✌️

18 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

It's really not that difficult, we like a particular TV show, that's it. Yes some of us are obsessed, just like every other TV show. Yes some of us take it too far just like every other TV show.

It's rather unwholesome for grown men to enjoy a T.V. show aimed at little girls. And even more so to derive their identities from being fans of said T.V. show.

I have been a brony for three years, and people always call me gay just because of being a brony, but I am completely heterosexual. people really need to learn to be less rude.

Everyone thinks bronies are gay and dumb, but we're not. What are you?

19 Weeaboos

say senpai again, I dare you, I double dare you.
Weaboos are so annoying and retarded at the same time. they can't respect weaboo hater's opinions, and they always think they are cute, while being a weaboo only makes them look like a 17-year-old with a mind of a 6-year-old.

20 Soundcloud Rappers

I don't see the massive hate they get. I know their lyrics don't have quality but it's not atrocious or anything. Their beats are good and rap is more than just lyrics.

21 Vegans/Vegetarians

Normally around people they treat me normally UNTIL they offer me meat and I politely tell them I am a vegetarian. First they mistake me for a vegan which I don't mind, but I do correct them, then they start talking about all the "good" things I am missing out; an example: "so you don't eat beef jerky!? What about chicken noodle soup? Roast beef, turkey, ham?! " then tell me how crazy I am and laugh. Usually I don't care but it's almost every person who cannot except that I am not like them and give me stupid nicknames that so offended me, people I am not very close to buy me "I am a proud meat eater" shirts knowing I don't eat meat.
Most people don't understand why I don't eat meat and when I explain how I feel better NOT eating meat they tell me I am wrong, but anyways it really sucks how people who eat meat cannot accept the choices I and many others make. Sometimes people just say "cool" and move on which is nice, but I hate explaining myself to people about my eating habits.

The only vegans/Vegetarians out there that are bad is PETA. Even though PETA supports veganism, ( or something ) they make vegans and vegetarians look bad. How ironic!

I once heard that vegans won't shut up about being vegan... Yeah no

PETA is the reason why people hate vegans

22 Suicidal People

This honestly she be higher because no one understand what that person is dealing with. Only them. And that's tough.

For me as a survivor of suicide, I was misunderstood by my parents and friends. It sucked... still does.

I'm really sorry to hear this. I hope that it's going better and hope you're doing okay.

I feel very sorry for both suicidal people and their beloved ones (including their pets).

Suicidal people deserves better.

23 Preps

Some preps actually like stuff like Starbucks, Facebook, fashion, pop music, etc. But the ever-growing army of hipsters needs to make sure they are made fun of for it. Ew, you like something mainstream, f u!

It is fine being a prep, but seriously listen to other music besides modern pop yuck.

Preps are chill people honestly.

It's okay to like popular stuff.

24 Band Geeks

What is so socially unacceptable about being able to play an instrument? In the media they are teased for not playing good. In reality, we work as hard as we can, learning very complicated peices, and understanding the notes and blending sounds. We practice for an hour, if you think it takes so little work, why don't you try it?

This society is stupid, they don't like them cause the instruments. But people want to be a rock star,. They want to play guitar, bass guitar, drums, electronic things. People think that its lame, now I don't like band, I'm not in it, but I do play guitar

Lol what? I've never met anyone that didn't like people just because they played in a band. In fact most of the time it's the other way around.

It's much harder than you think it is. Go ahead, pick up an instrument and sight read a piece of music.

25 Muslims

People say Muslims are nothing but ISIS but in reality, most Muslims (including myself) absolutely hate ISIS.

People who think that Muslims are terrorists are idiots

Alit people think we're terrorists, a lot of terrorists are non-muslim though.

Muslims have terrorists. Non-muslims have all type of criminals

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