Most MLG Things to Do

Do you wanna be MLG? If so here are some things you can do to become MLG.

The Top Ten

1 360 Noscope Your Worst Enemy

There. I noscope Toddler Titans - BorisRule

Facepalm he doesn't know what mlg stands for

2 Eat Doritos and Drink Mountain Dew
3 Play Call of Duty

Highly mlg

4 Speak in Doge for a Day
5 Play Video Games All Day
6 Smoke Weed Every Day

Or listen to Snoop Dogg - BorisRule

7 Pray to the MLG Lords Like Shrek Sanic and Doge
8 Get Some Sunglasses and an Obey Hat
9 360 Noscope Everyone Who Says You are Bad at Call of Duty
10 Kill Celebrities in the Illuminati with a 360 Noscope
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