Top 10 MLB Designated Hitters of 2011

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1 David Ortiz - Boston Red Sox

It is a blowout. Michael Young doesn't have the DH power along with V-Mart.

Ortiz is batting.304 with 19 HRs, 55 RBIs, and A.391 OBP, through the first half of the season.

2 Michael Young - Texas Rangers
3 Victor Martinez - Detroit Tigers

Martinez, the DH/catcher/first basemen for the Detroit Tigers is batting.316 with 6 HRs and 50 RBIs in just 282 At-bats.

4 Johnny Damon - Tampa Bay Rays

Damon is having an above satisfactory comeback season with the Rays, as he is batting a respectable.279 with 9 HRs and 41 RBIs in the #2 hole for the Tampa Bay Rays.

5 Billy Butler - Kansas City Royals

Butler's power numbers look to be down a bit this year (6 HRs, 38 RBIs), but he is still a well above average, middle-of-the-order man for the struggling Royals. He is batting.294 with A.390 OBP through the first half.

6 Travis Hafner - Cleveland Indians

Pronk has only played 51 games this year due to injury, but in the games he has been able to play, he is batting.325 with 8 jacks, 35 RBIs, and A.406 OBP.

7 Bobby Abreu - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Abreu is no longer the 30-30 man he used to be, but he still boasts A.277 AVG, and 13 SBs with A.394 OBP.

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8 Jorge Posada - New York Yankees

Georgie will never be behind the plate again, and most likely will never hit 20 HRs and 85 RBIs again, but I sill give him credit for turning around an AVG below.200 and bringing it up to.230. His power numbers are respectable as well as he has 9 HRs in just 226 ABs.

9 Vladimir Guerrero - Baltimore Orioles

Vlad's numbers have dropped considerably from last year, but he is still one of the key cogs in a much improved Baltimore lineup. He is batting.279 with 7 HRs and 31 RBIs. His 35 HR, 100 RBI days are over.

10 Edwin Encarnacion - Toronto Blue Jays
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