Top Ten Most Misused Words

You keep using that word... I don't think it means what you think it means.
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1 Literally

It's a pet peeve of mine when people do this :
Literally is literally way overused to the point where it literally isn't even funny anymore. I get people literally use it to emphasize something but can you literally stop using the word literally? It's literally annoying.Litterally.

"My head is literally falling off of laughter!"

2 Cancer

Everyone: Insert something here is cancer
Me who never knew someone and never had cancer: Stop I never had cancer don't know anyone with cancer but this is making fun of people with cancer plus saying that makes no sense just say I don't like insert the thing they said is cancer here. Is that so hard?!

The internet has gone downhill because of morons using diseases for things they hate or description of what they think is awful.

It's the name for a disease as well as a zodiac sign, not something you use to describe things that are terrible.

Went from a disease to just a synonym for overrated (which itself is frequently treated as a synonym for bad).

3 Like

I hate when people overuse the word like. It's like so annoying.

Like, I was like, this word like, drives me mad.

Like is when you say you enjoy something, not to fill in any thought

I might use it every now and then but not too much because that gets like annoying

4 Gay

Gay used to mean happy. Not homosexual. Then the word became another word for a homosexual. And now it's just an insult.

Gay is often used to insult someone too in the way its supposed to be used as well. I think that's the real crime.

Gay is when you are attracted to the same gender. Not everything on God's green earth you don't like.

I disagree with whatever. Does that make me gay?

5 Overrated

On the list of overrated mario characters, a visitor said that pink gold peach is "even more overrated than mario and luigi". pink gold peach sucks, yes, but she barely has any sort of fanbase

In my opinion, mario and luigi are overrated, but I still love both characters. pink gold peach can't possibly be overrated because literally everyone despises her. She's underrated

This is the most misused word on this site as several people think everything overrated is automatically bad. It has been misused since I have joined this site. Sad people can't see the difference between overrated and bad

In my opinion, The Beatles and Queen are overrated, but I still love both bands. Justin Bieber can't possibly be overrated because literally everyone despises him. He's underrated.

6 Random

Random means an unbiased and undecided selection out of a few choices. It does NOT mean weird.

It does mean strange and unusual, but it's informal.

7 Autistic

The misuse makes me hate the fact I have this...

They use this as an insult! This should be #1

Why is it all the way in the bottom, this deserves to #1 or at least #2 since cancer is there

8 Dumb
9 Ignorant
10 Your

Example: Your so cool.

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11 Cringe

Assumed definition: A noun to describe something bad
Actual definition: A verb that describes when you look away in disgust

12 Empathy

ALWAYS to get empathy and sympathy confused. Empathy I think is the one where you understand someone else.

This is probably the most important skill to have in life in general.

Sometimes I get it confused with sympathy.

13 Ironic

On the list of ironies, a visitor said "A Dead End sign at a graveyard". A Dead End sign at a graveyard coincides, yes, but it barely has any sort of irony

Ironic means contrary, not hilarious or weird.

14 Overhated

The exact same meaning as underrated, but this word doesn't actually exist.

15 Racist
16 Yaoi

It's a genre of anime/manga people it has nothing/little to to with shipping

17 Communist

The word is often slung around by hardcore right-wing nutcases to insult us liberals.

18 Inflammable
19 Whore
20 Woke
21 Weeaboo

It just turned into an insult directed at anyone who enjoys anything Japanese.

Idiots, you DON'T want to call/refer yourself as a 'weeaboo'. Just say '______ fan' because that's not what Weeaboo means. You're really just insulting yourself otherwise =/

22 Slut
23 Nazi
24 Socialist
25 Hate

How is this word misused?

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