MLB Teams With the Coolest Uniforms

The Top Ten

1 Pirates

I love their black and yellow alternates, so cool

2 Diamondbacks
3 Giants
4 Cardinals

Both logos on uniforms and caps are amazing with has own style, which is not same with the other logos of any team, that's why is unique and valuable. Also, logos are so familiar for anyone else knows easily, especially cardinals on the bat..

An unique animal logo, with the best letter in harmony as symbolic..

Birds on the bat. Nothing cooler than that.

5 Mets

Nice colors, except the camo

6 Marlins
7 Blue Jays

Yeah, that's just your bias talking. Several cooler logos in MLB.

Maybe I'm biased, but that logo is the coolest in the Majors. - PetSounds

8 Royals
9 Phillies
10 Tigers

The Contenders

11 Astros
12 Twins
13 Yankees

THAT's a Major League uniform. Class. - Billyv

14 Braves

I agree

No one agrees with this, but the piping and tomahawk on their home white jersey is just awesome, and the script lettering makes it cooler. The gray road jersey with the piping and tomahawk is pretty nice as well. The blue alternate jersey is okay, but if the white border around Atlanta wasn't there it'd be absolutely terrible. The blue-on-blue is meh. The cream alternates with the number on the front (which omits the tomahawk) is pretty cool as well, especially with the patch on the left sleeve, which makes up for the tomahawk across the front. The special red uniform with the stars and stripes "Braves" lettering is not my favorite. I personally prefer the old red uniform when it was just a red one with just the script "Braves" lettering without the stars and stripes. They would wear that one on every Friday home night and I really liked it. The stars and stripes one, while I think it's cool that they wear on the occasions that they do, it looks a little tacky. I personally think the ...more

15 Athletics

Packer-like color scheme makes them stand out.

16 Rockies
17 Dodgers
18 White Sox
19 Red Sox
20 Orioles
21 Nationals
22 Cubs
23 Rays
24 Indians
25 Angels
26 Padres
27 Reds
28 Mariners
29 Brewers
30 Rangers
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