Best The Miz PPV Matches


The Top Ten

1 Vs John Cena (WWE Championship) - Wrestlemania XXVII

Retain his WWE Championship - DK

2 The Awesome Truth vs The Rock & John Cena - Survivor Series 2011
3 The Awesome Truth vs Cm Punk & Triple H - Vengeance 2011
4 Vs Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Edge, Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Mark Henry & Ted DiBiase (WWE Championship Contract Match) - Money in the Bank 2010

Won the contract and cashed it in the become the new WWE Champion by beating Randy Orton 4 months later - DK

5 Team Johnny vs Team Teddy (12 man tag team match to determine the general manager of both Raw & SmackDown brands) - Wrestlemania XXVIII

Won the match and made John Laurinitis the General Manager of both Raw & SmackDown - DK

6 Team Raw vs Team SmackDown (14 man interpromotional elimination tag team match) - Bragging Rights 2010

Even though Team Raw lost, The Miz was the last person left on the team - DK

7 Team Miz vs Team Morrison (5-on-5 Survivor Series elimination match) - Survivor Series 2009

Team Miz won with 3 superstars left (The Miz, Sheamus & Drew McIntyre) - DK

8 Vs John Cena (WWE Championship I Quit Match) - Over The Limit 2011

Even though he lost, he dominated most of the match - DK

9 Vs Cm Punk Vs Chris Jericho Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs R-Truth (WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match) - Elimination Chamber 2012

Even though he lost, he made it to the final two - DK

10 Vs Daniel Bryan (United States Championship Match) - Night of Champions (2010)

The Contenders

11 The Miz vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship Match) - Extreme Rules (2016)
12 Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz (IC Title vs Career Match) - No Mercy (2016)
13 Vs Wade Barrett (Intercontinental Championship) - Wrestlemania 29 Pre-Show

Won his 2nd Intercontinental Championship - DK

14 19 Man Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal - Battleground (2014)
15 Vs John Cena vs John Morrison (WWE Championship Steel Cage Match) - Extreme Rules (2011)
16 Vs Daniel Bryan vs John Morrison (United States Championship Submissions Count Anywhere Match) - Hell in a Cell (2010)
17 Vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship Tables Match) - TLC (2010)
18 Vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match) - Royal Rumble (2011)
19 Vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio (WWE Championship TLC Match) - TLC (2011)
20 with Damien Mizdow vs Gold & Stardust vs The Usos vs Los Matadores (WWE Tag Team Championship Match) - Survivor Series (2014)
21 vs John Cena vs Kane vs Chris Jericho vs Big Show (WWE Championship MiTB Contract Ladder Match) - Money in the Bank (2012)
22 vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara (Intercontinental Championship Match) - Night of Champions (2012)
23 with Damien Mizdow vs The Usos (Tag Team Championship Match) - Royal Rumble (2015)
24 Team Ziggler vs Team Foley (5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match) - Survivor Series (2012)
25 vs Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Championship match) - Night of Champions (2014)
26 with Alberto Del Rio & Brooklyn Brawler vs 3MB - TLC (2012)
27 Royal Rumble Match (2014)
28 with Chris Jericho vs the Hart Dynasty (Tag Team Championship) - Over the Limit (2010)
29 vs Brodus Clay - Over the Limit (2012)
30 vs Big Show & Ryback (Intercontinental Championship) - SummerSlam 2015
31 7 Man Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match - Wrestlemania 32
32 Vs Cesaro (Intercontinental Championship Match) - Payback (2016)
33 The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Championship Match) - Backlash (2016)
34 The Miz vs Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Championship Match) - Survivor Series (2016)
35 The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler (IC Title Ladder Match) - TLC (2016)
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