Top Ten Most Misused Words

You keep using that word... I don't think it means what you think it means.

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1 Literally

It's a pet peeve of mine when people do this :
Literally is literally way overused to the point where it literally isn't even funny anymore. I get people literally use it to emphasize something but can you literally stop using the word literally? It's literally annoying.Litterally. - Randomator

Jacksfilms likes making fun of this word... Literally

2 Cancer

Cancer is a serious disease people are suffering from. Not a way to describe anything you hate. Jeez, when is the term gonna stop being used to describe anything people hate. - HoldenFanatic

The internet has gone downhill because of morons using diseases for things they hate or description of what they think is awful.

I agree. This can actually be very disrespectful for people who are actually suffering from cancer and those who have to go through losing a loved on from cancer. If I had the ability to vote this many times till it climbs up to number 1, I would gladly do so because people are going too far with the cancer term. - HoldenFanatic

It's a serious disease NOT a way to describe something - Randomator

People use that to describe the things they hate - yunafreya648

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3 Like

Like is when you say you enjoy something, not to fill in any thought - ToptenPizza

I hate when people overuse the word like. It's like so annoying. - Randomator

Like, I was like, this word like, drives me mad. - Puga

I might use it every now and then but not too much because that gets like annoying

4 Random

Random means an unbiased and undecided selection out of a few choices. It does NOT mean weird. - Puga

5 Gay

Gay used to mean happy. Not homosexual. Then the word became another word for a homosexual. And now it's just an insult. - RiverClanRocks

Gay is often used to insult someone too in the way its supposed to be used as well. I think that's the real crime. - keycha1n

Gay is when you are attracted to the same gender. Not everything on God's green earth you don't like. - ToptenPizza

People been saying that - yunafreya648

6 Dumb
7 Ignorant
8 Cringe

Annoyingly Overused But Meh - JPK

Assumed definition: A noun to describe something bad
Actual definition: A verb that describes when you look away in disgust - naFrovivuS

9 Empathy

This is probably the most important skill to have in life in general. - keycha1n

Sometimes I get it confused with sympathy. - MeaganSaysHI

10 Autistic

The Contenders

11 Your
12 Inflammable

Ignore that comment v

13 Overrated

Okay big misconception here: Over-Rated: means that something has received excessive attention than what one believes it deserves. It does NOT mean something is Bad! - Randomator

This should be number one - yunafreya648

14 Slut
15 Hate
16 Racist
17 Kinda
18 Communist
19 Humility
20 F****t
21 Mean
22 Punk
23 Whore

'i h8 Dawn because she is a whore!'

Pokemon is a CHILDREN'S show. Even in Japan, I'm pretty sure they won't have a child (TEN YR OLD) prostitute in it

This is done for $$$ not just pleasure

24 Nazi
25 Yaoi

It's a genre of anime/manga people it has nothing/little to to with shipping

26 Weeaboo

Idiots, you DON'T want to call/refer yourself as a 'weeaboo'. Just say '______ fan' because that's not what Weeaboo means. You're really just insulting yourself otherwise =/

27 Brave

Yeah, coming out isn't brave. I'd imagine brave as a kid walking into his burning home to save his grandpa. - naFrovivuS

I feel like people think it means you have no fears... ya'll need no watch the lion king again.Brave means you face YOUR FEARS. aka luigi. Coauage the cowardly dog. They face their fears, even though they are pretty cowardly.

28 Woke
29 Socialist
30 Normie
31 Senpai

Boy, this is a double whammy, but for anyone wanting to learn Japanese or is learning Japanese, here's a hot take.
While both senpai/sempai are correct, the word doesn't mean "master" or "upper-class person". It actually means "mentor" or "senior". - Swellow

32 Drugs
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