Best The Miz Raw Matches


The Top Ten

1 Vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match) - 22nd November 2010

Cashed in MITB contract and won the championship - DK

2 Vs Jerry Lawler (WWE Championship TLC Match) - 29th November 2010

His 1st championship defense and retained the championship - DK

3 Vs John Morrison (WWE Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match) - 3rd January 2011

1st Raw of 2011 - DK

4 Vs John Morrison (Falls Count Anywhere Match) - 28th November 2011

Ended John Morrison's WWE career - DK

5 Vs Kofi Kingston (United States Championship) - 5th October 2009

Won his 1st United States Championship (his 1st singles title) - DK

6 Vs R-Truth Vs John Morrison Vs Zack Ryder (United States Championship) - June 14th 2010

Won his 2nd United States Championship - DK

7 with Big Show vs Straight Edge Society vs DX (Unified Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match) - February 8th 2010

Pinned Shawn Michaels and won the Unified Tag Team Championships with Big Show making The Miz a triple champion (U.S. Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, World Tag Team Champion) - DK

8 Vs Christian (Intercontinental Championship) - Raw 1000 (23rd July 2012)

Won his 1st Intercontinental Championship - DK

9 Vs Rey Mysterio (WWE Championship Tournament Finals) - 25th July 2011

Almost became a 2 time WWE Champion - DK

10 as WWE Champion vs US Champion Daniel Bryan - February 14th 2011

1st & only victory over Daniel Bryan - DK

The Contenders

11 Vs Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Championship) - Raw 22nd September 2014
12 Vs Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro (Intercontinental Championship) - Raw 29th September 2014
13 Vs Dolph Ziggler - Raw 21st July 2014
14 Vs John Cena (WWE Championship) - Raw 2nd May 2011
15 Vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio (WWE Championship #1 Contenders Match) - Raw 9th May 2011
16 vs John Cena (to become the captain for Team Raw at Bragging Rights) - Raw 11th October 2010
17 with Damien Mizdow vs The Usos (Tag Team Championship Match) - Raw 29th December 2014
18 vs Zack Ryder - Raw 1st October 2012
19 vs CM Punk - Raw 13 February 2012
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